OH-15: Trump’s Guy Wins. Soros and Steyer’s Guys Come in Fourth – and DNF

Tuesday was the special election primary for Ohio’s Fifteenth Congressional district.  Since it is gerrymandered beyond all recognition, the Republican contest is the only one that really matters.

And as the estimable streiff earlier noted…:

President Trump’s Hand Picked Candidate Romps to a Victory in Hotly Contested Ohio Congressional Primary

Trump’s guy Mike Carey won with 36.97% of the vote. Second place was 13.33%.  Twelve candidates ran – so Carey’s tally is a HUGE win.

Since streiff discussed the implications of the winner’s win – let’s focus upon some of the losers’ losses.

We’ve looked at this race a few times before.

Once because one guy – Ron Hood (13.1%-3rd place) – had more than $100,000 in court debt judgments against him and no discernible job except paying himself to run out of campaign coin.

Do You Get the Feeling This Guy’s Running for Congress to Cash In?

Oh: And there was another candidate who has spent much of his time completely surrounded by outright crooks.  The company you keep….

One Candidate in a Crowded Republican Primary Is Standing Out for All the Wrong Reasons

But perhaps the key takeaway from amongst the losers in Ohio 15 – is what it means for Leftist uber-donors George Soros and Tom Steyer.

Yes, Soros and Steyer.  In a Republican primary.

Because so many seats nationwide are so gerrymandered, Soros and Steyer tested trying to slip first one and then another fake Republican past the Ohio Fifteen’s fine R primary voters.  To attempt to play in a place they otherwise couldn’t get a game.

Soros and Steyer propped up (at least) two “conservative environmentalist” candidates – because there is no way a Democrat will ever win the district as currently drawn.

For Team Fake R – it didn’t go well.

George Soros, Tom Steyer and Their Fellow Radicals Invade a House Republican Primary

That was Brian Stewart.  About whom we first wrote on May 19.  But after the Soros and Steyer stake money, Stewart was unable to raise any actual Republican coin, so….

Ohio Rep. Brian Stewart Drops Out of Crowded GOP Field for 15th Congressional District Election

Stewart was a DNF – as in Did Not Finish.

But Soros and Steyer had a back up plan….

One Down – But There’s Another George Soros-Tom Steyer Republican in Ohio 15:

“Behold Bob Peterson – Soros-Steyer Republican 2.0.”

Unlike Stewart, Peterson made it across the finish line.  But his fourth place 12.6% doesn’t really impress.  And when you divide it amongst (at least) two Soros-Steyer candidates – it impresses even less.

Democrats have been trying to invade Republican districts for a LONG time:

“I saw a great deal of this while living in Texas in the 2000s.  A bunch of trial lawyers funded a bunch of “Republican” primary candidates in state House and Senate races.  Looking to defeat actual conservative candidates — and populate the Capitol with their guys…just wearing different Party hats.”

But this is the first time of which I am aware that Soros and Steyer – the heaviest of heavy Leftist hitters – have made the attempt.

They have now outed themselves.  And did so in their unsuccessful maiden effort.

We now know we must keep a weather eye on the horizon for this new threat.

And it cost us very little to learn it.

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