Muslim Political Power Play – American Islamic Groups Join Forces Ahead of 2014 Mid-Terms

Muslim Political Power Play – American Islamic Groups Join Forces Ahead of 2014 Mid-Terms

Is this the new force in politics? The new block of swing voters that could change the American political landscape?

Introducing the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations — a newly formed coalition of 10 Muslim groups whose stated purpose is to make a bigger impact in American politics.

Organizations in the council include some of the most active in Muslim-American life — among them CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations), the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society.

According to, the Executive Director of CAIR described the formation of the Muslim coalition in grand terms:

“This is the dream of every American Muslim, to unify the approach, agenda and vision of the Muslim community.”

CAIR, of course, has its critics and detractors. Judicial Watch has issued a report entitled, “CAIR Impeded FBI Probe of Somali Group in Kenya Attack“. The report says, in part:

The Al Qaeda affiliate that terrorized a Kenyan shopping center and murdered scores of innocent people has a powerful and influential advocate in the United States, the Muslim “civil rights” group known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

In addition to Judicial Watch, other organizations have pointed to evidence of CAIR’s affiliations with, and support of, known Islamic terrorist groups.

It’s certainly interesting to note that the formation of this council to increase the political influence of American Muslims was announced at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The National Press Club…and the national press has said what about this event?


  • Jim P

    What? No one complaining about this religion having more influence in our government???? Wake up America!!!! Being Muslim is to Islam is like being Protestant, Pentecost, Catholic and ETC are to being a Christian. Many scream for Christians to keep their noses out of government but where is the outcry in regards to this religion taking so much control in the policies of the US government? What till they try to force sharia law on you and then see who you prefer. Only problem is by then it will be too late!!

  • Audrey

    In 2016 you will see Obama smack dab in the middle of this group….absolutely for sure….

    • Cheryl Lynn

      Bowing and schmoozing…Oh happy day…he can finally come out and be with his bretheren.

  • jrh

    Just what we need in America to go along with every thing else, just a matter of time before our government folds up and all these politicians are letting it happen! WE are being sold out and every thing is going to be on a global market ,next they will be changing our money.No more U.S.A. its coming, if these groups keep getting their ways. Nothing is wrong anymore, if you try to stand up for American values that we were founded on you will be slapped back down!

  • TopAssistant

    I suggest you read: Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America. The author’s country was Lebanon, a Christian nation and when those believing in Shariah/Islamic law got done
    with it they destroyed it.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    They vote too. Not just hot air, they line up at the polls.

  • fran x

    Time for a drone