Left’s Information Dominance. And a DC Question No One Asks - But Everyone Should

We are these days inundated with idiocy.  Often accidentally - because most of the inundate-ers are idiots.  But just as often - the idiocy is intentional. 

Regardless of its font, all of it is imposed for one reason - to advance Leftism.

If it seems like the idiocy is way more prevalent now than ever before?  That’s only because it is.  Because the Left has abandoned its longstanding “Boil the frog slowly” approach. 

Donald Trump’s victory freaked them the heck out.  So they have turned up the burner under the poor amphibian - from 3 to 8.  There’s no going back now - the idiocy will overcome US. And fast.

A key component of the idiocy - is the uniformity of its delivery.  The Left’s information dominance - via its nigh complete control of Big Government, Big Tech, Big Media, Big Hollywood,… - allows for all-encompassing message power dictators throughout human history are in Hell drooling over. 

The examples of this are as numerous as the stars in the sky.  The Hunter Biden laptop fiasco expressly displays both sides of the Left’s communication control. 

The Left totally shut down the truth - that it was in fact his computer (because duh).  And mass promulgated the lie - that it was “Russia disinformation.”

Which helped the Left win an election they had no Earthly business winning.

Speaking of uniformity of message delivery….

Biden’s Executive Order Puts Net Neutrality Back in the Spotlight:

“Earlier today President Biden signed the Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy, and in it there were several provisions relating to net neutrality.”

Biden's FCC Nominees, if Confirmed, Could Lead to the Return of Net Neutrality

FCC Nomination Stalled for One Year, Preventing Restoration of US Net Neutrality

Enough is Enough. Confirm Sohn to FCC, Restore Net Neutrality

Biden Told to Move on FCC Nomination If He Wants Net Neutrality Restored

Net Neutrality Is Poised for a Comeback as Biden Tries to Get Last FCC Commissioner Confirmed

Which leads us to the aforementioned DC question no one asks - but everyone should.

An Executive Branch agency can not do X - unless and until the Legislative Branch passes a law expressly empowering it to do X.  Because that’s what the Constitution says.  

Question One: Has Congress passed a law expressly empowering the FCC to impose Net Neutrality?

Answer One: Heavens no.  The last time Congress passed Internet-relevant legislation - was the 1996 Telecommunications Act.  Which NEVER mentions Net Neutrality.  In no small part because the concept wasn’t even created until 2003

It is inordinately difficult - even for Congress - to impose Leftist idiocy that hasn’t yet been invented.    

Oh: And EVERYONE (honest) involved in the 1996 Act?  Acknowledges it was a DE-regulatory document.  It was looking to largely remove government from the equation - not massively over-impose it.   

We even have a 2014 court ruling revoking a previous FCC Net Neutrality imposition - on PRECISELY these grounds. 

U.S. Court of Appeals Overturns Net Neutrality:

“A U.S. court has overturned portions of the Federal Communications Commission's contentious net neutrality rules, saying the FCC does not have the authority to dictate to wireless carriers what they can charge to whom and when.”

The ruling was wireless-specific - because wireless provider Verizon filed the suit.  But when it comes to Net Neutrality - “the FCC does not have the authority”…period.

No legislation providing said authority had passed before.  No legislation providing said authority has passed since. 

So STILL: “(T)he FCC does not have the authority”…period.   

And to add evidence to Leftist injury?  The Supreme Court just last June reminded everyone that in the US:  The Legislative Branch must first act - or the Executive Branch can not act at all.

Supreme Court Curbs EPA’s Climate Powers:

“In a 6-3 decision, the majority ruled that Congress did not authorize the EPA to induce a shift to cleaner energy sources using the approach that an Obama-era regulation sought to.

“‘Congress did not grant EPA…the authority to devise emissions caps based on the generation shifting approach the Agency took in the Clean Power Plan,’ the majority wrote, referring to an Obama-era power plant regulation….

“(T)he plan, which involved regulating the power system as a whole instead of regulating individual plants, was an ‘unprecedented’ view of the EPA’s authority that involved a ‘fundamental revision of the statute, changing it from [one sort of] scheme of . . . regulation’ into an entirely different kind.”

In short: The Legislative Branch writes law - not the Executive Branch. 

If the FCC again imposes Net Neutrality?  It will again be writing law - and again violating the Constitution. 

Because - again - the Legislative Branch has never written law expressly empowering the FCC to impose Net Neutrality, 

Of course, you wouldn’t know ANY of this via reading the avalanche of pertinent idiocy with which we are inundated.

Because the Left’s information dominance - is yet again being used in the service of advancing Leftism.

Now at an 8 on the frog-burner scale - rather than a 3. 

Fun, huh?

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