Bought Off Biden - and Huawei: 'I Don’t Want to Contain China'

Why would President Joe Biden want to contain Communist China?

‘I Don’t Want to Contain China,’ Biden Says in Beijing’s Backyard:

“Three days into high-profile visits to the capitals of India and Vietnam, President Joe Biden said that his presence and moves to strengthen ties with China’s neighbors weren’t designed to ‘contain' Beijing.

“And he repeated that phrase - again and again.

“'I don’t want to contain China,’ he said during a news conference in Hanoi shortly after elevating the U.S.-Vietnam relationship and palling around with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“‘We’re not trying to hurt China.’…

“Biden’s team has said previously it doesn’t aim to curb China’s rise….”

Why would Biden do anything bad to Communist China?  When Communist China has been so very, VERY good to him.…

Chinese Elite Have Paid Some $31 Million to Hunter and the Bidens

And that story was from way back on January 27, 2022.  Much more bribery coin has since been uncovered….

House GOP Digs In on China-Linked Payments to Biden Family Members in New Memo

So we can expect the Biden Administration - to actually do nothing to contain China.

They might even, you know, help China.

Which brings us to Chinese company Huawei - and its computer chips.

On November 20, 2020, we were laughingly told this….

Why China’s Huawei Will Not Gain During Joe Biden’s Era as US President:

“When he enters the White House in January, Joe Biden will likely stick with the Trump administration’s harsh policies toward Chinese tech giants like Huawei Technologies….”

What is Huawei?  Glad I’m pretending you asked….

Huawei Is a Risk for Businesses as Well as Governments:

“Over the last few years, the Chinese firm Huawei has become an unexpected symbol of technological threat, with the United States rallying allies to limit the company’s global scope.”

Huawei shouldn’t be an “unexpected symbol of technological threat” - unless you have remained willfully, steadfastly ignorant of China and its malevolent global intentions.

That story - was from April 30, 2021.  Which means the US administration allegedly “rallying allies to limit the company’s global scope” - was the Biden Administration.

Biden, Inc - with the assistance of Big Media uncritically parroting Biden, Inc - has continued to talk a good game.

This from March 11, 2021….

Biden Administration Adds New Limits on Huawei's Suppliers

This from November 12, 2021….

US President Joe Biden Tightens Restrictions on Huawei

This from January 30, 2023….

Biden Team Weighs Fully Cutting Off Huawei From US Suppliers

And this also from January 31, 2023….

Biden Moves to Halt US Exports to Huawei

Biden, Inc “weighs fully cutting” and “moves to halt US exports to Huawei” - but it never seems to actually happen.  At least not in any way that can be considered, you know, effective.

Because all along the way, what has actually been happening - are pro-China things like this….

Biden White House Approves Licensing Deal For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Huawei, Reversing Trump-Era Hardline - August 24, 2021

President Biden Revokes Trump's Attempted TikTok Ban - June 9, 2021

Biden Lifts Sanctions on China - March 4, 2021:

“Previously, the Trump administration placed sanctions on Chinese semiconductor manufacturers, which left the companies scrambling for old machinery to fill in their supply chain.

“Recently, these manufacturers have been ecstatic, as Biden lifts these sanctions and puts them back in business.”

Biden Admin Grilled Over $23 Billion in Licenses for Blacklisted Chinese Firms- March 1, 2023

McCaul Demands Clarification on Huawei Licensing Policy, Biden Admin Still Allowing CCP Access to U.S. Tech - March 7, 2023

You want (even further) clarification?  This from August 29, 2023….

Huawei’s Mystery Phone Rallies China in Fight Against US Curbs:

“Chip stocks climb on social media buzz about 5G capability.  The company is at the heart of a US tech containment campaign.”

A New Huawei Phone Has Defeated US Chip Sanctions Against China:

“SMIC, China's top chipmaker, has manufactured a 7-nanometer processor for Huawei's Mate 60 Pro - despite US chip sanctions against China.”

Why a New Chinese Cell Phone Is Freaking Everybody Out:

“It’s not often that the launch of a new phone raises huge policy questions about global technology and control of the future, but the Chinese telecom giant Huawei managed exactly that last week.

“As Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo toured China, Huawei unveiled a new smartphone powered by an apparently Chinese-made chip more advanced than any the country had produced to date.

“Joe Biden has staked much of his trade policy on blocking China from acquiring cutting-edge computer chips, so news outlets and social media users in both China and the West greeted the announcement as a big setback to those efforts.”

New Huawei Mate 60 Pro Phone Raises Worries that China Sanctions Aren’t Effective

Gee, you think?

In actuality?  Biden, Inc hasn’t “staked much of his trade policy on blocking China from acquiring cutting-edge computer chips.”

Biden, Inc has SAID it is doing that.

Biden owes China tens of millions of dollars’ worth of bribe payback.  So he is not actually doing any such thing:

“The most dramatic possibility is that Chinese firms have quickly learned to create the equipment needed to manufacture advanced chips themselves, an achievement far beyond their previously known capabilities.

“That would suggest that U.S. policy had backfired by spurring rapid Chinese innovation at the upper end of chipmaking….”

So Biden’s allegedly anti-China policies - are actually helping China.

Because he wouldn’t want to contain China or anything.

Hey ChiComms: That was $31+ million in Biden bribe money very, VERY well spent.

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