Biden Admin Now Directly Handing China Our Intellectual Property

This is, of course, the obvious corrupt evolution of the corrupt Joe Biden Administration.  Well, to those of us who have been paying actual attention to what has actually been happening. 

Before Biden was even inaugurated, we wrote….

China Expects Billion-Dollar-Bought-Off Biden Will Restore Pre-Trump US Capitulation:

“Illegally President-elect Joe Biden is unquestionably the most preemptively compromised chief executive in US history….

“Communist China is unquestionably our nation’s chief global enemy. Don’t believe me? Ask them….

“But Biden couldn’t care less about any of this. Because he’s been bought and paid for. He is the Chi-Comms’ ‘Big Guy.’…

“Now that (Biden) has (been elected) - the following is unquestionably the safest bet in decades.

“‘China Hopes Joe Biden Will End Trump’s Cold War, Follow Sensible Approach to Restore Ties’….

“What does Communist China mean by ‘restoring normal ties?’ The awfullest of DC Swamp awfulness….

“China knows Intellectual Property (IP) is the preeminent component to their global domination….

“Before China can steal the manufacturing of our products - the products must first be invented.

“So China steals IP - and its creation. And takes it all way more seriously than the DC Swamp ‘normally’ does.”

Has Biden fulfilled China’s wildest hopes and dreams of corrupt capitulation?  Is water wet?

Behold: The exceedingly awful harmonic convergence of IP, China - and Bought-and-Paid-For Biden.  Over and over and over again - ever since the aforementioned inauguration.

Biden’s Push to Undermine IP Rights Harms the US and Helps Communist China

Biden’s Undermining of U.S. Intellectual Property Rights Is Dangerous

Biden DOJ Terminates Anti-Chinese IP Theft Program Because Of ‘Woke’ Discrimination Concerns

Biden Helping China Plunder American Tech Companies:

“The Biden administration has proposed a technical - but critical - change to U.S. patent policy that could have been drafted in Beijing. In fact, a Chinese front organization has formally endorsed the proposal, which will gut protection for an especially important type of American patents.”

Biden Opens the Door for China to Grab the Intellectual Property Behind Virus Vaccines:

“Joe Biden is…backing a plan to shred the intellectual property rights of the American companies that went all out to help develop a vaccine to help the country.”

Well, human nature remains immutable.  Since no one has stopped Biden’s corrupt China assistance - Biden’s corrupt China assistance grows ever bolder…and more direct.  

It’s bad enough that Biden has been making it extraordinarily easy for China to steal our IP.  Now Biden is just directly handing them our IP.  This from Monday….

Lawmakers Want Investigation of Energy Department Transferring Expensive Tech to China:

“Lawmakers want answers on why the federal government allegedly handed over to China expensive, advanced battery technology that cost taxpayers millions of dollars to develop….

“‘We are concerned that this is an overt dereliction of duty by DOE, and that this case may be emblematic of a department that routinely and flippantly permits government-funded technology to be transferred to China,’ the senators wrote to Energy Department Inspector General Teri Donaldson….

“‘In the interest of both our economic and national security, we respectfully ask that your office takes the necessary steps to review this misconduct with an appropriate level of scrutiny and request that you report the findings of this review to us as soon as possible,’ the senators wrote to Ms. Donaldson.”

The only security about which Biden cares - is his family’s economic security.  Which Biden has secured - by selling the US by the pound.

And there has been no bigger purchaser from Biden the Butcher - than Communist China. 

China gets trillions of dollars’ worth of our IP - and an all-access-pass to our national security. 

And the Bidens get luxurious lifestyles, multiple mansions, many sports cars - and lots of hookers and crack cocaine.

Are you enjoying Third World America?      

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  • Seton Motley