Belize: I Guess I Unilaterally Seceded

I moved back to DC in 2006 - in pursuit of political work higher on the food chain than state-level in Texas.

It immediately became obvious that DC Democrats were nigh entirely Leftists.  Due to decades of:

The Left’s ultimately successful Democrat Party takeover efforts, a lack of any serious Republican resistance - and hyper-partisan gerrymandering.

You can’t negotiate with Leftists. They’re not going to let us “coexist” - in any fashion. It’s either our total submission - or our total destruction.

I immediately began talking about irreconcilable differences - and secession.

In 7th grade, I wrote a history paper saying the pre-Civil War southern states had a constitutional right (First Amendment - freedom of assembly) to leave the Union. And that Abraham Lincoln was a war criminal for shooting at them to make them stay.

My modern secession solution has been met with nigh universal revulsion from DC’s Conservative, Inc.  For going on two decades now.

Part of it is human nature. Humans are inherently optimistic - “things will work out in the end.”  Ummm…almost never. See: 10,000 years of human history.

This cock-eyed optimism is why bad things are able to get REALLY TERRIBLE before humans even begin to awaken from their slumber to maybe recognize there might be a problem.

DC’s rejection of secession is also crassly monetary.  Too many alleged conservatives make very much money off of DC’s corrupt, polluted, broken system. So they want to prop it up as long as possible - to wring out as much coin as possible.

Many thousands of lobbyists exist fabulously on the gigantic lie that they can get Leftists to listen to them. Ummm…no, you can’t. And you know you can’t.

Meanwhile, perpetuating the lie has destroyed the country.

It is now WAY too late for anything - except secession.  It will only be exponentially more difficult now than it would have been two decades ago.

Because today’s status quo totalitarians - are far more numerous and powerful. And will be even less amenable to our departure.

Because they know we pay the titanic tax bills that prop up their policy folly.

I’m not optimistic.

Hence - Belize.

I guess I unilaterally seceded.

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  • Seton Motley