Crime Waves, SVB, Elon Musk Attacks,… - Anarcho-Tyranny Incarnate

Anarcho-tyranny is a perfect way to destroy a functioning society - including its functioning free market economy. 

It’s so effective?  As the tyrants implement it - the increasingly desperate people beg for even more of it. 

Anarcho-tyranny is a perfect description of what the Joe Biden Administration is doing to us. 

For anyone who may not know:

“The term ‘anarcho-tyranny’ was coined in the 1990s by Samuel Francis, who argued it reconciled civil disorder with oppressive government.

“As he wrote, anarcho-tyranny is ‘the combination of oppressive government power against the innocent and the law-abiding and, simultaneously, a grotesque paralysis of the ability or the will to use that power to carry out basic public duties such as protection or public safety.’…

"Anarcho-tyranny is at its clearest in criminality and law enforcement. When crime is a leading public concern, civil authorities will ‘change subtly the definition of crime by expanding it to include the innocent and the law-abiding, and to avoid any serious challenge to real criminals.’

“This functions by creating easy targets to prove that they are ‘doing something,’ while leaving alone the real criminals, thus forming a feedback loop: ‘The anarchy that anarcho-tyranny breeds thus serves as the rationale for the tyranny it builds.’…

“Francis believed that the ‘managerial revolution’ established the sociological, economic, and cultural conditions for anarcho-tyranny. He emphasized our dependence on bureaucrats and experts, which resulted in a 'managed pacification’ and the ‘usurpation of previous autonomous social functions.’…

“The anarcho-tyranny of Francis’ days however has morphed into something more sinister. The pacification, the feedback loop, the fake problems, and the targeting of innocents remain, but the relation of anarchy and tyranny has evolved into a method to oppress political enemies.”

I am sure you thought of dozens of examples of all of this - as you read this.

The Left’s brand - is chaos

Certainly the Left’s assault on the criminal justice system - and with it civil society - springs to mind.

George Soros Vows He Won’t Stop Backing Woke DAs Despite Urban Crime Spikes

No Sign Of Antifa So Far In Justice Department Cases Brought Over Unrest

Biden Justice Department Indicts 8 More Pro-Life Activists for FACE Act Violations

Persecute your enemies - free passes for your friends. 

When you want to foment and foster economic chaos - you do things like this.

Biden Admin Shot Down Purchase Attempts for Failed Bank, Former Trump Official Says

Because someone purchasing the failed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) - ends the problem.  Anarcho-tyrants - don’t want to end problems.

We could go on, and on, and…. 

This demonstrates that under our modern government monstrosity, the definition of “political enemies” has also evolved.  It has expanded - to include everyone who doesn’t bribe the government.  The enemy of the briber - becomes the government’s enemy.

It’s prosecutorial cronyism - transactional-style.

And so it now is at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  Under anarcho-tyrant Lina Khan, the FTC has dramatically expanded its actions against the paymasters’ enemies - while doing nothing to the paymasters.  Never mind that the paymasters are almost always far more deserving of FTC scrutiny.

At the FTC - is it now entirely Us vs Them.

‘Unlike Anything I’ve Seen at the FTC’: Biden’s Chair Makes Her Public Debut:

“(The FTC) pushed through a series of actions on progressive Democrats’ wish list:…Greater latitude for launching antitrust probes and lawsuits. And a wider door to writing new regulations — something else the FTC hasn’t done much of in decades.

“Partisanship is back:…(E)very item on the agenda passed in a 3-2 party line vote. Republicans Noah Phillips and Christine Wilson repeatedly decried the new approach, accusing the Democrats of risking a congressional backlash by overstepping decades of precedent and the agency’s legal authority.”

The modern FTC has antipathy for any and all non-Leftists.  In-house - and everywhere else.

Newly-minted Leftist bete noir Elon Musk certainly is getting to know hyper-partisan anarcho-tyranny. 

The FTC’s Twitter Privacy Investigations Have Ramped Up Since Elon Musk’s Takeover

FTC Hires Anti-Musk Activist Amid Agency’s Investigation of Twitter:

“New hire Sarah Miller highlights close relationship between FTC and left-wing advocacy groups that objected to Musk's Twitter takeover.”

So too is it in the air.  The Big Four Airlines (American, Delta, Southwest and Unites) can best afford to best bribe government. 


Estimated market share:                                24.4%

Estimated annual passengers:                     198,714,575

Market Cap:                                                    $9.02 Billio


Estimated market share:                                22.9%

Estimated annual passengers:                      186,389,862

Market Cap:                                                     $21.42 Billion


Estimated market share:                                19.3%

Estimated annual passengers:                      157,677,218

Market Cap:                                                     $18.88 Billion


Estimated market share:                                18.2%

Estimated annual passengers:                      148,067,000

Market Cap:                                                     $18.88 Billion

So the FTC ignores the Big Four’s market domination - which is a combined 84.8%.  And instead does this. 

Biden Administration Moves to Block JetBlue’s $3.8B Spirit Takeover

Spirit and JetBlue are #s 6 and 7 - but the drop-off after the Big Four is titanic. 


Estimated market share:                                2.7%

Estimated annual passengers:                      21,618,039

Market Cap:                                                     $1.84 Billion


Estimated market share:                                2.5%

Estimated annual passengers:                      20,038,090

Market Cap:                                                     $2.24 Billion

The two airlines combined wouldn’t be 1/3 as big as just #4 United.  But facts matter very little to anarcho-tyrants. 

Anarcho-tyrants love hardcore narcotics - but don’t like tobacco.  So….

FTC Sues to Unwind Altria’s $12.8 Billion Investment in Competitor JUUL

Despite this….

Altria’s $13 Billion Juul Investment Has Lost 95% of Its Value

And despite even this….

FTC Judge Dismisses Antitrust Complaint Against Altria, JUUL

The anarcho-tyrants press ever on….

FTC’s Appeal (to Itself) of Loss in Altria-JUUL Action Intensifies Constitutional Controversies Swirling Around the Commission

It most certainly does intensify the “constitutional controversies swirling around" the FTC.

ALL of this anarcho-tyranny intensifies the “constitutional controversies swirling around” - ALL of these anarcho-tyrants. 

The only problem is:

No one that matters - cares at all about constitutional controversies. 

They’re too busy creating and fomenting them.


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