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Both the November 2020 Election "Irregularities" and what's trending for 2022 and beyond...

The Latest News:

(Last updated: 2pm EST 7/30/21)

The November 2020 Election Is Falling Apart! (Audits being planned or underway in AZ, GA, PA...then the rest)


New Election Laws & The Push Back



on The 2020 Election

  1. The Three Navarro Reports (All 86 pages!)
  2. Regent Universities Election Integrity Virtual Conference (7 hours of truth!)
  3. Absolute Truth & Scientific Proof (4 hours of more evidence.)
  4. Absolute Interference
  5. The Professor's Record - David Clements Site (All his great work) Law Professor
  6. Dinesh D'Souza Interviews Sidney Powell:
    1. PART 1: Sidney Powell is NOT Backing Down
    2. PART 2: Sidney Powell Gives Her Side of the Story 
    3. PART 3: Why Wasn’t Sidney Powell’s Evidence Examined? This Will INFURIATE You
    4. PART 4: Sidney Powell Discusses What’s ACTUALLY Happening in America
  7. Got Freedom: Evidence 
  8. Here is The Evidence - Site 
  9. The 2020 Election Evidence Project

Take Action: 

  1. Become a Precinct Committeeman 
  2. Install Telegram on your phone and computer at: https://telegram.org/ 
    then subscribe to channel:
     https://t.me/AmericaFirstAudits/ then find your state and subscribe there.





This is not including the machine fraud or the fake ballots:

SOURCE: The Navarro Report

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