'Innovation Race' Movie Warns About Economy - and Human Nature; In Theaters Wednesday

We conservatives have very little in common with the modern-day robber barons of Big Entertainment.

By Big E we mean, of course, the moguls of Hollywood and elsewhere who extrude what passes for distraction in today’s imploding society. 

Big E makes GOBS of money creating and distributing mostly mildly-amusing-hugely corrosive-piffle - for today’s shattered and splintered marketplace. 

Which allows Big E to pay their Big Government friends GOBS of money for knowing and doing nothing about piffle production - but knowing and doing a lot about political favors for Big E. 

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Meanwhile, we conservatives make very little money trying to mitigate the damage done by Big Government - and Big E and its corrosive piffle. 

In modern America, the arsonists make WAY more than the firemen.

But there is at least one area where Big E and true conservatives find themselves side-by-side holding hoses: The import and implementation of Intellectual Property (IP) protections. 

Big E can’t make GOBS of money on their piffle - if their piffle is stolen from them. 

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We conservatives, on principle, defend IP rights for everyone - including the Big E robber barons who hate us. 

And for one magical, harmonic convergence day - Wednesday, November 16 - conservatives will enter Big E’s world.  To defend Big E’s GOBS of IP money-making.

Appearing in theaters that day - in select cities around the country - will be the cinematic experience “Innovation Race."  (Check locations and purchase your tickets here.)

I was graciously granted a sneak preview.  It is a well-produced and informative documentary chronicling the US’s crucial history of invention - and the patent protections that made that invention possible.

And how - in the service of Big Tech-Big Biz-Big China cronyism - our Big Government has spent the last decade-plus fundamentally undermining these vitally important patent protections.  

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Let us examine one vitally important aspect of the flick:

In every way but name, the flick explores one of the fundamental tenets of our existence as a species.  Patents and their protections - are an institutional recognition of human nature. 

If you can’t protect the fruits of your labor - so as to then profit therefrom - you won’t do the labor.  Because human nature.  Because duh.   

I plant seeds - then till, water and fertilize them - in the hopes of selling what grows.  If I can’t sell what grows - if you can just steal it - I ain’t planting.

IP creation is the metaphorical planting of seeds.  Only the cost to plant, till, water and fertilize is EXPONENTIALLY higher.  And only a very select few of the seeds ever actually grow into something worth selling.

If the masses can then simply steal the stuff you spent so much time, effort and money making?  Everyone will rapidly stop making stuff. 

And why wouldn’t the masses steal your stuff?  It’s certainly cheaper than paying for it.  And if Big Government then makes it inordinately easy to steal it - as it has spent the least decade-plus doing - the number of people stealing skyrockets. 

And the number of people making stuff - plummets.  Because human nature.  Because duh. 

Kentucky Republican Congressman Tom Massie appears in the film.  Massie was an inventor - prior to giving up productive work to go to Congress.  ( I kid - I’m a kidder.)  He holds 24 patents.  He knows of what he speaks. 

Here is Massie from the flick - in which he points out another facet of the fact that human nature remains immutable:

“If you can’t protect your property - nobody wants to invest in it.  You can’t get venture capital money, you can’t get distribution channels - if people don’t believe that you’re going to be able to protect your property.”

Congressman Massie has sponsored multiple bills looking to restore America’s patent system.  Because he’s a good dude. 

The “Innovation Race” movie aptly chronicles all of this human nature - and then some. 

How our nation adhering to human nature as applied to patents - for its first two centuries - made our economy the envy of Planet Earth.

And how our last decade-plus of flouting IP human nature - has strip-mined our economy. 

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If you want to make America viable again - “Innovation Race” is a cinematic experience well worth your time. 


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