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(Last updated: 3pm EST 4/16/21)

The Essential Election Resources
on The 2020 Election Steal


  1. The Three Navarro Reports (All 86 pages!)
  2. Regent Universities Election Integrity Virtual Conference (7 hours of truth!)
  3. Absolute Truth & Scientific Proof (4 hours of more evidence.)
  4. Absolute Interference Trailer
  5. David Clements (Law Professor, New Mexico State University) Evidence Review. There is a TON of Evidence.
  6. Dinesh D'Souza Interviews Sidney Powell:
    1. PART 1: Sidney Powell is NOT Backing Down
    2. PART 2: Sidney Powell Gives Her Side of the Story 
    3. PART 3: Why Wasn’t Sidney Powell’s Evidence Examined? This Will INFURIATE You
    4. PART 4: Sidney Powell Discusses What’s ACTUALLY Happening in America
  7. Got Freedom: Evidence 
  8. The Professor's Record - David Clements Site
  9. Here is The Evidence - Site 
  10. The 2020 Election Evidence Project


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