Bizarre: High School In Utah Admits It Used Photoshop To Manipulate Yearbook Pictures To Make Them Less Sexy

Bizarre: High School In Utah Admits It Used Photoshop To Manipulate Yearbook Pictures To Make Them Less Sexy

Wasatch High School in Utah has now admitted to censoring student yearbook pictures. The school used photoshop to create clothing on the students for the purpose of covering up shoulders and the lower front of the neck area.

Obviously the decision, unannounced and unknown until the yearbook was released, is not sitting well with parents.

Via Daily Mail.

Some have now complained, and said they also feel upset because the decisions whether to alter the photos or not were not made consistently.

‘I feel like they put names in a hat and pick and choose who,’ Sophomore Rachel Russel Told WGHP News.

‘There were plenty of girls (who) were wearing thicker tank tops and half of them got edited and half of them didn’t.’

Russel’s original picture showed her wearing a sleeveless top. But the version seen in the yearbook has black sleeves added on.

utah school photoshop

The school is digging in and defending the decision.

Wasatch County School District Superintendent Terry E. Shoemaker later defended the general decision to edit images for modesty.

He claimed students know the dress code and there was a sign warning them that their pictures may be altered.
However, Shoemaker admits the school school have taken a more consistent approach.

‘We only apologize in the sense that we want to be more consistent with what we’re trying to do in that sense we can help kids better prepare for their future by knowing how to dress appropriately for things,’ Shoemaker said.

The school district dress code’s ban on ‘extreme clothing’ lists ‘revealing shorts, skirts, dresses, tank shirts, halter or crop tops, spaghetti straps, etc.’


  • Snod

    What kind of freaks are running our public schools systems! Next they will make White people appear to be Black to limit “White Privilege” and push “Diversity”!

  • tony

    Sorta like Islam requiring women to wear a burka and only show their eyes….Utah is so Third World, glad to have moved out of the place

  • Dawn

    A dress code is a dress code and the children were warned. Good for them, for trying in a small way to protect the futures of their students. There is an appropriate time to dress the part, and a school yearbook photo is one of those times.

  • Michael McNew

    If they really wanted modesty in Utah they would not have allowed the NSA to set up its spy facility there. Domestic spying is worse than even porn because it exposes us all as this program points out When big brother can peep into everything we do that is true “immodesty” not showing a girl’s shoulders in a year book.

  • DrumminD21311

    I don’t understand why this was necessary. Who are they protecting by doing this?

  • Carol

    If there was a dress code, the school should have enforced it BEFORE the pictures were taken! Obviously the students must have worn this clothing to school, so why weren’t they sent home for not conforming to the dress code? Instead of editing the photos this drastically, the school could have cropped the pictures to hide the parts they found too revealing.