The "Safety Through Strength" Initiative -key to keeping America strong, free and sovereign!

The "Safety Through Strength" Initiative is an outgrowth of the "State Preparedness Survey" that was sent to Missouri Governor Mike Parson on June 8th, 2022. The survey was intended to assess Missouri's civil-preparedness in light of increasing threats by enemy nations such as China, Russia, North Korea, etc. Like most states, Missouri's civil defense system is wholly unprepared to safeguard it's citizens from EMP ( -Electro-Magnetic Pulse ), nuclear ICBM attack or any of the other threats mentioned in the "Initiative".

After recent flights of Chinese "surveillance" balloons over US and Canadian airspace ( -including some of the nation's most sensitive missile silos and air force bases ), and after repeated threats by Vladimir Putin of using nuclear weapons upon the United States -I thought it was time to turn the survey into a pro-active "Initiative" in order to grapple with these serious looming threats -not just in Missouri but across America.     

Currently, several Missouri state legislators are attempting to incorporate these "Initiative" goals into their legislative efforts. But it's imperative that OTHER states ( -besides Missouri ) incorporate these "goals" into their state's legislation as well if the US is to stand a chance of surviving these accelerating foreign and globalist threats.

I'm therefore asking people across the country to share this link: ( ) with their state legislators -encouraging them to take these ( 12 ) common sense "Safety Through Strength" goals and incorporate them into any new legislation they may be introducing for their states.  

The "Safety Through Strength" Initiative doesn't merely address threats from our foreign adversaries but ALSO threats to our liberty and sovereignty coming at us from international globalist organizations like the UN, WEF, WHO, WTO and others who are increasingly inserting themselves into US, state and local affairs. The "Safety Through Strength" Initiative's package of ( Anti-New World Order ) goals "short-circuits" these groups and their subversive machinations by "sidestepping" the Federal government -which under Joe Biden and the Democrats -has become nothing more than a "rubber stamp" for meglomaniacs like Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) and their freedom-robbing agendas. 

So, what would the "Safety Through Strength" Initiative accomplish? A number of positive, Pro-America goals. Goals that not only preserve American lives from foreign enemy ICBM, EMP attacks and ground and air invasion but ALSO preserve our freedoms from globalist tyrants and their New World Order objectives. 

GOALS # 1-4 would quickly upgrade our nation's civil-defenses by re-activating, re-provisioning and/ or building new "fall-out" shelters, "hardening" ( i.e: shielding ) our nation's power and communication's grids from Electro-Magnetic Pulse ( EMP ) attack, ramp-up each state's "Force Strength" defenders ( i.e: National Guard, police, civilian militia, etc. ) so they can overcome any foreign ground or air assault as well as protect our nuclear power plants, water supplies, roads, railways and food production centers from foreign attack or sabotage ). 

GOALS #5-6 would give states the means to curtail cases of Federal or International "over-reach" and exploitation keeping their citizens safe and maintaining their state's sovereignty and independence from globalist machinations.

GOALS #7-8 would hold those responsible for the creation of Covid-19 and the equally lethal Covid-19 vaccines accountable through State Grand Jury investigations -including investigations into the culpability of Federal officials responsible for shipping "hot batches" of Covid-19 vaccines to "red states". Furthermore, these goals would recognize the God-given right of people to control what substances go into their bodies by allowing people to simply say "NO" to any vaccine they don't want ( -without the need to cite a "Religious" or "Medical" exemption ). 

GOALS #9-12 would further protect states from foreign and globalist threats which include subverting our monetary system to a "Mark of the Beast" ESG-based digital global currency -that robs people of their privacy and makes them slaves to a Godless New World Order authority in order to just survive. 

If you would like to protect YOUR STATE ( -and thereby OUR COUNTRY! ) from these looming threat, I encourage you to read the "Safety Through Strength" Initiative ( ) in it's entirely and then ask your like-minded friends, neighbors, relatives and ESPECIALLY your state legislators to take the "initiative's" ( 12 ) "Goals" and incorporate them into actionable state legislation AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. America is "living on borrowed time" as it is! 

Thanks;  Tomm Buzzetta -Author, of the "Safety Through Strength" Initiative.



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