Amazon: 127 Company Acquisitions - 0 FTC Blocks of Company Acquisitions

We are more than two years into the Joe Biden Administration abusing the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to mass-assault the US economy.

Except: Not all members of the economy are under actual assault.

If you are a medium-sized or even a small business - Biden’s FTC is out to get you.

If you are a Big Business?  Not so much.

The FTC is able to go after the smallest of companies and transactions - because Congress green lit the abuses.

$101 Million?!? The Ridiculous FTC Interference Minimum

And Biden’s FTC - is super-abusing the privilege.

FTC Took Biden's Stupid Shotgun Advice:

“Shotguns have what’s known as a ‘good spread.’  The shot pellets spread out - and there’s a LOT of collateral damage inflicted around where you attempt to shoot….

“The FTC is indiscriminately firing everywhere.  If something in the private sector moves - the FTC fires in its general direction….

“The FTC is inflicting all sorts of damage - and collateral damage - to the economy.”

FTC: Over-Crying 'Wolf!' - While Unleashing the Government Wolves

The FTC Is Hyperactive - And Attempting Time Travel

Biden’s FTC is going small - at the behest of the Bigs.

Hey Biden FTC: Not All Marketshare Consolidation Is Bad:

“What is actually happening - shouldn’t be blocked.

“‘Biden Administration Moves to Block JetBlue’s $3.8B Spirit Takeover’

“Why?  Because of the makeup of the airline industry:

“‘Under anarcho-tyrant Lina Khan, the FTC has dramatically expanded its actions against the paymasters’ enemies - while doing nothing to the paymasters.

“‘Never mind that the paymasters are almost always far more deserving of FTC scrutiny….

“‘The Big Four Airlines (American, Delta, Southwest and Unites) can best afford to best bribe government.’"

Biden’s FTC is “Pay to Play.”  And it is “Pay to Have Us Leave the Playing Field Entirely to You.”

There seems to be an unwritten monetary cap on FTC action.  If a company is Big - it can act with nigh total impunity from ACTUAL FTC scrutiny.

Cases are made - almost instantly - against small businesses like Jet Blue and Spirit.

Big Business?  Not so much.

Contours of Potential Federal Trade Commission Case Against Amazon Become Clearer:

“The FTC has been investigating the $1.4 trillion online retailer, movie studio owner, primary care medical provider, Whole Foods grocery store holder, and cloud services company for years….”

And - lest we forget - Amazon’s foray into the “news” business.

How the Washington Post Has Changed Under Jeff Bezos

With ALL of this hyper-acquisition going on?  “The FTC has been investigating…for years….”

What the heck is taking so frigging long?

Again, the FTC certainly got its act together in a huge hurry to block the relatively tiny Spirit-Jet Blue transaction.  Because that was at the behest of Big Business - the Big Four Airlines.

But Big Business Amazon’s VERY many acquisitions?

Amazon’s Biggest Acquisitions Have Allowed It to Become a Marketplace for Nearly Everything

Amazon's Biggest Acquisitions: What Companies Does Amazon Own?:

“Amazon is…a combination of at least 128 businesses.  Take a look at some of Amazon’s most famous acquisitions that took it from a garage business to the third-most-valuable company.”

Amazon has engaged in (at least) 127 acquisitions.  And the FTC didn’t stop any of them.

But tiny Jet Blue tries to get together with tiny Spirit?  And the FTC goes full bore against.

Oh: And Amazon is VERY abusive of its ever-increasing marketshare and power.

How Amazon Abuses Its Monopoly Power to Crush Competitors

Amazon Bullies Partners and Vendors, Says Antitrust Subcommittee

The Biggest Online Counterfeit Problem Isn't Theft ON Amazon - It's Theft BY Amazon

Amazon's Communist China Impersonation: Industrial Intellectual Property Theft

Institutional Theft: When Stolen Intellectual Property Is Your Business Model

Pattern of Behavior: Did Amazon Steal Its Way to Cloud Computing Prominence?

Amazon has engaged in ALL of this flagrantly antitrust activity - on its way to a $1.4 trillion market cap.

And the FTC…is STILL investigating.  YEARS later.

Meanwhile: “Hey Jet Blue - you have Lina Khan on line one.”

Because the FTC - is in the Cronyism Business.

Which is great business - for Big Businesses.  Like the Big Four Airlines and Amazon.

It is exceedingly awful for all the rest of us.

And the economy.

And the nation.


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