The Latest Round of Global Climate Lie ‘Pledges’ from International Polluters

Why do I oppose international bodies, alliances, treaties…travel,….?

Because the rest of the world hates us, rips us off and lies to us.

The global “climate change” push is nothing more than the rest of the globe trying to crush our economy – while doing nothing at all averse to theirs.

To that end, they’ll rip us off and lie to us.  Because they hate us.  And they’re not nearly as stupidly suicidal as are we.

America-sacrificing President Joe Biden – and his “Climate Envoy” John Kerry – just proudly announced they’ve secured yet another round of planetary climate promises.

More Than 30 Countries Join U.S. Pledge to Slash Methane Emissions

Except these other countries are almost certainly lying to us.  I only say this – because these other countries have already repeatedly lied to us.…

80 Countries Miss UN Deadline for Delivering Beefed-Up Climate Pledges

The Industrialized World Is Failing to Meet Paris Agreement Goals:

“No G7 country is close to reducing greenhouse gas emissions….”

Oh – the irony….

Paris Court Finds France Guilty of Failing to Meet Its Own Paris Climate Accord Commitments

Which is but one of the many reasons why then-President Donald Trump did this….

Trump Defends US Exit from Paris Accords; ‘India, China & Russia Don’t Take Care of Air’

You know who does take care of the air?  The US does.

US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Drop Under Trump

Don’t Believe the Hype: US Carbon Emissions Are Actually Dropping

Oh: And if carbon dioxide concerns you?  You are ridiculously addled and anti-greenery.

The ‘Carbon Emissions’ Deception: No, Carbon Dioxide Is Not a Pollutant

Plants Need CO2 to Live

God in His infinite wisdom created a perfect symbiotic relationship between His flora and His fauna.

Animals – including us – inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  Perfect.

If you’re a tree hugger – and it comes to carbon dioxide?  Don’t hate – respirate.  Because trees and all their leafy friends LOVE the carbon dioxide we provide.

Trump specifically mentioned India, China and Russia – The Big Three – for a reason.

The Biggest Polluters Are Hiding in Plain Sight

China Rated the Biggest Polluter in the World

Six of the World’s Ten Most Polluted Cities Are in India

Twenty Dangerous Most Polluted Cities in Russia

And while the US reduces its pollution?  India, China and Russia – not so much.

China’s Air Pollution Has Overshot Pre-Pandemic Levels as Life Begins to Return to Normal

Air Pollution on Rise in Indian Cities

Russia Breaks Sixteen-Year Air Pollution Record

So you have to be REALLY anti-reality – and anti-America – to do this….

Biden Climate Pact Hobbles US Manufacturing and Agriculture But Gives China, India, Russia a Pass

Biden is damaging the one country – his country – that is headed in the right direction.  While ignoring the three hugest polluters – all of which are headed in the wrong direction.

We need the exact opposite of everything Biden is doing.

We need MUCH less government domestically.  Less taxes and less regulations on the one economy actually reducing pollution – and the job-providing companies that have made the reductions happen.

And we need a little more government at our borders.  To address the Big Three’s – and everyone else’s – ongoing, rolling recalcitrance, dishonesty and ever-increasing pollution.

We need an import tariff on goods coming from countries that have long promised to do something about their increasing pollution – but have never actually done anything.

Environmental Tariffs on Polluting Imports

This is really nothing more than yet another fair trade issue.

Clean is expensive – pollution is cheap.  Foreign countries allowing their companies to do things grimy – is an unfair corporate subsidy.  Which allows them to charge less.  Which undercuts our companies doing things clean – when their stuff arrives here to unfairly compete with ours.

Importing Government Subsidies: The Worst of Fake ‘Free Trade’

Trump tariffed in other trade areas where things weren’t fair.

President Trump on Tariffs and Unfair Trade Practices

It worked amazingly well then.

No One Likes Tariffs – Which Is Why Trump Imposes Them

Trump’s Measly ‘Trade War’ 2019: $21 Billion in Tariffs – and a $22 Trillion Economy:

“(T)he US economic payoff from…(the) tariffs – has been the best US economy in decades.

“Thanks to phenomenal economic, wage and stock growth.

“And extraordinarily improved global trade.

“Helped brought about – by the 1/1000th tariffs we’ve paid.

“I’d call that a mind-bogglingly remarkable return on our investment.”

And so too will it work on the unfair, polluting trade practices of the likes of India, China and Russia.

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