About us...

During the height of the Tea Party revolt, LibertyNews served as one of the nation's leading sources of patriotic news and action items. Managed by Grassfire and led by one of the pioneers of the Tea Party movement (who helped organize the very first Tea Party rally in Chicago), Liberty News developed web, social and email properties that generated millions of page views and interactions on a monthly basis.

Returning from a hiatus since the Fall 2017, LibertyNews is once again a vibrant source of news and insights for the liberty movement.

LibertyNEWS serves primarily as a liberty-fed news aggregator, with a unique emphasis. We don't simply provide you with long lists of articles. Instead, we curate those articles around themes so you can stay "on topic" instead of just bouncing around from topic to topic. We also feature the best videos for each day and archive our aggregations by category and date. In addition, LibertyNEWS is a growing platform for original content from a liberty and limited government perspective.

We hope you enjoy the new Liberty News!

Liberty News Team

(Note: we are not actively marketing this website for sale, but due to the current climate and the strong appeal of this "liberty" theme, if you are interested in that discussion, go here.)