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Below is a compilation of the LNews daily feeds related to the effort to COVID FACTS our nation of President Trump, Trump supporters, and anyone who has an opinion differing from the ruling Oligarchs. (For the LN daily feed, go here)


April 26 Feed:

April 23 Feed:

  • Data on Lockdown v. Free states
    • "predictions about Texas’s fate have proven to be spectacularly wrong. Moreover, many of the states with the worst growth in covid cases—and the worst track records in overall death counts—have been states that have had some of the harshest lockdowns. 

April 22 Feed:

April 21 Feed:

April 20 Feed:

April 19 Feed:

  • What? STudy finds NO EXCESS RISK OF DEATH in nursing homes in 2020?!
    • "Covid or not, about 25% of patients died over the nine months studied"
    • LN -- itobragncfi -- THIS IS WHAT GRASSFIRE SAID FROM THE BEGINNING; median life expectancy when entering a nursing home is about five months; we've destroyed our society to save us from a disease for which the average age at death is above the average life expectancy

April 15 Feed:

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April 8 Feed:

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April 5 Feed:

April 2 Feed:

April 1 Feed:

March 31 Feed:

March 30 Feed:

March 29 Feed:

March 25 Feed:

  • 40-50% of America likely already infected so herd immunity is NEAR!
    • "Data from the California Department of Public Health, released earlier this month, show that while only 8.7% of the state’s population has ever tested positive for Covid-19, at least 38.5% of the population has antibodies against the novel coronavirus.
  • UK Data -- lockdowns don't work
    • They don’t make any difference, the curves don’t flatten and the R0 number doesn’t drop and the lives aren’t saved (quite the opposite, as we’ve all seen).
  • The many scandals of the PCR test
    • "if you are testing 30million people (approximately just under half population of the UK), using a conservative 1 per cent false positive rate it will result in 300,000 false positives. If you take the median rate of 2.4 per cent, it results in 720,000 false positive cases. You can guess where I am going here – you’ve already got an epidemic just in false positive cases.

March 24 Feed:

March 23 Feed:

March 22 Feed:

March 19 Feed:

March 17 Feed:

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March 15 Feed:

March 12 Feed:


March 11 Feed:

March 10 Feed:

March 9 Feed:

March 8 Feed:


March 4 Feed:

  •  Big Lie behind "variants"
    • "vaccine is here, so it's game over, right? Wrong. "Variants" are the new 15 days years to flatten the curve. Except the premise is built on a lie.
  • Covid numbers plummeting
  • The HCQ saga
    • "has much of the world failed to benefit from an effective, early-stage treatment for COVID-19 because early trials of hydroxychloroquine were misleading? Based on the evidence now accumulating it would appear so. 

March 3 Feed:

March 2 Feed:

March 1 Feed

February 26 Feed:

February 25 Feed:

  • CDC slips in shocking data -- asymptomatic spread almost non-existent!
    • The key, if not central, rationale for non-pharmaceutical interventions such as masking, distancing, and staying at home is allegedly significant transmission from people who don’t show symptoms. If the contagiousness of people without symptoms is not what drives the spread of SARS-COV-2, then no COVID restriction on public life besides staying home when you are clearly sick could be justified
  • Real data -- shutdowns don't work 
    • As we approach the one-year anniversary of fifteen days to flatten the curve, we have yet to acquire any data suggesting that the past year of life-destroying lockdowns and politicized behavioral mandates has done anything to keep us safe from covid-19. 
  •  Covid Derangement Syndrome explained
    • This lack of proportion – this sudden ignorance that our lives are inescapably filled with many different risks that must be traded off against each other – this treatment of Covid deaths as being categorically worse than are non-Covid deaths – all combined with a blind faith that politicians and bureaucrats will use vast powers wisely, prudently, and effectively – is what I call “Covid Derangement Syndrome.” 
    • (article also include good summary of real risks and dangers of lockdown)
  • The Flu has DISASSPEARED!
    • not even one case in UK! 
    • Flu renamed Covid?
      • patients, he argued, "also may have some SARS RNA sitting in their nose while being infected with Influenza, in which case the influenza would be 'confirmed' to be COVID."


February 23 Feed:


February 22 Feed:

February 19 Feed:


February 18 Feed:


February 17 Feed:

February 15 Feed:

February 11 Feed:

February 10 Feed:

  •  OBESITY is #1 covid risk factor (that nobody wants to talk about)
    • "In order of priority, the conditions that have the most influence on whether a patient ends up on a respirator after being infected with COVID-19 are BMI, age, high blood pressure, being male, neurological diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, diabetes and heart disease.
  • CDC rule changes greatly amplified covid deaths
    • "the CDC illegally enacted new rules for data collection and reporting exclusively for COVID-19 that resulted in a 1,600% inflation of current COVID-19 fatality totals,”
  • Florida a "beacon of liberty"
    • "Floridians, along with Americans in only a few other states, live so much more freely than people in New York, California, and the dozens of other lockdown states, that we may as well be living in two different nations."
  • The Vaccine
  • This will become endemic...
    • "we are going to see new variants arise & they will spread in the population, like most of the viruses that cause colds every winter. But as long as we have enough immunity to prevent severe disease, hospitalizations & death, then we’re going to be fine in the future”

February 9 Feed:


February 8


February 5


February 4


February 3


February 2


February 1

  • What? 23 flu cases in all of U.S. last week?
  • Berenson: live with ro or destroy ourselves
  • Bad news on Israel's vaccine data
  • Six questions on masks; and six more here
    • "If your mask protects you, why do I need to wear one?"
  • Fauci admits "no data" on two masks (video)
  • Alito defends original statements on shutdowns
    • Comments from 2020:  “we have never before seen restrictions as severe, extensive and prolonged as those experienced, for most of 2020.”
      • “Think of all the live events that would otherwise be protected by the right to freedom of speech: live speeches, conferences, lectures, meetings. Think of worship services, churches closed on Easter Sunday, synagogues closed for Passover on Yom Kippur. Think about access to the courts, or the constitutional right to a speedy trial. Trials in federal courts have virtually disappeared in many places. Who could have imagined that?”
      • “The vision of early 20th century progressives and the New Dealers of the 1930s was the policymaking would shift from narrow-minded elected legislators to an elite group of appointed experts. In a word, the policymaking would become more scientific. That dream has been realized to a large extent,”


January 29

January 28

January 27

January 26

  • Graph: we're experiencing normal regional-seasonal viral wave now getting lower 
  • Vaccine not (yet) working in Israel 
    • "More than 85% of Israelis over 70 have received one vaccine dose. About 55% have received BOTH doses (which means they received the first dose at least three and more likely four to six weeks ago). This means many should now be protected, based on clinical trial data. BUT...The number of new deaths and cases of “severe” #Covid - both highly correlated with age - are at all-time highs.
  • Fortune: Covid recession may kill more than covid virus
    • the total lives lost to the virus in the U.S. may “far exceed those immediately related to the acute COVID-19 critical illness…The recession caused by the pandemic can jeopardize population health for the next two decades.”
  • Another study: lockdowns don't work
    • "We find no clear, significant beneficial effect of mrNPIs [more restrictive non-pharmaceutical interventions] on case growth in any country….In none of the 8 countries and in none out of the 16 comparisons (against Sweden or South Korea) were the effects of mrNPIs significantly negative (beneficial). The point estimates were positive (point in the direction of mrNPIs resulting in increased daily growth in cases).
    • (translation: they don't help and they may make things worse)
  • Stanford study, same result
    • "While small benefits cannot be excluded, we do not find significant benefits on case
      growth of more restrictive NPIs. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less
      restrictive interventions"
  • Blacks disproportionately devastated by shutdowns


January 25

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