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Now Seeking Privately Owned Venue to Display a Bronze Monument to Liberty

A Fresh New Liberty Monument

(When art and politics collide...)

By: Matthew “Timeless“ Welter

This is not your grandmother’s liberty statue — this is artillery designed to pierce the clutter of today’s culture war, next to be shared in privately owned, public spaces…

An old Dylan song proclaims, “Strengthen the things that remain”. But our intentions do not hold strongest in songs, newspapers, nor even history books. No no, that’s the role of massive monuments, and what better device to win hearts and minds in a culture war than public art, which can fortify all fronts...

Today, the only honest public spaces to display monuments are privately owned; safer than public spaces through the turbulence... From tractor convoys to warring nations, frustration ignites into action, while in America states unite against their own government. 

Across the globe, liberty is being systematically wiped from history, just like the founders, like Twain —  like Orwell himself ( “the statues and streets names were all changed” ) starting with monuments; recall summer, 2017…

Power be damned, Michelangelo’s monuments stand today despite the artist having once been placed, by the papal Medici family, under death warrant. Cold comfort to me, for I too am called to make monuments and here’s why:  

Monuments have the last word…civilizations rise and fall around monuments. They are contemporaneous, intergenerational, even intercivilizational communication and too big to ignore. Their message is fixed, which makes them ideal vessels for cultural values even if “history” is not. 

Will the digits, films and books that convey today’s values survive for thousands of years? Bonze already has. In the information age, the greatest challenge remains sending a message down time. Ironically, that’s why I’ve become enamored of wax... By digital magic, wax “originals” can now be replicated in bronze, any size, small to huge. 

A world of AI, robotics and quantum computing without liberty would be unspeakable. So yes, I do want the last word because for me that word is liberty. My research into liberty began on 9/11 and it vexes me still. I followed the thread to its roots -- ancient Sumer, with its first rule of law, first bicameral congress, first charter of human rights. The first word for liberty, “Amagi”, comes to us in cuneiform clay text... Deeper still into history I learned liberty’s ultimate purpose: Liberty is the very path to our divinity — it is a gift from the gods, whoever they really are... Prometheus stole fire from Zuse to enlighten humanity — liberty baby...

In 2019 a property investor commissioned of me a 12 foot monument in bronze, but its title, Liberty (R)evolution, had come to me a decade earlier to describe my collection of some dozen massive wooden statues. So the bronze sculpture, a paraphrase of the parent collection’s message, now shares that title.

I began with a 40 inch “rendition cast” of Michelangelo’s David — history’s epic liberator, because I like how nudity says freedom and because the master’s work, like liberty itself, was attended by renaissance. I added my own layered symbolism in wax, symbols that came to me intuitively. A life-long poet, I captured that meaning in rhyme; nebulous, to invite exploration. Then I had the foundry cast that rhyme deep into a prominent feature there.

In symbol and verse, Liberty (R)evolution records the extreme antiquity and divine potential of liberty, and with help from real owner/guardians — not governments — it will do so for hundreds, even thousands of years. I pray the sculpture and its replications find fertile soil in the hearts of today’s youth and that of their descendant’s descendants.

More images and meaning at

In December, 2023 that monument was scheduled to be exhibited in a famous international art show which travels state to state, staged in various posh hotels and resorts, and just in time for perhaps the most consequential election in history. However, just before the exhibition, PC organizers suddenly canceled its placement. 

In corrupted public art circles, political cancellations happen quietly, with always a cover reason — and I speak from experience, having been censored many times for my liberty art. (Peter Serefine lays the insidious process out brilliantly in this article, with a section about my own case half way down.) Liberty (R)evolution commits three unforgivable sins… It glorifies liberty in ways that speak to today and tomorrow, it can last thousands of years and it can be replicated in ANY size… Can’t have that during a marxist take over…  

Liberty is the thread that runs through all of the current turmoil and all of the toppled statues, yet this succession monument still lies idle in its crate, even as a real-life liberty revolution churns, but good news! It is still professionally crated and ready to ship anywhere!

Who can help put me in touch with hi-pro, display venues, where alternative media can follow its placements? This will require resilient, highly trafficked venues geared for Liberty (R)evolution’s honest nudity, fresh historic perspective and dual-genre styling — all critical implements to pierce the cultural armor… 

This sculpture is already controversial, but with just the right placements and attention from honest media, liberty can still have the last word…


“Timeless” lives in Northern California, where he drives his (R)evolution providing specially commissioned, wooden or bronze statuary to an international base. 

Please visit:

Contact the artist with your ideas: [email protected]


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Now Seeking Privately Owned Venues for Public Art

This is not your grandmother’s liberty statue, it’s your great, great grandchildren's — this is artillery designed to pierce the clutter of today’s culture war…

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What is Ivermectin?

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The "Safety Through Strength" Initiative -key to keeping America strong, free and sovereign!

The "Safety Through Strength" Initiative is an outgrowth of the "State Preparedness Survey" that was sent to Missouri Governor Mike Parson on June 8th, 2022. The survey was intended to assess Missouri's civil-preparedness in light of increasing threats by enemy nations such as China, Russia, North Korea, etc. Like most states, Missouri's civil defense system is wholly unprepared to safeguard it's citizens from EMP ( -Electro-Magnetic Pulse ), nuclear ICBM attack or any of the other threats mentioned in the "Initiative".

After recent flights of Chinese "surveillance" balloons over US and Canadian airspace ( -including some of the nation's most sensitive missile silos and air force bases ), and after repeated threats by Vladimir Putin of using nuclear weapons upon the United States -I thought it was time to turn the survey into a pro-active "Initiative" in order to grapple with these serious looming threats -not just in Missouri but across America.     

Currently, several Missouri state legislators are attempting to incorporate these "Initiative" goals into their legislative efforts. But it's imperative that OTHER states ( -besides Missouri ) incorporate these "goals" into their state's legislation as well if the US is to stand a chance of surviving these accelerating foreign and globalist threats.

I'm therefore asking people across the country to share this link: ( ) with their state legislators -encouraging them to take these ( 12 ) common sense "Safety Through Strength" goals and incorporate them into any new legislation they may be introducing for their states.  

The "Safety Through Strength" Initiative doesn't merely address threats from our foreign adversaries but ALSO threats to our liberty and sovereignty coming at us from international globalist organizations like the UN, WEF, WHO, WTO and others who are increasingly inserting themselves into US, state and local affairs. The "Safety Through Strength" Initiative's package of ( Anti-New World Order ) goals "short-circuits" these groups and their subversive machinations by "sidestepping" the Federal government -which under Joe Biden and the Democrats -has become nothing more than a "rubber stamp" for meglomaniacs like Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) and their freedom-robbing agendas. 

So, what would the "Safety Through Strength" Initiative accomplish? A number of positive, Pro-America goals. Goals that not only preserve American lives from foreign enemy ICBM, EMP attacks and ground and air invasion but ALSO preserve our freedoms from globalist tyrants and their New World Order objectives. 

GOALS # 1-4 would quickly upgrade our nation's civil-defenses by re-activating, re-provisioning and/ or building new "fall-out" shelters, "hardening" ( i.e: shielding ) our nation's power and communication's grids from Electro-Magnetic Pulse ( EMP ) attack, ramp-up each state's "Force Strength" defenders ( i.e: National Guard, police, civilian militia, etc. ) so they can overcome any foreign ground or air assault as well as protect our nuclear power plants, water supplies, roads, railways and food production centers from foreign attack or sabotage ). 

GOALS #5-6 would give states the means to curtail cases of Federal or International "over-reach" and exploitation keeping their citizens safe and maintaining their state's sovereignty and independence from globalist machinations.

GOALS #7-8 would hold those responsible for the creation of Covid-19 and the equally lethal Covid-19 vaccines accountable through State Grand Jury investigations -including investigations into the culpability of Federal officials responsible for shipping "hot batches" of Covid-19 vaccines to "red states". Furthermore, these goals would recognize the God-given right of people to control what substances go into their bodies by allowing people to simply say "NO" to any vaccine they don't want ( -without the need to cite a "Religious" or "Medical" exemption ). 

GOALS #9-12 would further protect states from foreign and globalist threats which include subverting our monetary system to a "Mark of the Beast" ESG-based digital global currency -that robs people of their privacy and makes them slaves to a Godless New World Order authority in order to just survive. 

If you would like to protect YOUR STATE ( -and thereby OUR COUNTRY! ) from these looming threat, I encourage you to read the "Safety Through Strength" Initiative ( ) in it's entirely and then ask your like-minded friends, neighbors, relatives and ESPECIALLY your state legislators to take the "initiative's" ( 12 ) "Goals" and incorporate them into actionable state legislation AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. America is "living on borrowed time" as it is! 

Thanks;  Tomm Buzzetta -Author, of the "Safety Through Strength" Initiative.



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I wrote this Dec 3, 2009

Where Have All The Values Gone?

I watched the NYS Senate debate on "same sex marriage" on the internet. Where are we going as a state and a nation? One senator indicated he leaves his Bible at home when he goes to the senate...DUH! Bible, Koran, Talmud, Veda, Tipitaka – if people really believe something do you really think they leave those values home? How many voters put their values aside when they go to the polls? Have we really reached the point where, "Everyone will do what is right in their own eyes?" Why not vote on values? Do we elect people to create moral values? Is there any standard? Each of us must know by now that the interpretation of the Constitution is dependent upon who gets elected to the Supreme Court. If we want to change the constitution why not do it the way our founders intended - amendments approved by the sovereign states. We are in a struggle to determine how we as a nation will exist. "One Nation under God" or "We are no longer a Christian nation." Humanism, Post Modernism, Pluralism, etc. are all great intellectual terms. Is it possible there are no absolutes? Is it ok to euthanize someone because they are old, very sick and do not enjoy the quality of life our government deems necessary? I am frightened - I am afraid - I am concerned for our nation.

I believe that each one is given "free will" and can make their own choices - but each one should remember, "Wherever you go there you are!, and, "Choices have consequences." Live however you want but do not expect everyone to agree. Tolerance, Yes! Acceptance, No! Personally I do not expect nor do I want the government legislating morality for me!

But what do I know, I'm just a 68 year old born again retired pastor - a Bible thumping, right wing extremist, who is a Marine Corp veteran. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe in relationship with Jesus not in religion which for the most part is a bunch of manmade rules and regulations to control people. I believe The Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, are verbally inspired of God and are the revelation of God to man, the infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct. I believe in the God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the interference of government. The Separation of Church and state was NEVER intended by our founding fathers. They intended that the state keep its nose out of church business but the the people whether in a church or not would have the freedom to make demands of the government. - DUH

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NJ Plenary Wholesale License Application Public Notice

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On April 16, 1890, 2nd Lieut Grigsby of the 100th Cavy., died and put the following inscription on his grave:

Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party. I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortune of our nation has come to it through this so called party, therefore beware this party of treason.

My book, AMERICA NOT AN OBAMANATION explains what it means to be an American. Today the principals of and ideals of our founders are under attack by the Democrats led by Joe Biden who as you know supported Obama. Obama was an illegal President as Biden is today who is mandating what our personal rights and freedoms are going to be in violation of our Constitution.

Our sovereignty rests with its citizens and not the government! AMERICA "WE THE PEOPLE", NOT JOE BIDEN have a responsibility to stand by our country.

My book provides evidence (124) pages to wake up AMERICA to the evils of Biden and the Democratic party who are traitors and unfit to lead this great country.

America is at a critical junction, the Constitution is being subverted and we the people must act together to save it!

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Learn & study the truth about our Rights & Citizenship & of what to do to get help from God & love

We, as spiritual persons of morality can learn and study of what our Rights are in the USA; and of what Citizenship includes.  By such study & learning then we can increase our help from God and thus help other people, our neighbors.  Our liberty is dependant and not independant of good & evil and truth & falsities; as Christ, of Christmas, said the truth shall set us free.  We cannot know such things without study.  To study such is included in a book about the USA titled as "United States of America, Government, Religion, Christianity, Law, Illegalities; God 1st Priority - His Rightness, Provided Rights, Holy Bible, Not Self-Idol Selfishness".  We need liberty, not bondage; need God, not demons; need good, not evil; need truth, not falsities.  This is a time to learn about such needs and what to do to receive those needs.  As citizens and neighbors, then let us help each other.  Praying always in all things; and thank God for help and love.

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Sculptors Have the Last Word (Don’t leave it up to the National Endowment for the Arts!)

What promise lies and all things good arise from Liberty.

The catalyst of civilization, pearl of humanity born of irritation, the elixir, the seminal spark — the arbiter of authority ...

The ultimate ascension plan. All pay heed!

Every generation, each and every one, our very grain is tuned

to make the way for Liberty.


“I would like to send this rhyme 1000 years into the future please!” My mail carrier thought I was a nut, but here’s my point… 

Communication has never been easier, yet the hardest message remains one sent through time. Monuments outlast caudexes, books, recordings, movies, you name it. Even bronze plaques are mounted on temporary walls. And then there’s cultural evolution... Languages change, mores shift and don’t even mention political upheavals! So how to maintain the message? That’s why sculptors have the last word, especially if they can make monuments that are loved. Then they will be protected and a monument can be a flag that marks a body of knowledge or a concept. 

On 9-11 I began researching Liberty. In time, I learned about it’s extreme antiquity and Devine promise and I realized the ideal was being threatened after surviving thousands of years and before fully flowering. I decided that I must leverage my gifts for the cause of Liberty and it must have been a calling because I’ve driven myself into poverty over it. In 2006 I mortgaged my house to cover months of expenses while I carved a massive, wooden Statue of Liberty. Then I schlepped it to the woke-before-it-was-a-thing Burning Man human expression festival. There I stood her up, deep in Nevada’s hot, barren and dusty Black Rock Desert in August...

Why would I do that, I can hear you wondering. Because Burning Man has rightly been declared a modern-day acropolis, that’s why. I wanted to influence the arts by nudging the world view at it’s very nexus-point. Accolades are too numerous to list, but Time Magazine featured the culture-bending event on the cover of their large-format book: “Civilization's 100 Most Important Sites the only currently existing city to make that list and it only exists for a week each year! When The Simpsons attended the event in 2014 (Marge got dosed on shrooms...hilarious.) it went mainstream. This is currently a challenge for the secretive, leave-us-alone, global community, but I see it as a way to get my message into the future: monuments, each with a Liberty rhyme of its own permanently engraved. 

I am the artist known as “Timeless”, a name acquired at...that…that place where I became a double agent for a dozen years, each summer exhibiting my latest Liberty statue(s) and burning them full of holes (It’s...a thing there, but mine are the only to survive their own burn...umh ok, more below.) No simple feat! Aside from the cultural disconnect, no funds nor display venues for patriotic themes are bestowed, because most public art grants are subsidized by the National Endowment for the Arts, including Burning Man grants. There, such monies are called “honorarium” grants, which speaks to the status of self-funded artists like myself, ummm ... not so honorable, certainly not worthy of promotional opportunities, fond mentions, on-site amenities and other backing. (Try keeping a woke, volunteer crew together with no incentives but Liberty...I mean think about it…) 

Still, my dozen years of installations was a cultural success despite the financial challenges. Then to transport zillions of tools, many massive and fragile sculptures (not a good combination) my ass and those of my crew to a harsh, lifeless dry lake bed in the desert; all within the framework of a culture that abhors the mention of art and money in the same sentence… And after the event, each year we began a string of related events in cities everywhere. All of the above and a coincidental 2010 tax audit, compliments of Lois Lerner, finally took my house from me all together in 2011, but I digress.

“Burners” love their freedom but in general they don’t get it about Liberty. (Ironic since the events would have been driven off long ago without the stuff.) 

My first Statue of Liberty was arsoned there ... no lie… burnt to a crispy char, including my display trailer and carving equipment but the lady, carved from a solid log didn’t consume! This started me thinking about how I would ever participate in an intentional burn…should I ever be so deluded...

So I discovered a way to burn my solid wooden statues from the inside out, an all-night process which would come to be called “Fire Inside”. A backwards way of burning in a culture centered around fire art won me gobs of fans and even coveted placement. By the time I was finished in 2018 they placed me closest of all artists “on-Playa”, to Black Rock City’s fabled Temple, the spiritual center of a thriving community, built-up again each year differently, gigantic and gorgeous and burned down the same week (I told you, it’s crazy). 

Despite the honors, after 12 years I don’t plan a return. Cancel Culture has arrived and, well...I like to quit while I can still have the last word, remember me? The sculptor...

So now it’s off to privately owned, public spaces I go, with freshly hardened and finished monuments in tow! And I expect a warm reception, given the enigmatic rise of the globally positioned “Burning Community''... A much-lauded, first ever Burning Man art exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution doubled attendance over the previous year and that leaves the door open for my Liberty (R)evolution Collection to someday reach that gold-standard venue. We need to make Liberty hip again and nothing says hip like Burning Man artifacts, burned full of holes at the Smithsonian...

I’ve never applied for NEA money. That's because I don't think funding art is government business. Art is the last refuge for truth, so why would we want a corrupted government funding it? Still, publicly owned venues are almost all controlled by the NEA, so how to follow my calling without their much-coveted financial backing and how to secure public venues in which to exhibit? Here’s how. 

Ways to fund public art installations that the National Endowment for the Arts would never consider:

  • "Fundiversify" is where the wooden originals, (Appraisers and curators call them “Playa Artifacts”) are sold to private investors, who own the pieces and insure them while they are exhibited in ever more prominent public venues, doing their job of course, but also accruing value due to their curious provenance, their extreme rarity and pertinence to the era. I remain responsible for maintenance and security. 
  • Private parties may now commission replicated works. With digital scanning and 3D printing, coupled with modern casting techniques, my sculptures can now be replicated in any size, very small to huge, either in "faux" wood (cast in weatherable polymers.) or in actual, hot-cast bronze. Commissioners may have their sculpture’s Liberty rhyme permanently engraved directly into the surface of these replications. People will read these simple, memorable messages many times in homes, parks, resorts, wherever the sculptures reside. And some, I pray, will be inspired to learn about and preserve Liberty. 
  • Funding from privately owned and operated public spaces (museums, sculpture gardens, resorts, golf courses...) Burning Man art is in vogue, it's an attraction and this payment can actually come in the form of a Fundiversify purchase (see above). These exhibitions will also offer a way to generate commissions for replications, as well as being a venue to resell investment pieces.

The scorned statues of 2020 all carried the same thread as my monuments: Liberty. Privately funded, my replicated sculptures will carry their message of Liberty’s antiquity and promise across the globe and farther down time than any government will.

Actual hot-cast bronze and today’s polymers are perfectly suited to last for decades, even centuries or more. I feel sorry for any weather that tries to wear them down. Either way, if we leave publicly displayed art solely up to the NEA, there will be no monuments to deliver America’s values. And I want Liberty to be the last word. 


[Matthew “Timeless” Welter has been a professional sculptor for 50 years. He resides in California’s gold country where he divides his time between promoting Liberty, maintaining his many Liberty-based wooden monuments and planning his next public exhibition. Your venue suggestions are welcome. For the skinny hit the “About” button at:]

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