When Apple’s Request Is Even Too Stupid for the Biden Administration

Big Tech Apple is at it yet again.  Trying to steal other people’s stuff – for which they can quite easily pay.  And now repeatedly asking the Supreme Court to help them do it.

Last November….

Apple Asks High Court to Let It Appeal Qualcomm Patent Rulings:

“Apple Inc. urged the U.S. Supreme Court to review a Federal Circuit ruling barring it from appealing patent office decisions on two Qualcomm Inc. patents after a global settlement between the parties.”

Then in late April….

Apple Again Pushes Justices to Take Up Qualcomm Patent Rulings:

“Apple Inc. is doubling efforts to get the U.S. Supreme Court to review whether it can appeal patent board decisions that upheld certain Qualcomm Inc. patents, even as the justices already await the solicitor general’s views on the matter.”

How awful an idea is Apple’s redoubled Supreme Court request?  The Joe Biden Administration thinks it is an awful idea – THAT is how awful it is.  Because you have to be REALLY awful – to be too awful for the Joe Biden Administration.  From last week….

U.S. Urges Supreme Court to Reject Apple Appeal in Qualcomm Patent Fight:

“The brief by U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar said a federal appeals court was correct to rule that Apple lacked standing to continue efforts to cancel two Qualcomm patents after reaching a global settlement with the chip maker.”

Wait – that is the second mention of an agreement between Apple and Qualcomm regarding Apple’s theft.  Because there was an agreement.

Apple Finally Admits They’ve Been Stealing Billions of Dollars from Qualcomm for Years:

“An Apple iPhone X retails for $1,000. On which Apple was contractually obligated to pay Qualcomm – around $13. Or 1.3%….

“In February 2017, iMonster Apple (Market Cap: $970 billion) stopped paying Qualcomm for the patented technologies Qualcomm invented – and Apple used in their wireless devices.

“Please note: Apple had signed multiple contracts – in which they agreed to pay Qualcomm for permission to use the patented technologies Qualcomm invented.

“Please also note: Apple continued to subsequently sell millions of wireless devices – for tens of billions of dollars – containing the patented technologies Qualcomm invented. For which Apple had signed multiple contracts – in which they agreed to pay Qualcomm for permission to use the patented technologies Qualcomm invented….

“‘Apple Paid Up to $6 Billion to Settle with Qualcomm:

“‘Apple paid a high price to end a bitter legal battle that spanned multiple continents and threatened Apple’s ability to release a 5G iPhone and put pressure on Qualcomm’s licensing business model that contributes over half of the company’s profit.’”

Apple’s illegal, larcenous obstinance was in fact many additional years in the making….

Apple Hatched Years-Long Plan to Reduce Royalty Payments to Qualcomm, Documents Reveal:

““Apple…was aiming to sue Qualcomm as far back as 2014….”

Apple finally cut a deal – admitting they were wrong.  But now Apple is asking the Supreme Court to get them out from under the deal they themselves struck.

A deal which got them out from under the looming court losses they faced – because they did not pay for the deals they struck for Qualcomm’s chips.

Here’s a thought

Perhaps Apple (Market Cap: $2.42 trillion) should pay the infinitesimal amount Qualcomm (Market Cap: $156.5 billion) charges Apple for its stuff.  Rather than trying to steal it.

Again, it’s just a thought….

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  • Seton Motley