Conservatives Pretending Big Tech Isn’t Anti-Conservative Are An Embarrassment

We still have a great many DC center-right groups cashing Leftist Big Tech checks.

And part of what Big Tech gets for its money – is these center-right groups defending Big Tech’s government cronyism and silencing of center-right people and things.

(Full disclosure: I am friends with a LOT of people at a LOT of these groups.  It is REALLY disappointing – and nauseating.)

The greatest crony government gift in the history of government cronyism?  Section 230 for Big Tech:

“Speaking of unfair…behold Section 230.  Which gives Big Tech companies blanket amnesty from libel, slander, and intellectual property lawsuits resulting from third-party actions.

“This is anti-Fourteenth Amendment un-equal protection before the law — that no one else in the history of the country has ever received.

“If I owned a small neighborhood bar, I would have to purchase liability insurance to protect me should one third-party patron punch another third-party patron in my place.  Or I would have to go to court and convince a judge or jury that it took place in my place — but not because of my place.

“Why do the biggest and richest companies in the history of Planet Earth get government-imposed blanket third-party-action immunity?

“And perhaps the most nauseating part of it is?  These center-right groups – continue to pretend Big Tech isn’t Leftist.  And that Big Tech isn’t over and over and over again silencing conservatives.”

How Did Big Tech Get So Big? Massive Government Cronyism – Like Section 230

The reason we can’t seem to get this monster cronyism reversed?  Because so many center-right groups are on the Big Tech payroll – and are suddenly champions of massive cronyism for the hugest companies in the history of the world.

Conservative Big Tech Campaign Based on Myths and Misunderstanding

“Section 230 is not contingent on politically neutral content moderation, is not a subsidy or special privilege, nor does it make a distinction between publishers and platforms.”

Ummm…what?  “Is not a subsidy or special privilege?!?”  Are your frigging kidding me?  If my bar can get sued for third-party actions – and Big Tech can’t?  That is absolutely “a subsidy or special privilege.”

To show you just how absurd Section 230 is – I give you Nick Sandmann.  He was the MAGA-hat-wearing then-high school kid who was slandered by every Big Media and Big Tech outlet on the planet.

Sandmann is in the process of successfully suing nigh every Big Media joint.  But he can’t even file against Big Tech – because of Section 230.  That is ABSURD.

By the way: There is ZERO actual need for Section 230.

If I unlawfully posted a full movie on YouTube?  The movie house would contact YouTube – and YouTube would pull the movie.  And then the movie house would never, never sue YouTube – because YouTube pulled the film.

And if the movie house did sue, their idiotic case would be quickly dismissed by 99.9% of existing judges.  Because most people with an IQ above nine know that YouTube isn’t responsible for what third-party actions – so long as they reverse the offending third-party actions.

So there is ZERO actual need for Section 230.

Meanwhile, what are We the People getting in exchange for this massive, unconstitutional Big Tech cronyism?  Massive, monstrous silencing of those on the right.  Here’s some more nonsense from the center-right Big Tech payroll….

Section 230 and Internet Freedom:

“Instead of undermining Section 230, lawmakers should celebrate the role of these long-standing liability protections in creating a free, vibrant marketplace of ideas.”

Ummm…what?  “A free, vibrant marketplace of ideas?!?”  Are you frigging kidding me?

This is so much gaslighting – they all should have long ago run out of gas.

Here’s five HUGE examples of Big Tech crushing conservatives online – just from a twelve-month period before and after the 2020 election.

Big Tech is part of the all-encompassing, anti-free speech Enforcer Network that silences conservatives who question or contradict the flip-flopping, ever-evolving, ever-changing Covid Prevailing Narrative.  Or the Prevailing Narrative on any and everything else.

Here’s a question: Why do ALL of Big Tech’s erroneous suspensions and bans – only happen to conservatives?  I ran Web searches for “twitter accidentally suspends” and “facebook accidentally suspends” – and the results are an avalanche of center-right Big Tech victims.

And VERY often, yesterday’s “misinformation” that gets conservatives banned – is tomorrow’s revealed facts…when the truth finally breaks through the Enforcer Network.  (If it does.  Most of the time it does not.)

As but one HUGE example?  Big Tech suspended multiple accounts in the name of stopping the spread of “misinformation” – to silence the completely accurate October 2020 Hunter Biden laptop story.  By the time Big Tech started reversing their “errors” – the November 2020 presidential election had been egregiously and permanently altered.

Now we have Doctor Robert Malone.  Who is absolutely the principle man responsible for most of the vaccines from the last two-plus decades – including the Covid vaccines.

‘Single Most Qualified’ mRNA Expert Speaks About Vaccine Risks

Dr Malone has been questioning the healthfulness and efficacy of the Covid vaccines – and thus the government mandates therefore.

Malone is the Godfather of Vaccines.  He is the absolute last person on the planet anyone can seriously accuse of being “anti-vaccine.”

Except, of course, those enforcing the Prevailing Narrative are doing exactly that.

Dr. Robert Malone Goes Full Anti-Vaccine Conspiracist

Big Tech hasn’t taken Doctor Malone’s heresy very well:

“The man who invented the mRNA technology used in some coronavirus vaccines says he was censored by YouTube for sharing his concerns on the vaccines in a podcast.”

Google (Market Cap: $1.92 trillion) owns YouTube.  Did Big Tech’s silencing stop there?  Heavens no.

LinkedIn Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccines Inventor for Warning About Risks of COVID-19 Shots

Microsoft (Market Cap: $2.51 trillion) owns LinkedIn.

Twitter Bans mRNA Pioneer Dr. Robert Malone After He Raised Alarm About COVID Shot Dangers

Inventor of mRNA Technology Removed from Wikipedia After He Warned Against Taking COVID Jabs

And of course: It ain’t just Big Tech enforcing the Prevailing Narrative.

Inventor of mRNA Banned by the New England Journal of Medicine

There is no one at any Big Tech company – or in government – within a million miles of being as qualified to speak on vaccines as is Dr Malone.

But he violated the Left’s Prevailing Narrative – so he is being rendered a digital non-person by Big Tech.

And the center-right groups on the Big Tech payroll – are STILL defending Big Tech, its censorship and its massive cronyism.

How very pathetic.

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