Today's Government Is the Enemy of the People

Remember Donald Trump saying this?

Trump Says Most of the Media is the Enemy of the People

He wasn’t wrong.  He still isn’t.

Big Media incessantly promotes lies - and buries truths.

Of course, Big Media ain’t We the People’s only domestic enemy.  It ain’t even the biggest.

Big Media does a LOT of their anti-US work - in collusion with Big Government.

Big Media couldn’t do a whole lot of its dirty work - without Big Gov feeding them the propaganda they then promulgate.

Per the Constitution…:

“(T)he media is a Fourth Estate in a constitutional democracy….

“However, for the media to be regarded as a fourth estate, it needs to be very independent from any state interference.

“It is only a free press or media that can play a watchdog role of counter-checking the three other branches of the state, namely: Judiciary, Executive and the Legislature.”

Everyone - who is honest and has an IQ above nine on a warm day - knows this hasn’t been the case for many decades.

The watchdog - has become a lapdog.

The betrayal of We the People by government - is even more egregious and damaging.

We elect government’s criminals.  Which speaks to our incredible failings as an allegedly free people.

That said: Government is supposed to work for us.  It has for many decades worked against us.

In  2016, enough of us were tired enough of this - to manage to elect Trump.  Who spoke openly about government working against us.

Government at every level - immediately went to work eradicating Trump from political existence.

Trump-Russia collusion lies. “Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russia disinformation” lies.  Etc, etc, etc.

Then came the 2020 election….:

“Trump won the in-person votes - IN ALL FIFTY STATES.

“Alzheimer’s-addled #Biden won the zero ID mail-in vote - IN ALL FIFTY STATES.

“While (government official) Democrats (all across the country) illegally increased the zero ID mail-in vote from 29 million in 2016 - to 66 million in 2020.”

This is government at all levels - working to deny We the People our preferred presidential candidate.

That ain’t great.

Governments everywhere did this - to continue unimpeded their utterly corrupt, broke and broken business as usual.

DC has been totally out of control for many decades.

DC is required by law to pass a budget - via a 12-spending-bill process.

Which would allow those interested in examining DC’s out of control spending - to examine piecemeal DC’s out of control spending.

DC hasn’t engaged in this proper budget process - since 1996.

Instead it has been jamming through last-second, unread Continuing Resolutions (CRs).  Which builds in all previous spending - and then some.

DC just passed yet another CR - which yet again extends DC’s ridiculously exorbitant Covid-level spending.

Heck, our budgeting-by-CR means we’ve been spending Barack Obama’s 2009 $878 billion “stimulus” - over and over again every year since.

DC doesn’t want to examine how it spends our money.  Because DC doesn’t want us examining how they spend our money.

Ronald Reagan rightly noted:

“The closest thing to eternal life on earth is a government program.”

And he was president in the 1980s - when DC was still passing proper budgets.

If DC weren’t the Enemy of the People?  It would examine - and then eliminate - programs like this….

Conservative Group Files Another Legal Challenge to Universal Service Fund:

“The Universal Service Fund spends about $8 billion each year to fund four internet subsidy programs for low-income households, schools, libraries, and healthcare providers.”

The Universal Service Fund (USF) allegedly exists to “connect the unconnected” to the Internet.

So too do additional cash infusions like this….

‘Bi-Partisan’ Infrastructure Bill Allocates $40 Billion for Government-Owned Internet


Obama Admitted 98% of Americans Were Fast-Internet-Connected - in 2015:

“WAY back in March 2015, President Barack Obama - two whole presidents ago - proudly proclaimed:

“’98% of Americans Have Access to High-Speed Wireless Internet'

“I would imagine that nearly a decade of our rapid, omni-directional, technological advances - has gone a long way to reducing even that minuscule 2% figure.

“Today, for all practical purposes, just about every American is wirelessly connected to the Web.

“Our Fourth Generation (4G) wireless networks allow us to seamlessly stream high-definition (HD) movies - far-and-away the most bandwidth-intensive thing most Americans do.

“And being implemented even as I type - is 5G.

“‘How Much Faster is 5G Than 4G, Really?:

“‘It’s faster. A LOT faster…

“‘Right now, most of the connected world is used to 4G. And 4G is great. Our download speeds are faster than they’ve ever been before….

“‘The advent of 4G was itself a game changer in many ways.’”

“And then there’s satellite Internet.

“‘How Satellites Expand High Speed Internet to Rural Areas’

“Satellite Internet also works extraordinarily well.  As we’ve seen demonstrated in Ukraine - via Elon Musk’s charity work.

“‘Ukrainian Soldier Says Elon Musk’s Starlink “Changed the War” with Russia'

“So nigh every American has wireless access to the Internet.

“And it is already blindingly fast - and getting orders-of-magnitude faster.”

We the People had ubiquitous, high-speed Internet access - in 2015.

That was eight years ago.

Since then, the USF has spent $64 billion - to do what the private sector had already done.

And DC - in its absurd “infrastructure” bill - kicked in an additional $40 billion.

Plus the many additional, redundant government programs to “connect the unconnected.”

That’s way more than $100 billion - wasted on something We the People already long ago accomplished.

No wonder today’s government doesn’t want to examine how it spends our money.

No wonder today’s government is the Enemy of the People.


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