Choose Wisely: House GOP's Joe Biden Oversight

I very much appreciate the narrow House Republican majority doing a lot of very good oversight and investigative stuff.

It all ultimately comes to naught, of course.

There is no way in H-E-double-toothpicks Joe Biden’s “Justice” Department is going to do anything with any of the incessantly blatant evidence of Biden corruption the House GOP keeps compiling.

Nor is Big Media.  And if you mention any of Biden’s rampant corruption on Big Tech’s platforms - you get the Hunter Biden laptop treatment.

You may ask: Given ALL the corruption the DC GOP has to oversee and investigate - how do they only have a narrow majority in but one of the Congress’ two branches?

One reason is the aforementioned Big Government-Big Business fascist cabal.

Here’s another reason:

There have been wildly, flagrantly ridiculous voting changes imposed in much of America.  Inflicted - mostly illegally - by Democrats.  Unopposed - almost uniformly - by Republicans.

In 2020 - in the name of the China Virus?  Democrats illegally ignored duly passed and implemented voting laws - and the legal way to change them.  And instead unilaterally rewrote them.

Per the Constitution, state legislatures - and only state legislatures - can change their respective voting laws.

Leftist judges and officials blew off all of that - and changed law so as to make it MUCH easier to cheat.  Throughout the nation - including, importantly, in the swing states.

Democrats massively increased the use of vote rigging mechanisms - like ballot harvesting boxes and ballot mass mail-outs.

Because why would it be a problem to leave unattended ballot collection boxes all over the place?  Especially when you are also mass-mailing ballots to notoriously un-updated voter rolls?

Ballots which can end up - in massive numbers - in places like dumpsters behind apartment complexes.  And then can - magically, mysteriously - end up in unattended ballot collection boxes.

And I’m absolutely sure we can trust Democrat locales to not mass-over-print ballots - and then lose track of the chain of their custody.

The 2020 presidential result?

President Donald Trump improved upon his 2016 vote tally by over 10 million  - to over 74 million.  Increasing substantially his totals amongst Blacks, Hispanics and women.  His vote count - broke the previous all-time record.

Except somehow - magically, mysteriously - Joe Biden received 81 million votes.  A man clearly addled with at least dementia - if not Alzheimer’s.  Who spent the entirety of the campaign either falling down, falling over - or hiding in any of his several very well-appointed homes.

This magical man - somehow received 16 million more votes - 20% more - than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama received in the two previous presidential elections.


The 2022 Republican “Red Wave” - that was choked off to a trickle?  Perhaps that was because MORE states had many more ballot harvesting boxes and ballot mass mail-outs in 2022 - than in 2020.

Again: Inflicted - mostly illegally - by Democrats.  Unopposed - almost uniformly - by Republicans.

Want to know what the 2022 election results nationwide should have looked like?  Look at Florida.

Where Governor Ron DeSantis and the state GOP had passed and implemented actual voting laws - that allow elections to actually reflect the mood of the electorate.

Shocker: DeSantis and the state GOP won HUGE.

It is through the prism of all of this - that we must regard things past.  And going forward.

And therefore temper our expectations - on everything.

Again: Which is why I have sincerely, very much appreciated the narrow House Republican majority going in-depth on Biden’s profound corruption.  And the corrupt, crony hyperactivity of the Biden Administration.

But for the GOP’s efforts to matter even the little they could matter?  They must be extraordinarily judicious in what and whom they choose to investigate - and what and whom they choose to defend.

There is PLENTY of Biden Administration malfeasance - and plenty of their victims - to champion.  Biden Admin hyper-overactivity - is like millions of government shotguns being indiscriminately fired into the body of the economy.

As is always the case, small businesses are the most damaged by Big Government.  They simply do not have the resources or ability to deal with Big Government - the way Big Business does and can.

Which is why Big Business champions Big Government.  It kills their competitors for them. Much more easily and cheaply than actually having to compete with them does.

Another of the very many ways Big Business benefits from its Big Government crony fascism? They are allowed by government to acquire potential competitors - before they become actual competitors.  And acquire company after company - to get ever larger.

None of which is good for US consumers.

To wit:

Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon Keep Buying Dozens of Companies a Year. Regulators Are Finally Noticing

Facebook is nothing more than a glorified Internet comment section.  There is no way - without massive Big Gov crony fascism - it gets to its current $562.19 billion Market Cap.

Crony fascism - like turning a blind eye to its endless avalanches of ever-larger acquisitions.

List of Mergers and Acquisitions by Meta Platforms

Meta is, of course, the parent company Facebook created for itself.  This Wikipedia entry lists 98 acquisitions since its 2005 purchase of “”  I am quite sure this list is not exhaustive.

Wiki lists 25 just since 2018.  The number and size of the companies acquired - and the speed with which they are acquired - are all ever-increasing.

Facebook Is Quietly Buying Up the Metaverse:

“Can Mark Zuckerberg Mergers & Acquisitions a new monopoly?

“Of the many complaints about Facebook, one comes through consistently: It’s just too big. Which is why some critics and regulators want to make it smaller by forcing Mark Zuckerberg to unwind major acquisitions, like Instagram.

“Zuckerberg’s response: Let’s get bigger by buying more stuff.

“After slowing down briefly in 2018, the year the Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted, Facebook has been steadily making large acquisitions - at least 21 in the last three years, per data service Pitchbook.

“Many of the deals have been announced since December 2020, when the US government first filed an antitrust lawsuit against the company, accusing it of maintaining an illegal monopoly in social networking by buying or crushing competitors.”

This is something - we should actually want regulators to finally start noticing.

This is NOT something - to which we would want the House GOP to object.


FTC Chair Khan Accused of ‘Abuse of Power’ in New US House Probe:

“The House Oversight Committee's Chairman James Comer opened a probe Thursday into U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Lina Khan's management of the agency, citing complaints of abuse of power.

“Khan has angered companies and trade groups like the Chamber of Commerce by pushing the FTC, which enforces antitrust law and laws against deceptive marketing, to be more aggressive in investigations and law enforcement.

“In a letter to Khan and agency officials dated Thursday, Comer cited complaints made by former commissioner Christine Wilson, a Republican.

“'We are concerned that the developments at the Commission cataloged by Commissioner Wilson and others could undermine consumers' and markets' confidence in the Commission's ability to perform its functions effectively and with integrity,’ Comer wrote in the letter.”

So far - so good.  We have been chronicling the Biden FTC’s massive abuses of power and the economy - basically since Khan was confirmed.  We are pleased the House GOP is officially placing them on the radar.

Except then…:

“Comer's letter cited Wilson's concern over a transaction by Meta Platforms.

“She had accused Khan of abuse of power by voting to challenge Meta's acquisition of virtual reality content maker Within.

“Wilson argued that Khan had said before coming to the FTC that Meta should be barred from making additional acquisitions, and that this meant Khan should be recused from FTC deliberations regarding the deal.”


There are literally millions of businesses that have been destroyed or damaged by government.  Including by the Biden FTC.

FTC: Over-Crying 'Wolf!' - While Unleashing the Government Wolves:

“That’s (33 FTC lawsuits) - (in) just the last 12 months.

“And that doesn’t include headlines that say ‘take action’ - when often the action taken is litigation.

“And that’s just what I found with my cursory (FTC website) searches.

“And that’s just what bureaucrats remembered to hang on the website.  I would bet money there are more cases - that said functionaries forgot to upload.

“Then there’s the FTC’s briefs in other lawsuits….

“And, of course, there is METRIC TONS of regulatory actions…..”

FTC Took Biden's Stupid Shotgun Advice

The FTC Is Hyperactive - And Attempting Time Travel

Biden FTC Will Acquiesce to No 'Comment Period'

ALL of this hyperactivity - aimed at some of the tiniest companies ever targeted…:

“‘(F)for the most part current law requires companies to report any deal that is valued at more than $101 million to the agencies so they can be reviewed.’

“The US in 2022 had a $25.4 trillion economy.  So a deal worth a measly $101 million triggering FTC-DOJ activity?  Seems a mite…hyper-over-active.

“And opens wide the door for Khan’s ‘hipster…movement’ to ‘transform US antitrust’ - into an all-out assault on the US economy.”

$101 million is especially small now - what with Biden inflicting US with some of the worst monetary inflation we’ve ever seen.

Moving transactions that are actually smaller and smaller - above the already-tiny threshold.  Thereby subjecting smaller and smaller companies - to FTC hyper-over-activity.

And the House GOP chooses as its poster child for reining in Biden FTC abuse…frigging Facebook?  Really?

Optics matters in politics.  A lot.

If you want to look like you’re attempting to Drain the Swamp?

Don’t do it in defense of one the hugest, Swampiest companies in the history of huge, Swampy companies.

Oh: And a huge, Swampy company - that loathes Republicans.

Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Donations’ Rigged the 2020 Election:

“By using the excuse of the COVID-19 emergency, roughly $400 million flowed through two liberal-leaning 501(c)(3) organizations under the guise of supporting a safe election during the pandemic in 2020.

“What ended up happening amounted to an enormous Democrat voter turnout operation complete with mass mail-in voting, insecure drop boxes, recruiting poll workers and ballot curing — all courtesy of ‘Zuck bucks.’”

Oh look: We’ve come full circle on the election malfeasance.  Government did it - Facebook funded it.

Hey House GOP: When are you going to stop feeding the hands that bite you?

Hey House GOP: There are PLENTY of reasons to do this….

The Wrath of Khan: FTC Chair Loathes Our System - Impeach Her

In defense of Big Tech mega-company Facebook - that hates you - is absolutely not one of them.


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