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Featured Video: Tucker exposes media corruption:

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Featured Video: Trump rally

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Featured Video: Graham says Trump still key in GOP:

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Featured Video: Exposing Democrat Hypocrisy on Inciting

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Featured Video: Tucker on what happened on 1/6

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Featured Video: Remembering Maxine's rant:


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Featured Video: Tucker unmasks Shepard Smith:


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Featured Video: Tony Robbins truth bomb:


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Featured Video: NewsMax host censors Mike Lindell

February 2

Featured Video: Tucker on blinding speed of Biden push:


February 1

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January 29

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January 28

Featured Article: Dr. Scott Atlas on state of COVID and shutdowns

Featured Video: Keystone Worker talks about losing his job (warning: vulgarity)

January 27

Featured Video #1: Rand Paul exposes sham impeachment

Featured Video #2: Triple Masking!



January 26

Featured Video: Tucker responds to Biden's first days:

January 25

Featured Video: Rand Paul pushes back against Stephanopoulus

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