DC Doing Violence to the Economy - Via Violence to the Constitution

The federal government is so very, VERY far beyond the point of any hope of recovery.

Precisely because it is so very, VERY far removed from the Constitution and its moorings.

Let us today focus upon:

DC’s math doesn’t work.

The US economy - the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - was in 2022 $25.5 trillion.

DC’s current debt is - as I type - just under $33 trillion.

That means our debt-to-GDP ratio - is currently 129%.  And skyrocketing ever upwards.

Federal Budget Deficit Expected to Nearly Double to Around $2 Trillion

Contributing to the skyrocketing debt - are the skyrocketing interest rates.

The US Is Paying a Record Amount of Interest On Its Debt. It’s Only Going to Get Worse

DC is rocketing interest rates skyward - because it has massively inflated our money.

Starting in 2020, DC began printing and spending trillions of additional dollars to remunerate their cronies.

They did this under the guise of compensating US - for locking down the economy in the name of the China Virus.

This massive increase in printing and spending - was on top of DC's regular, annual printing and spending of many trillions of dollars to remunerate their cronies.

Now?  The China Virus is LONG gone.  The trillions in additional spending - never, ever will be.

The US Will Never Get Back to Pre-Coronavirus Spending Levels, History Suggests. And That Means Trouble:

“Not only does the US government never pay back what it has borrowed, somehow the emergency stimulus spending always becomes the new normal.”

Nothing is more abnormal - than DC’s “normal.” 

In fact, DC has a comprehensive and very serious dictionary problem.

The Government's Warped Definition of 'Success'

For the Left, Success Isn’t Success. Government Expansion Is Success

Throughout human history, nations that have exceeded 100% debt-to-GDP - stopped being nations.

Ten Fascinating Economic Collapses Through History:

“There have been numerous financial meltdowns in the past that have their origins in…bizarre and obviously flawed schemes. From ancient times to the present we seem to fall for economic schemes and the disasters that often result.”

Economic schemes - like our Social Security and Medicare.

These two titanic money losers are but a part of the “bread” portion - of our reprisal of the collapsing Roman Empire’s “bread and circuses.”

SSI and Medicare - are entirely unconstitutional.  Nowhere in that document is the federal government expressly empowered to to do anything remotely resembling either of them.

Partly because the guys who wrote the Constitution: Didn’t want the government having even an infinitesimal fraction of the power these two boondoggles confer upon DC.

Partly because the guys who wrote the Constitution: Knew government officials are wholly incapable of tying their own $1,000 wingtips.  They certainly aren’t capable of running ginormous retirement and medical programs.

And oh look: They aren’t even remotely capable….

Social Security & Medicare Shortfalls Exceed $100 Trillion Over 30 Years

How Social Security and Medicare Rip Off Americans

Social Security Is a Terrible ‘Investment':

“Social Security is a poor investment because it only provides an average annual income of some $17,000 (in 2020)….

“This is a lousy return on the decades of tax payments….”

Why Doctors Are Abandoning Medicare:

“More doctors are not accepting new Medicare patients, and some physicians are withdrawing from Medicare altogether.

“The reason: Medicare's complex system of administrative pricing is cutting physician reimbursement…while forcing frustrated doctors to comply with an ever-growing body of incomprehensible rules and regulations.”

Get all that?  DC’s payments to us and to medical providers - are ridiculously TINY.  Yet the two programs - are STILL $100+ trillion short.

Way to go, DC.

I know: Let’s have DC run the Internet.

As of 2019….

The Internet Is Now 10% of US Economy

It has only gotten larger since.  Especially so after the government lockdown of the economy in the name of the China Virus.

The Virus Changed the Way We Internet

And Democrats passionately want to have the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - an unconstitutional “independent agency” - run it.

111+ 'Independent' Agencies? 'Deadlocked' Bureaucracies Are Better:

“(A)llegedly ‘independent’ federal agencies are unconstitutional - and antithetical to what is supposed to be our limited government republic.

“‘DC's 'Independent Agency' Scam:

“(P)er the Constitution - there is no such thing as an ‘independent agency.’  Every federal entity has to exist within one of the three (enumerated) branches.

“This is DC - illegally outsourcing responsibility and accountability….”

The Senate just confirmed to the FCC a fifth unelected bureaucrat commissioner.  Which tips the balance of unelected power.  The newly arrived Anna Gomez is a third Democrat - versus the two Republicans.

And Democrats and Leftists everywhere can’t wait for DC to yet again abuse its unconstitutional, unaccountable power.

With the FCC Finally Fully Staffed, Advocates Say the Agency ‘Can’t Afford to Waste a Single Second’:

“The fifth and final seat is critical, as it would give the FCC the necessary votes to pass issues that would almost assuredly be split down party lines, such as restoring net neutrality rules and Title II authority over the broadband industry that were repealed under the Ajit Pai-led FCC during the Trump administration.”

Net Neutrality and Title II authority?  Is DC MICRO-managing the Internet - with ancient 1887 railroad laws and regs.

I’m sure the application of this inapplicable, sclerotic legal code - won’t harm the Internet at all.  Oh wait….

Negating Net Neutrality Saved the Internet:

“After President Trump was elected in 2016, the FCC went from a 3-2 Democratic majority to a 3-2 Republican majority.

“Under then-Chairman Ajit Pai, the FCC adopted the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which re-classified the internet back to an information service, which is what it had always been other than the time during which the Open Internet Order was in force.

“Broadband deployment increased, and new technologies providing faster and more reliable speeds were developed that enhanced networks speeds and reliability.

“These innovations also enabled new technologies to evolve that allowed the use not only of cable and fiber to provision broadband, but also mobile wireless, fixed wireless, and satellite, increasing competition in an already competitive space.”

The Internet has been going VERY well - bereft of the massive government they are looking to illegally impose….

Obama Admitted 98% of Americans Were Fast-Internet-Connected - in 2015

Internet Speeds Have Increased by 18% (2021 to 2022)

Oh: And the FCC can’t impose Net Neutrality and Title II authority - unless and until Congress passes a law giving the FCC the power to do so.

Because: That pesky Constitution again.

So you have an unconstitutional “independent” bureaucracy.

Looking to unconstitutionally, unilaterally impose MASSIVE regulations (and taxes) - on yet another multi-trillion-dollar portion of our economy.

Should that happen (and it almost certainly will)?

It will do almost as much violence to the economy - as it does the Constitution.

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