College IS for Dummies: Intellectual Property Edition

I’ve loathed the concept of college - since I was (at least) in junior high school.  Because colleges are Leftist claptrap factories.  And were for many, many decades prior to my personal detestation of them. 

Colleges do not educate - they indoctrinate.  (Well, they further inculcate the indoctrination imposed by government schools K-12.)

The godfather of modern conservatism is William F. Buckley.  Buckley first came to national prominence with his tome “God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of ‘Academic Freedom’.”  Which criticized the Ivy League flop sweat facility for:

“(F)orcing collectivist, Keynesian, and secularist ideology on students, criticizing several professors by name, arguing that they tried to break down students' religious beliefs through their hostility to religion and that Yale was denying its students any sense of individualism by making them embrace the ideas of liberalism.”

Buckley published his damning narrative - in 1951.  About his awful Yale experience - in the mid-to-late 1940s.  Yale was that terrible - NEARLY EIGHTY YEARS AGO.  That was two decades BEFORE the disease that was the 1960s Hippie Movement infected the nation - starting with collegiate campuses. 

Institutions of “higher learning” were exceedingly awful - during World War II.  And have only gotten worse.  And worse.  And worse.  And….

As history and reality have continued to wreak havoc with the concept of collectivism, colleges have had to continually diminish the amount of real information to which their victims - oops, I mean students - have access. 

Fortunately for colleges, government schools K-12 have spent the last many decades creating the most ill-informed and incurious population in the history of humanity.  So the reams of information colleges are withholding - are never missed by their stupefied students.    

To the point where today’s college victims can do little more than issue talking points like Pez dispensers.  They are utterly incapable of responding to even the slightest challenge to their mindless dogma - which is why any challenge to their mindless dogma is screechingly characterized as “hate speech” that simply MUST be silenced.

But of course having your ideas challenged - helps you hone your defense of them.  Which makes you a better thinker.  Before you can be a critical thinker - you have to allow criticism of your thinking.

But of course you being a critical thinker is antithetical to the objectives of our indoctrination centers.  As comedian George Carlin wisely observed:

“Governments don't want a population capable of critical thinking.  They want obedient workers - people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation.”   

As comedian Steve Hughes wisely observed about The System fogging us up to mindlessly run the machines:

“It’s a trap.  It’s made up by the ruling elite so we’re tired and poor - so we can’t rebel or philosophize about our own existence and actually evolve properly.”

The entire US education system is predicated upon imposing human devolution. 

Which leads to thought-free items like this one I found in “The Diamondback” - the school newspaper of the University of Maryland at College Park. 

Patents Are Harming Innovation. It’s Time to Reform the Patenting Process

“Patents are harming innovation” - is as stupid as saying “Water is harming hydration.”  You can not have the latter - without the former.

I often refer to the Left’s 72-Hour Window.  Leftists are incapable of thinking past tomorrow - or remembering past yesterday.  “Patents are harming innovation” - is quintessential 72-Hour Window thinking:

“Patents and other intellectual property protections create short-term monopolies that quash competition and innovation and by phasing them out entirely, people everywhere stand to gain more opportunity and societal advancement.”

But WHY did Intellectual Property (IP) creators spend years and millions of dollars developing their ideas - which they then protected with patents?  Because they could protect them with patents.

Human nature quite clearly stipulates that if you spend years and millions of dollars developing an idea - at which point everyone can steal it?  NO ONE will spend years and millions of dollars developing ideas.  Because duh. 

Leave it to academics to earnestly pretend human nature - isn’t human nature:

“Many believe patents stimulate innovation and without them, innovation would at least slow, if not stop entirely. However, economists have said this is merely a myth.”

Let’s put it in physical, agrarian terms.  Human nature quite clearly stipulates that if you spend months and lots of money plowing, planting, fertilizing, tilling and harvesting to bring food to our tables - and you don’t get paid to do so?  NO ONE will farm - and we all starve.

This collegian’s misguided mindset is so fundamentally, simplistically wrong - there is no need to further mine its shallow depths.

But in his defense, this collegian’s misguided mindset is by no means a lonely one.  People WAY out of college - who should know even better - share it.  Because the government school system has been around a LONG time. 

Patents Are Eating the World and Hurting Innovation

Technology Patents Are Inhibiting Innovation, Causing More Harm Than Good

How Patents Harm Biotech Innovation

How Gene Patents Harm Innovation

Is It So Crazy for a Patent Attorney to Think Patents Harm Innovation?

A Patent-Holding Software Engineer Explains Why Software Patents Harm Innovation

Then why is he holding patents?

LOTS of patent-holders are exceedingly hypocritical about patents. 

Our Periodic Reminder of the Titanic Hypocrisy of Intellectual Property Thieves

Apple Loathes Intellectual Property - Unless, Of Course, It’s Theirs

Google: ‘Hey Justices, Let Us Steal…Hey, Someone Stop That Guy - He Stole Our Stuff’

Colleges are no less IP hypocritical - including our intrepid collegian’s University of Maryland at College Park.

U.S. Universities Top Latest Worldwide Patent Count

University of Maryland Ranks Among Top 100 Worldwide for Patents:

“The university patented its first technology – a method of producing a Newcastle Disease virus vaccine – in 1954, and to date, the university is the holder of more than 680 U.S. patents….

“Julie Lenzer, associate vice president for innovation and economic development and co-director of UM Ventures: ‘The development of fearless ideas into patentable technologies provides an opportunity to transform university research into products and platforms that solve real, global problems.’”

So while colleges like Maryland appear to further indoctrinate their intellectually inert victims into an anti-reality where patents are antithetical to innovation? 

In reality, they know patents foster innovation - by protecting it.  So they register LOTS of them.

Our beloved collegian really should get acquainted with IP reality. 

He could start - by checking his school’s extensive patent portfolio.


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