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• Lead Feed: Joe pushes tax hikes and Green New Socialism (video)
• Best Read: Joe's Great Unraveling and the coming GOP victory
• Fox Drone Video-- THOUSANDS of illegals waiting to be apprehended! (video)
• Ted Cruz' on-site of border crisis: Joe cancelled deportation flights (video)
• Corona DEATH PANELS! Joe Rations Antibodies from Red States
• 41-year-old died of multi-organ failure NINE DAYS after jab (video)
• Great Mashup of Fauci's Mask Flip Flops (video)
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  • Trump and People push back
    • Clarence Thomas speaks on America's divide
    • Joe's Great Unraveling and the coming GOP victory
      • "the Biden administration is an unmitigated disaster unfolding in real time. It is a disaster fully owned and operated by the people that brought you the hysteria of NeverTrump 
      • "The Republicans will take the House and Senate in 2022. The forces of inertia — which can be expressed mathematically as the Romney Factor x McConnell squared — will probably prevail, notwithstanding the addition of dynamic new faces in both Houses. Discontent will grow, not diminish. In 2024, the candidate will be Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump. Possibly, they will share the ticket (some loophole would then be found for their both being Florida residents). In either case, the Republicans will win and — last OP [obvious point] — the United States will then face its last, best chance for a stay of execution.
  • Election Watch
    • How Dems are trying to rig IA redistricting
      • LN-- States are moving to these allegedly "non partisan" redistricting committees to set redistricting, saying it's wrong for the political party in power to get to decide. But to the victor goes the spoils. Plus, find us a "non partisan" redistricting panel not controlled by Leftitsts and we'll stop holding our breath.
    • Latino voters continue to "tiptoe right"
    • Voter Fraud Alert

September 16 Feed: 

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• Lead Feed: What? Nikki Minaj leads revolt against Joe's jab mandate? (video)
• Best Read: Here's how to fight back against Jab Tyranny
•  Joe backs Traitor Milley, "great confidence"
• Hannity: Milley revelations are damning; must investigate (video)
Minaj says she's in "Twitter jail"; swears off platform
• Study: Third Jab works "at least 12 days"
• Joe backs Traitor Milley, "great confidence"
• Natural Immunity v. Jab Immunity -- the definitive summary
• TUCKER -- THIS WHOLE (Covid lockdown) THING IS A SHAM (video)
• Dr. Jay Battacharya with Megyn Kelly on covid, natural immunity (podcast)
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September 15 Feed: 

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• Lead Feed: Tucker: Milley is a "traitor"; Left calls him "hero" (video)
• Best Read: The Masking of the Servant Class
• Breitbart Lead: Milley's was "The REAL Coup"
• Levin OUTRAGED at Woodward burying story for MONTHS (video)
• WSJ: Spending Scam will legalize 8 MILLION ILLEGALS!
• Triple-jabbed Israel can't stop the Ro; record daily cases
• Reality Check: Covid deaths at 18-month LOW!
Conservatives are now "counter-revolutionaries"
• Tucker explains "BLEEP Joe Biden" chants (VIDEO)
• Facebook KNOWS Instagram is toxic to teens; does nothing
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September 14 Feed: 

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• Lead Feed: Tucker's TRUTH BOMBS on jab and Joe's mandate (VIDEO)
• Best Read: WSJ Deep Dive: Facebook caters to "Secret Elite" high profile users
• HALF of U.S. covid hospital patients probably not admitted for covid
• AOC's "tax the rich" dress at $30k gala (video and more details)
• National Archives Gets Woke -- need racial 'trigger warnings" in Iconic Rotunda 
• Dems announce $2 TRILLION IN NEW TAXES in Spending Scam!
Shocking Video of Healthy young woman crippled by jab (video)
• Great Paper on Natural Immunity and danger of jabbing previously infected
• NYC "covid busters" spray schoolroom; YES, WEV'VE GONE MAD! (video)
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September 13 Feed: 

Top Feeds

• Joe's Drone Strike killed 7 kids; does anyone care?
• Best read: The Two Faces of Fauci
• Manchin goes on record: NO Spending Scam (video)
• ALERT-- Dems to push Election Steal Bill; attack filibuster
Study: Jabbing previously infected causes 80x more reactions
• CDC changes definition of VACCINE!
D1 golfer in hospital with post jab heart issues (video)
• Fauci can't handle natural immunity; resorts to lying (video)

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September 10 Feed: 

  • Top Feeds
    • Joe mandates jab, destroys liberty (all the details)
    • Best read: Joe is WORSE than Covid
    • And the rest of today's top LibertyNews feeds...

  • Joe's Spending Scams
    • Epic battle brewing in Senate (Grassfire)
    • Ingraham's challenge to Manchin: do the right thing (video)
    • WSJ-- Dems will transform America in 17 days
      • "don’t blink or you may miss the plan to transform America in 17 days. Never mind Sen. Joe Manchin’s “strategic pause.” Democratic leaders are moving to ram into law their $3.5 trillion plan for cradle-to-grave entitlements with the narrowest of majorities before Americans figure out what they’re doing.
      • "It’s worth putting Mrs. Pelosi’s blitzkrieg in historic context. FDR’s New Deal programs were passed incrementally over two presidential terms with overwhelming Democratic majorities
      • "It’s important to understand how extraordinary this is. The Democratic bill would fundamentally alter the relationship between government and individual Americans. Entitlements, once created, will be all but impossible to repeal. Even if they start small, they will inexorably expand.
    • Manchin v. Sanders

  • CA Recall 9/14
  • Great Reset
    • Watch Zuck proudly say his "spy on everybody" glasses have a light and turn off switch (video)
      • LN-- can you feel the dystopia ooozing out of Zuck's pores? He's actually proud that his spy-on-everybody glasses have a little green light and a switch so you can turn the glasses off. And they're really off. Unlike your computer and your phone which still spy on you when you don't know it. Well, maybe the glasses will be really off. Or maybe later we'll use the data we gather to convict you of a hate crime or, worse, of being against the covid jab. We'll decide that later. For now, just enjoy your spy-on-you glasses.



September 9 Feed: 

  • Misc Don't Miss
    • MOment missing 3yo found in Australia (video)
    • The Fading Family and our demographic condundrum
      • "The debate should be not the utility of supporting families, but how best to do it. This is a choice we need to make. A woke utopia, where children and families are rare, upward mobility constrained, and society built around a collective welfare system, would create a society that rewards hedonism and personal self-absorption. There is nothing as binding in a society as the ties created by children, who give us reason to fight against an encroaching dystopia.

September 8 Feed: 

  • Trump and People push back
    • People heckle Joe's speech (video -WARNING OBSCENITIES)
    • BLEEP Joe Biden chants erupt across country (video--WARNING OBSCENITIES)
      • LN--We put this in here because it may indicate that young people have simply had enough of lockdowns. These chants were on college campuses at large gatherings as Joe and gang hang yet another lockdown over kids' heads. Here at LN, we've been waiting or the Millennials and Gen Zers to do what they are supposed to do -- REBEL against encroaching government, never mind the TYRANNY of the past 18 months. ONe of our biggest disappointments has been the compliance of the youth -- the rebellion for liberty has been largely left to old people -- over 40. 
    • Trump boat parade is back! (video)
  • Election Watch


September 7 Feed: 



September 3 Feed: 

  • Joe's Spending Scams
      • "An overheating economy has imposed a costly “inflation tax” on every middle- and working-class American. At $28.7 trillion and growing, the nation’s debt has reached record levels. Over the past 18 months, we’ve spent more than $5 trillion responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Now Democratic congressional leaders propose to pass the largest single spending bill in history with no regard to rising inflation, crippling debt or the inevitability of future crises. Ignoring the fiscal consequences of our policy choices will create a disastrous future for the next generation of Americans.
      • "Instead of rushing to spend trillions on new government programs and additional stimulus funding, Congress should hit a strategic pause on the budget-reconciliation legislation. 
      • "I, for one, won’t support a $3.5 trillion bill, or anywhere near that level of additional spending, without greater clarity about why Congress chooses to ignore the serious effects inflation and debt have on existing government programs. 
    • (Grassfire) These 2 Dems can save America from socialism


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September 1 Feed: 



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