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• Lead Feed: Unjabbed cop's stirring final sign off (MUST WATCH)
• Best Read: (Grassfire) Dems putting lipstick on same corrupt election pig
Shock: Politico admits huge Spending Scam "has yet to be written — or really even outlined"
• Judge Jeanine reveals WHO IS REALLY RUNNING JOE! (Video)
• Tucker Responds -- Joe is "face of an oligarchical takeover" (video)
• AMISH EXPERIMENT: no masks, no jab, beat covid (video)
• Fauci -- just mix and match the jab! No problem! (video) 
• Tucker: Joe is destroying basic services (video);  Part two
• Maskless Joe gets posh D.C. dinner
• What? did this woman predict the covid pandemic in Sept. 2019? (video)
• unjabbed Washington cop's stirring final sign off (Video)
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