Bad Hollywood - Worse Washington: Too Many Remakes and Sequels

These days, even when Hollywood writers are writing - they aren’t really writing. 

Why Are There Fewer Original Films Being Released?

Why Are There So Many Film and TV Remakes Right Now?

Hollywood Makes Too Many Sequels:

“Relying so much on sequels crowds out the fresh ideas that studios need.”

Ain’t that the truth.

And it is the truth as well for Washington DC - and governments just about everywhere.

They say DC is Hollywood for ugly people. Global bureaucrats hardly look any better.

Governments nearly everywhere have tried nothing for many decades - except more government.

All we get - is more and more of the exact same thing:

More spending, more taxes, more regulations.

How original.

And if we less government types somehow manage to stop or reverse a government expansion? 

Government just keeps demanding remakes and sequels.  Until we get - what they want. 

My favorite comedian is Steve Hughes.  More than a decade ago, he proffered this:

“The (European Union) EU has nothing to do with imperialism….

“The EU is very democratic, don’t you think? 

“When Ireland voted ‘No’ on the Lisbon Treaty - how did they (the EU) respond to that?

“‘You voted “No,” did you Ireland?  Well, we’ll give you a few more months and you can…think about it.’

“‘No, no, no.  We already voted - and the vote was “No.”’

“‘Yeah, yeah….  Well, we’ll give you a bit more time.  Maybe you can think of something else.’”

And so it went - as it seemingly always does….

Ireland Votes ‘No’ on Lisbon Treaty

What Part of Ireland's ‘No’ Does the EU Not Understand?

EU Demands Second Referendum Date for Ireland on Lisbon Treaty

Ireland Votes ‘Yes' to Lisbon Treaty:

“In a dramatic political U-turn, Ireland has voted decisively in favour of the Lisbon treaty just 16 months after it first rejected the European Union reform plan.”

The beatings will continue - until the vote improves.

At least the Irish people got to vote - over and over again.  Until they got - what the EU wanted.

We in the US should be so lucky.

We are allegedly a republic - and not a democracy.

How it’s supposed to work here is:

We elect a Legislative Branch Congress - and they are supposed to pass bills. 

Which the elected Chief Executive president - then signs into laws. 

Which the unelected Executive Branch bureaucrats - are then supposed to execute and enforce.

Except we are no longer a republic - we are an authoritarian state. 

We have the unelected bureaucrats - unilaterally, illegally writing fake “laws” - and then illegally imposing them.  

To wit: An actual law imposing Title II Internet reclassification and/or Net Neutrality - has never been passed and signed into existence. 

Bereft of such a law?  Title II and NN - remain steadfastly illegal. 

But we have unelected bureaucrats again and again (and AGAIN) - unilaterally, illegally imposing them. 

As just happened - yet again….

Once Again the FCC Votes 3-2 to Reinstitute Title II Net Neutrality Rules:

“Here we go again. In a nearly identical vote from 2015, the (Federal Communications Commission) FCC approved a proposal to move ISPs back under Title II public utility rules. It's a partisan tug-of-war that has been going on for 20 years. It will undoubtedly end up in the courts again….”

And what happened in 2015 - wasn’t original either….

It’s Groundhog Day - Again: Government Taking Third Stab at Net Neutrality Power Grab

“It will undoubtedly end up in the courts again” - precisely because elected officials never authorized any of this.

And yet the unelected bureaucrats - are yet again illegally jamming it down our throats.

The EU bureaucrats wish they could have just marched into Ireland and imposed the Lisbon Treaty. 

The US bureaucrats don’t even have to march to impose their authoritarianism. 

They’re already here. 

They can - from their plush offices, for which we pay - quite comfortably impose their remakes and sequels. 

Over, and over - and OVER again. 

Until we finally get - what they want.

Except we didn’t want to see this movie the first time….


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