Exit Sohn. See, GOP? You Can Block Awful Nominees

In the modern fire hose news delivery environment, it seems like ages ago that we penned the following - but it was actually just on February 28:

“One of the endlessly many incorrect DC tropes is: A President is entitled to his nominees. 

“He is absolutely not so uniformly entitled.  Not if his nominees are in open defiance of the Constitution and our laws.  Bureaucrats can’t eviscerate the system just because their boss won an election.  Neither can their boss, for that matter.  Darn that pesky Oath of Office.”

This remains true.  As constitutionally-based stipulations always do. 

You aren’t supposed to be quite obviously at odds with our founding document - and get sworn in to a government gig anyway.

The DC GOP spent much of the early Joe Biden Administration - helping to confirm a bunch of radical bureaucrat nominees that had zero business being confirmed. 

Well, they finally started pushing back.  And lo and behold, they found that doing their constitutional duty can actually work out - to the nation’s betterment. 

Because unearthed were a couple of Senate Democrats who aren’t unwavering sellouts to their Party.

To wit: Just after the 2022 election, we (again) put quill to parchment about President Joe Biden’s radical nominee for the Party-tie-breaking fifth seat on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Radical Sohn: Last Election Not a Green Light for Even More Hardcore Leftism:

“What absolutely should not happen?  Is an Executive Branch nominee that was too radical for even some Senate Democrats pre-election - suddenly getting confirmed post-election….

“‘Biden…has nominated longtime Leftist government-expansion activist Gigi Sohn as the fifth commissioner.

“‘Sohn is going to break much more than just the tie….’

“But Biden’s too-radical-even-for-Democrats nominee - is exactly who the Left wants.

“‘With Democrats' Senate Wins, Sohn Is Likely Headed to the FCC:
“‘Gigi Sohn may soon take a seat as FCC commissioner thanks to Democrats' narrow victories in US midterm Senate races around the country, according to the financial analysts at New Street Research….

“'Biden nominated Sohn to the FCC eight months into his presidency.

“'However, despite two rounds of Senate hearings, her nomination was never approved by the Democratically controlled Senate due to opposition from most Republicans and some Democrats….

“Except the Senate pre-Election Day - was evenly split 50-50.  Post-Election Day, the Senate is 50-49 Democrat - with Georgia’s run-off pending.  Not exactly a new mandate for an old radical nominee:

“‘If Sohn's nomination is approved by the US Senate in the coming months, Democrats would have a majority of seats at the five-member commission. That could pave the way for the FCC to reclassify Internet service providers (ISPs) as Title II carriers, a precursor to reinstating the net neutrality guidelines introduced under Democratic President Barack Obama but rejected under President Donald Trump, a Republican.’

“Make no mistake: Title II Reclassification and Net Neutrality - are RADICAL government policies.”

Indeed they are.  LOTS of what Sohn thinks should happen - absolutely should not happen.  Because the Constitution - and the broader rule of law. 

Despite this unwavering, bipartisan opposition?  Sohn hung around.  And hung around.  And hung around….

Well, FINALLY, this recently happened….

Biden’s FCC Nominee Withdraws Name:

“President Biden’s nominee to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) withdrew her name Tuesday after two years of partisan gridlock delayed her confirmation, the White House confirmed.” 

Emphasis ours.  Because it is this obnoxious, Leftist “news” outlet - blatantly lying. 

It was, as we have discussed, BIPARTISAN gridlock.

Controversial FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn Withdraws After (West Virginia Democrat Senator) Joe Manchin Opposes Bid

(Arizona Democrat Senator) Kyrsten Sinema Questions Gigi Sohn About Recusal Decision

The fake “news” outlet (intentionally) forgot about Democrat opposition.  The Left certainly did not.

Sohn Supporters Slam Democrats Over Failure to Confirm Biden’s FCC Nominee:

“While Sohn focused her ire on cable and media lobbyists, the advocacy groups that spent the past couple of years backing her said Democrats, who had control of the Senate the entire time, share a brunt of the blame….  

“‘(T)he reality is that Democrats still had a majority that should have been able to vote for their own party’s - their own president’s - nominee,’ said Craig Aaron, president and co-CEO of Free Press, an advocacy group that promotes affordable internet access and restoring net neutrality rules.

“‘But ultimately, it is up to those who chair the committees and control the majority to rally support for well qualified nominees,’ Aaron said….

“Maria Langholz, communications director at progressive nonprofit Demand Progress, said that ‘while it would be easiest to blame the right wing for her nomination failing, there was missing urgency and commitment from Democrats in the White House and Senate.’”

The upshot being?  A radical, unconstitutional Biden nominee didn’t get the gig. 

See, DC GOP?  When you do the right things - good things can happen.


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