China-Taiwan Is Next: Biden Won't Stop Ever-Expanding China

Well, the Alzheimer’s-addled Joe Biden is certainly figure-head-running a ship-shape Ship of State, is he not?

Domestically, we are $33+ trillion in debt.  Undaunted, DC is set to be $2+ trillion short - just in Fiscal Year 2023.

That’s double the FY 2022 deficit - despite being even further removed from DC’s Covid lockdown and spending idiocies.

Oh: And then there’s Social Security and Medicare.  Which, in 2019, were $100+ trillion short over the successive thirty years.

Given the nearly 10 million illegal invaders Biden will allow to stroll into the country?  And they’re being piled upon the nearly 30 million who were already here?

And their ridiculous, unfettered access to SSI and Medicare?

Does anyone doubt the numbers for SSI and Medicare are FAR worse now - than they were then?

Yes, Biden inherited some of these DC idiocies.  But he is making ALL of them exponentially worse.

But let’s instead focus on Biden’s foreign disasters - oops, I mean policy.

Biden’s predecessor was Donald Trump. Who was the only president of the last…many to not instigate any wars.

And he got a large amount of peace accomplished.

Notable - in this moment of renewed Iran-and-Biden-funded assaults on Israel - were the Abraham Accords.

The world in the Trump Era - was about as peaceful as its been in quite a while.

Enter Biden.

We now have Israel fighting its way back from its September 11th.

We are $100+ billion - we don’t have - into an irrelevant border skirmish between Russia and Ukraine.

And then there’s the next eruption everyone paying any attention is expecting- Communist China’s takeover of Taiwan.

China is only in a position to do anything other than sit there and starve?  Because the US spent the last half-century-plus outsourcing its economy to them.

And perhaps the most important thing the US economy does - well, used to do?  Invent things.

And China made industrial Intellectual Property (IP) theft - a key componentof their takeover of the US and the planet.

1 in 5 Corporations Say China Has Stolen Their IP Within the Last Year:

“There are no exact statistics on trade secret theft ranked by nation, but China remains the world’s principal IP infringer across all types of IP theft, according to a spokesman for the IP Commission, which estimates up $600 billion annually in cost to the U.S. economy from these actions.”

That’s a lot.  Every penny China saves by stealing IP - they can dedicate to other things.  Like, say, taking over Taiwan.

What has DC done about China’s decades of brazen IP theft?  Absolutely nothing.  For decades.

Congress Should Investigate Chinese IP Theft

“Investigate” - ?!?!  Even Inspector Jacques Clouseau has by now discovered China’s mass-IP heists.

Congress should PUNISH Chinese IP theft.  And it should have done so - a LONG time ago.

Biden’s here now.  And he should punish China now.

Certainly to help, you know, US and its businesses.

Also to help prevent China taking over Taiwan.  Preventing China’s takeover of Taiwan - being of additional technological benefit to the US and the planet.

Because - semiconductor chips.

Two Charts Show How Much the World Depends on Taiwan for Semiconductors

China Needs Taiwan’s Chipmakers - More Than the Other Way Around

China’s War Chest: How the Fight for Semiconductors Reveals the Outlines of a Future Conflict

Why War With China Over Taiwan Could Ruin the Global Economy

Biden should do something about this.

Except here we have yet another Biden problem - rather than a solution….

Bought Off Biden: 'I Don’t Want to Contain China':

“Why would Biden do anything bad to Communist China?  When Communist China has been so very, VERY good to him.…

“‘Chinese Elite Have Paid Some $31 Million to Hunter and the Bidens’

“And that story was from way back on January 27, 2022.  Much more bribery coin has since been uncovered….

“‘House GOP Digs In on China-Linked Payments to Biden Family Members in New Memo’

“So we can expect the Biden Administration - to actually do nothing to contain China.

“They might even, you know, help China.”

How might Biden “help China?”

He could continue to allow China to steal per annum hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of US IP.

And he could allow China to steal Taiwan - the world’s top chip manufacturer.

Things are only going to get a whole lot worse from here

Plan accordingly….


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