SHOCK -- How much MASK MANDATES help stop COVID

Here's a quick question for you...

How much do mask mandates help?

We are conducting a one-question survey because of a recently released report by the CDC that the CDC used to tout the efficacy of masks.

It was a very extensive study...

And here's the CDC's conclusion...

"Mandating masks was associated with a decrease in daily COVID-19 case and death growth rates within 20 days of implementation."

The CDC called this "statistically significant."

And what was that percentage?


That's right. The CDC found a .7% reduction in covid case growth rate within 20 days and they promoted that information.

If we extend the timeline out to 60 days, the CDC finds a 1.4% reduction in the case growth rate. That number edged up to 1.8% 100 days after implementation of mask mandates, meaning we probably have just about all the "gain" from mask mandates at this point. So three months of mask mandates reduced the covid case growth rate by LESS THAN TWO PERCENT. 

The CDC even gave us a nice graphic to share the news...

Of course, they failed to note that the "slowed" number was JUST .7 PERCENT after 20 days and stayed below 2% after over 3 months!

Important note: the study was regarding mask MANDATES and not about whether masks themselves work. That's a matter for another debate. But the public policy question is about the MANDATES. Did they work? Did they help reduImagece COVID cases? Despite the CDC's attempt at spin, the answer is that mask mandates helped very little. Almost not at all. The reported "gain" may well be within a reasonable expected margin of error of a study like this.

Now ask yourself...

Was it worth it? All the mask-shaming? All the loss of freedom? If you knew ONE YEAR AGO that a massive MASKING effort that would cost BILLIONS, greatly limit your freedoms, and somehow empower fellow citizens to shame you and harass you for not wearing a mask would only result in a very minimal less than 2% improvement in the COVID crisis, would you have gone along with the MASKquerade?

(Or, we could have done THIS and cut COVID cases by 96 percent.)

Steve Elliott, LibertyNEWS




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