Learn & study the truth about our Rights & Citizenship & of what to do to get help from God & love

We, as spiritual persons of morality can learn and study of what our Rights are in the USA; and of what Citizenship includes.  By such study & learning then we can increase our help from God and thus help other people, our neighbors.  Our liberty is dependant and not independant of good & evil and truth & falsities; as Christ, of Christmas, said the truth shall set us free.  We cannot know such things without study.  To study such is included in a book about the USA titled as "United States of America, Government, Religion, Christianity, Law, Illegalities; God 1st Priority - His Rightness, Provided Rights, Holy Bible, Not Self-Idol Selfishness".  We need liberty, not bondage; need God, not demons; need good, not evil; need truth, not falsities.  This is a time to learn about such needs and what to do to receive those needs.  As citizens and neighbors, then let us help each other.  Praying always in all things; and thank God for help and love.

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  • Anthony Sheffield