Inventing and Innovating Aren't So Easy, Eh Apple?

Behold a hilarious example of Big Business’ greed and hubris - not translating into actual inventing talent. 

Today’s trillionaire oligarch business example - is Apple.  Which hasn’t really invented anything at all since its founder Steve Jobs prematurely passed away in 2011.

Apple Has Lost Its Way in the 10 Years Since Steve Jobs' Death:

“When the iPhone launched, Apple truly had a five year lead in software development which it has since squandered. The most recent release of iOS 15 highlights just how iterative the operating system's updates have become, but it goes beyond that.

“Apple no longer introduces new features that are truly different from the rest of the market. Most of the WWDC 2021 iOS 15 announcements were features that have existed on Android for years.

“Apple spent way too much time talking about widgets and continues to make design changes that move the iOS experience further and further away from the original user experience.”

Apple has since made many hundreds of billions of dollars WAY overcharging you for new versions of the same old products.  Mostly by intentionally degrading your old products - to force you to buy new versions of your old products. 

Apple Confirms It Degrades Your Old iPhone's Performance

Meanwhile, Apple relies heavily on actual innovators and their innovations - to paper over the fact that they haven’t innovated in years. 

Qualcomm – The World’s Leading Wireless Technology Innovator:

“Qualcomm is a leading American technology company that has led the way for numerous innovations for global wireless communications globally. Over 700 million devices use Qualcomm’s technologies.”

Amongst those 700 million devices, are many, many millions of Apple devices.  Your iPhone 14 is almost identical in every way to your iPhone 13 (and 12, and 11, and…).  Save for its improved ability to connect to the next, newest wireless network: Fifth Generation (5G). 

And that connectivity - and the 5G network and its massively expanding availability and capacity - is due to the innovation and investment of a lot of companies.  Chief amongst them are Qualcomm and the wireless providers (AT&T, Verizon, etc). 

Qualcomm : 10 Innovation Areas for 5G Advanced and Beyond

Spectrum in 5G: The Innovation Boost Starts Here

Operators Invest Billions, Hope in 5G Wireless Technology

Growing Wireless Investment Fuels Rapid 5G Deployment

None of these 5G-responsible companies is Apple.  They are simply passengers on this locomotive - beneficiaries of the inventions and investments of others.

Yet at every turn, Apple strives mightily to not contribute even a little to the innovations and investments that make their multi-trillions possible. 

Apple certainly isn’t helping the wireless companies with their investment into technological advancement and development.

Apple is even steadfastly opposed to contributing to government connectivity welfare programs - into which wireless companies are the predominant payers. 

Trade Associations Ask FCC to Drop Idea of Big Tech Contributing to USF:

“Trade associations have again told the Federal Communications Commission not to pursue a possible a decision that may lead to big technology platforms contributing to the Universal Service Fund, according to a news report.

“The USF goes to support basic telecommunications in low-income and rural areas of America. The fund requires contributions from voice service providers, which have seen dwindling revenues as the agency seeks comments on how to improve the sustainability of the fund….

“‘INCOMPAS, CCIA, and DiMA believe it is time for the FCC to close this aspect of the proceeding so as to not waste any additional resources of the Commission or stakeholders,’ the report said.”

CCIA - is the Computer & Communications Industry Association.  The DiMA - is the Digital Media Association. 

Apple is a member of both.

And when Apple isn’t fighting to not pay anything for the connectivity that makes their multi-trillions possible?  They’re stealing just about everything that makes their multi-trillions even more possible - and more obscene. 

Apple steals the labor to make their stuff.  

At Least 7 Apple Suppliers Are Using Slave Labor in China

And Apple steals the inventions that make their stuff possible.

Apple Finally Admits They’ve Been Stealing Billions of Dollars from Qualcomm for Years:

“In February 2017, iMonster Apple (Market Cap: $970 billion) stopped paying Qualcomm for the patented technologies Qualcomm invented - and Apple used in their wireless devices.

“Please note: Apple had signed multiple contracts - in which they agreed to pay Qualcomm for permission to use the patented technologies Qualcomm invented.

“Please also note: Apple continued to subsequently sell millions of wireless devices - for tens of billions of dollars - containing the patented technologies Qualcomm invented. For which Apple had signed multiple contracts - in which they agreed to pay Qualcomm for permission to use the patented technologies Qualcomm invented….

“Apple’s court debacle - certainly explains Apple’s very next move:

“‘Apple Paid Up to $6 Billion to Settle with Qualcomm:

“‘Apple paid a high price to end a bitter legal battle that spanned multiple continents and threatened Apple’s ability to release a 5G iPhone and put pressure on Qualcomm’s licensing business model that contributes over half of the company’s profit.’

“All of this Apple-and-US-economy-threatening cataclysmic idiocy.

“So that a $970-billion-market-cap company - could try to illegally not pay $13 on a $1,000 phone.

“This was SERIOUSLY short-term cheap - and long-term stupid.”

Not wanting to pay Qualcomm pennies-on-the-dollar - for the only thing innovative in their stuff?  Apple announced they would invent their own replacements for Qualcomm’s stuff. 

Apple Working on Cellular Modem to Replace Qualcomm Chips:

"Apple is working on its own in-house cellular modem to replace Qualcomm chips in future devices….

“Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies Johny Srouji has reportedly held a town hall meeting with Apple employees to discuss the plans, which have been underway since the beginning of the year.”

How’d Apple’s attempts at Qualcomm-esque, Steve-Jobs-less invention go?  Not well.

Apple to Keep Qualcomm Chips in 2023 in Turnabout:

“Apple’s efforts have been stymied by prototype versions of the modems overheating….

“Qualcomm Inc. will continue to provide the modem chips for the ‘vast majority' of iPhones in 2023….”

Apple still has PLENTY of greed and hubris.

But apparently - without Steve Jobs - very little innovation ability. 


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