5G: Unfortunately, We Need Biden to Take the US-China Internet War Very Seriously

More and more of the Internet is becoming less and less wired.  Faster and faster wireless Internet obviously makes connectivity much easier, cheaper - and MUCH better.

As you undoubtedly know, we are currently mass-expanding the Fifth Generation (5G) wireless networks.  Which is much discussed - for some very good reasons:

“Fifth Generation (5G) cellular technology infrastructure is going to rocket wireless into the dominant best way to connect to the Web.

“The download and upload speeds on the new wireless network are going to approach 1 Gigabit per second.  This is approaching 20 times faster than today’s current speeds.”

Not having to dig quite so many trenches and lay quite so much cable - especially in a country as huge as the US - will definitely make things much easier, cheaper and better. 

The increasingly wireless Web is changing many important global dynamics.  Well, for people who actually pay attention to things like reality.  

Government, of course, loathes reality. 

Net Neutrality was always stupid, government-expanding policy.  As things go ever more wireless - and thus ever more dynamic - the neutrality concerns get ever more stupid

Remaining steadfastly impervious to reality….

President Biden's Net Neutrality Executive Order is Huge

Meanwhile, The Feds just spent another $65 billion on government broadband - which has been proven for decades to be an inherently titanic waste.  And to add waste-insult to waste-injury - The Feds are stupidly spending almost all the new money on rapidly outdating wired technology.

Because when it comes to tomorrow - government is always mired in yesterday.

Team Biden has made some seriously bad Internet decisions.  It’s likely no decisions going forward will be more important - than those surrounding 5G.

US-China in a War for 5G Tech Standard Supremacy:

“At the center of the dispute are standards underpinning the fifth generation (5G) of mobile network technology. China is overtaking the United States - the traditional mastermind of international standards in information and communications technology - in setting the standards for 5G.”

As you have probably already guessed, the race to set global wireless standards has pretty much always been a two-country race - US and Communist China. 

About which we’ve often written - trying to give well-in-advance notice.

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US and not China setting the 5G standards - is more important than for all the previous Gs combined.  Because 5G will do more - than all the previous Gs combined:

“5G’s capabilities will deliver us the ever-expanding Internet of Things:

“‘(P)hysical objects (or groups of such objects), that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies, and that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks.

“All of which will do more than a little for our economy:

“‘5G has the potential to create or transform up to 16 million jobs across all sectors of the economy, which includes full-time, part-time and temporary jobs.

“‘U.S. economy will drive up to $2.7 trillion in additional gross output (sales) growth.

“‘5G will add up to $1.5 trillion to the U.S. GDP, larger than the annual GDP of 94% of world economies.

“‘Multiplier effects will be felt in every industry. For example, every job created by 5G within the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector will create an estimated 1.8 additional jobs* for a total of up to 2.8 total jobs throughout the economy.’”

Of course, all of these outstanding economic effects will almost certainly never materialize - should China be in charge of the planet’s 5G standards.  Which they are absolutely threatening to do:

“China similarly sees standards as a strategic vehicle through which to achieve a new world order.  Its Belt and Road Initiative emphasizes standards cooperation and Beijing has signed 52 standards cooperation agreements as of September 2019.

“China's growing influence over standardization and the US response illustrates that such standards are not just a tool for technical, industrial or economic competition — they are also a geopolitical consideration.

“This confrontation will intensify as China formulates its ‘China Standards 2035’ vision — a sequel to Beijing's strategic industrial policy, ‘Made in China 2025.’

“But while Made in China 2025 pursues dominance in the production of goods, China Standards 2035 aims to control the rules governing emerging technologies.

“‘Since global technical standards are still being formed,’ Chinese companies and organizations want to enhance their ‘right to speak’ in setting international technical standards for emerging technologies of the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation like 5G, AI and quantum computing.”

We the People of the United States need the Biden Administration to prioritize this - and things like this.  Because Communist China.  Because duh.

But from what we’ve seen thus far - those prospects look less than stellar. 

Team Biden's Approach to China Is So Soft It's Sinister

So…even more excellent Team Biden news. 

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