Mozilla’s Pro-Traditional Marriage CEO, Brendan Eich, is Forced into Resignation After “Tolerant” Pro Same-Sex Marriage Liberals Protested His Appointment

Mozilla’s Pro-Traditional Marriage CEO, Brendan Eich, is Forced into Resignation After “Tolerant” Pro Same-Sex Marriage Liberals Protested His Appointment

After less than a month on the job, Mozilla’s CEO, Brendan Eich, resigned amid Liberal objections to Eich’s $1,000.00 donation to a pro-traditional marriage group in California back in 2008.

In short, a man who helped establish an enormously popular web browser was rewarded for his success by being appointed the head of his company.  He was then forced out of his new job by “tolerant” Liberals who didn’t like his political or theological beliefs.

According to The Heritage Foundation, Mr. Eich’s 2008 donation was brought to light last month after he became CEO.  Shortly thereafter, half of Mozilla’s board of directors resigned in protest!

Hans von Spakovsky, Manager of the Election Law Reform Initiative, had this to say about the baffling irony of the rationale Mozilla executives used as “justification” for forcing Mr. Eich to resign:

“Before Eich resigned, he pointed out that he had kept his personal beliefs out of Mozilla and that they were not relevant to his job as CEO…

In a startling display of irony that was obviously lost on…Mozilla Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker, who approved of Eich’s resignation, [she] said it was necessary because ‘preserving Mozilla’s integrity was paramount.’  She seems not to recognize that forcing a founder of the company to resign because of his personal beliefs that have nothing to do with his qualifications as a corporate officer is the exact opposite of “integrity.”

  • Ed McGuire

    Well, I’m getting rid of Mozilla off my Computers then. I’m standing with you Brendan Eich, Goodbye Firefox and Thunderbird.

  • RagerXX

    This implies that only liberals believe in equality and are “tolerant”? Idiocy.

  • Bluecardinal

    Has anyone noticed how many company are failing when liberal women get up in high positions. They don’t judge people base on their work but their personal beliefs and if they like the way they socialize. Liberal women are a danger to a companies future.

    • Dataanti

      example please? and mozilla is far from failing XD

  • Donna Cheshire Holland

    He should not have resigned! He should have ask for his 1,000.00 back! You can’t ask for resignation or fire someone on there personal beliefs! Watch as the company goes downhill! Will not use again and will deleat it from my computers!!!!

  • Dataanti

    I dont mind someones personal beliefs at all as long as they dont bring them into the work place. Now as far as I know he did not bring any of it into the work place however people don’t like people who don’t believe in equality at the top. And from a business point of view, its better for the company to get rid of him because it’s generating bad press. Also the majority of firefox users are generally more tech savvy younger people who think more progressively about issues like these and are far more tolerant then the older crowd, so it makes since for mozilla to share the same views as their user base. And CEOs of huge companies like this know what they are getting into, they know that they will be watched by the media so when they do things like this it does reflect badly on their job as well, I’m not saying it should however.

    side note: WHY do people even care if gays, lesbians and everything in between get married, how does it effect them in ANY way -.-

  • Teddybearmiller

    Can anyone post directions as to how to eliminate Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and block it from accessing computer systems? Post that on the FB site and the Liberty Site.

    • Dataanti

      umm… if you want to not have it on your computer… just dont download it?

  • Laurel Dahlen

    I won’t use Mozilla because of their intolerance.

    • Dani California

      So why is not supporting traditional marriage intolerant, but not supporting progressive marriage is ok?

  • Teddybearmiller

    I have uninstalled and removed every trace of Mozilla and Thunderbird from my computer systems. The homophobia that the gays scream about has now turned into hatephobia by the homosexuals. Maybe time to push back. This is reverse phobia. A hate crime against this man for his beliefs that had nothing to do with his job or work performance. And why wait so long to bring the fact to surface that he made a donation to a pro marriage cause? Who’s digging this stuff out of the archives? and Why? It is to create hatred toward those who believe in traditional Christian marriage being between a man and a woman. Those are God’s Words so disagreeing with them is disagreeing with God. The time will come when God will have the final Word on same-sex marriage. He is more powerful than all of the homosexuals in the world. As Christians we are directed to be thankful when others persecute us for standing firm on the Word of God. It shows that the homosexuals fear God and are doing everything they can to destroy His Followers. In the secular world, the act of forcing this man to resign because of his beliefs should fall under a hate crime tribunal and Human Rights. Whatever happened to Freedom of Religion and Expression? Seems that those who were yelling, dancing in the streets wearing not more than a leather g-string and false boobs and blowing whistles are the real hate mongers here who are intolerant of anyone who does not agree with them. Where are the Hate Crime police? Where is the Human Rights Commission? If this were a homosexual man forced out of his job because of his beliefs, there would be riots in the streets and picketing outside the doors spewing hate and intolerance venom. Time for the supporters of this man and his beliefs to fight fire with fire. Reverse psychology and action. Start using the media and spread the word that homosexuals are targeting Christians and Traditional Marriage supporters. They are abusing this poor man who has been forced to resign because of his beliefs and traditional Godly marriage between a man and a woman: God’s Words, not his or mine. God’s Word is Truth. So go hide in your dark sinful world until the Light comes knocking on your door. :) Goodbye Mozilla and Thunderbird.