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• Lead Feed: It's inevitable: Trump will be indicted
• Best Read: Deep Dive on CDC great covid reversal
• DeSantis: when did they search Hillary's house (video)
• Report on massive illegal crossings (video)
• Kari Lake: DeSantis (and Trump) have BDE (video)
• Tucker: No honest person could believe FBI raid justification (video)
• Scam gives huge EV credit; EV makers then raise price by same! 
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Joe's FBI Raids Trump



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• Lead Feed: WSJ: Manchin  Scam a tax on everyone
• Best Read: Analysis of Manchin Scam: this won't reduce inflation
• Wharton School: Manchin Scam has no impact on inflation
• Hannity: GREEN NEW GRIFT: this bill does nothing to decrease inflation (video)
• Tucker: it only took Joe 18 months to destroy economy (video)
• The great covid migration
• Alito speech pushing back against critics (video)
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