Here is the top three videos archive for May 2023:

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May 31

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY): "Fake conservatives agreed to fake spending cuts..."


May 26

Trump: 'Purge These Criminals' In Power


May 24


May 22


May 19


May 17


May 15

Joe's the chaos, cruelty, corruption president

GOP-controlled House exposing Joe's obstruction and corruption



May 12


May 10

President Trump responds to sex-abuse verdict

Tucker Carlson: "We're back"

RFK Jr.: CIA "definitely involved" in JFK's assassination


May 8

Mark Levin: "Joe Biden stands for totalitarianism"


May 5

Hidin' Biden?


May 4

Whistleblower says FBI, DOJ have proof Joe involved in bribery scheme as VP


May 3

Jesse Watters: We're being bamboozled by the media


May 1

President Trump on his relationship with Barack Obama




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