LIBERTY NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Breaking – Pelletier Parents Stripped of Visitation Rights, Forced to Communicate with Justina Pelletier Through Skype UPDATE: DCF Reverses!

LIBERTY NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Breaking – Pelletier Parents Stripped of Visitation Rights, Forced to Communicate with Justina Pelletier Through Skype UPDATE: DCF Reverses!

UPDATE: As soon as this story hit we got a report the DCF tucked their tail and reversed the decision in order to avoid a media firestorm. Please read the entire story believe. Regardless of whether or not DCF is sticking with the skype only visitation limits, it doesn’t change the fact the DCF actually chose to do this in the first place. has learned, through a source very close to the situation in Massachusetts, that Justina Pelletier’s family has been stripped of their rights to visit with their daughter. This just days after a judge ruled custody of Justina will be permanently controlled by the state of Massachusetts.

The report we have says the parents may now only communicate with Justina via controlled and supervised Skype conversations. In essence, Justina now has fewer rights than someone convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Justina Pelletier is now, without question, being held captive against her will and against the will of her family. The state has provided no solid evidence justifying her incarceration. Court documents show the four main reasons the judge decided to award permanent custody to the state, but the reasons shouldn’t justify the incarceration of a private American citizen.

Right now everything points at DCF (Department of Children & Families) pulling the strings. The DCF has been ruthless in fighting against the rights of the Pelletier family and now appears to be positioning for the removal of virtually all rights of the family as it pertains to their daughter.

More updates will be posted as soon as they become available.

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  • Skynet

    F*ck Massachusetts

  • Dawn Borden

    WHY is NO ONE willing to take this on…I am no lawyer, but are they NOT violating her Religious Freedom? I would be looking at anything. Does this Judge have such a big ego he thinks he is the know all and be all…Someone needs to stop this insanity NOW!

    • Softballumpire

      Cause there croup lazy people hack mass was upset that we didn’t charged people for tax…

    • question everything

      I agree. Unfortunately, probably not too many people are willing to go up against these giants – the state of MA, DCF, BCH, the judge/courts.

      I’ve been wondering why the judge denied the lawyer that was going to work with the Pelletiers to join their “team”. (I’m sure I’m not using the correct terms, what with not being legal term savvy. I didn’t even know a lawyer could be denied working with someone, unless there was some conflict of interest or something.)

      Anyway, I’m guessing DCF decided it would look bad if they denied total communication. I thought DCF prides itself on keeping families together?

      • chelli1977

        No, not too many people are willing, you’re right. What’s helping them now is public outcry. It’s much bigger than just this one case.

        A lot of the assumptions that people operate under…that DCF keeps families together, that our parental rights are protected and guaranteed, that if somebody is penalized like this they must have done something wrong…none of it’s true. It’s social programming.

        I think in the state of MI DCF LOST about 75 kids…just doesn’t know what they did with them. A bunch more died.

        The war between Mother’s vs Father’s rights needs to stop…while we’re too busy concentrating on who has more rights (when all both sides really want is equality) nobody has paid attention to the laws that they’ve been passing & what they’ve been doing to our kids! Allowed unchecked…it has escalated & will continue to do so. Instead of attacking each other due to court bias…we need to address the real problem…which is the bias itself!

        I’ve been studying this for 2 years, after going through it myself…but you don’t have to take my word for it! Start digging…google, youtube…it’s EVERYWHERE & it’s been happening for a long time. The general public just didn’t choose to notice.

        If you DO start digging…post what you find and comment on this site…
        “Like” it & share it. Start making some noise.
        If we don’t…it’s going to get worse.

        My brother said “Keep your head down, your mouth shut & hope not to get noticed!” and that’s a common mentality. Thing is…it doesn’t work.

        All these parents did was take their sick kid to the doctor. That’s it . Just ordinary people doing something that we all do. And now THIS.
        Being quiet doesn’t work…and the only thing helping these people is that they WEREN’T quiet and the public wasn’t, either. Need to get louder. People need to see what’s going on!

  • Softballumpire


    • chelli1977

      Not just a Boston problem. Much bigger than that. Start digging, you won’t have to go too far to start seeing it. It’s happening everywhere.

  • Heather Miller Thorpe
    Where is this attorney? He needs to help Justina pro bono.

    • chelli1977

      Most won’t touch it. I’ve been there…people just say “I’m really sorry…I can’t help you…good luck.”

  • anonymous

    Please advise the parents to take their case to their local FBI office with the accusation of kidnapping. They are required by law to investigate and not even the judge can escape a kidnapping investigation. All government employees who act outside of their official capacity lose their qualified immunity and can therefore be charged in their individual capacities both criminally and civilly according to the federal ruling in the following link.

    • chelli1977

      Seriously doubt it will work but I could be wrong. Not probable, though.
      The “best interest of the child” model that they have integrated into our laws is a fine ideal…very UN compliant. It’s the application that sucks. It’s devastating.

      The court isn’t acting outside of their official capacity. The “best interests” is decided by the JUDGE with blanket authority…it’s a shield. Their only recourse is through appeals then up the line to the Supreme Court…and it’s a lengthy process. What’s truly helping them right now is public outcry. The father had to defy a court order and will probably be punished…and that’s not right, either.

      Court records are public information…the only reason they could have had for issuing a gag order was their fear of our reaction. When authorities seek to hide something then they already knew it was wrong. This is much bigger than just this one case.

      • anonymous

        I speak from experience. When we were going through our ordeal the State of Michigan would not stop with the false accusations until they had custody of our two adopted daughters however leaving our three biological sons in our care. There are too many details to lay the foundation. We went to the FBI in January 2010 accusing the workers, court, sheriff, hospital and all else involved with kidnapping, perjury and wrong-doing in the court after they attempted to take our youngest daughter again (they took our oldest daughter in August 2009 because she didn’t want to come back, not because of abuse, because she didn’t want to. Prior to trial DHS admitted they knew she was lying but they were going to take our children anyway.) With a very brief investigation the agents substantiated all of our claims and have over 30 arrest warrants waiting for the US Attorney General’s Office to sign. The courts are acting outside of their official capacity because they do not demand the state to satisfy the standards that are set in law prior to removals. Until the judges or referees start holding the government workers accountable the system will never be right. If you read through the case link in my previous message you will see that most of the “laws” and “policies” that the “Protective Service” systems utilize are not even valid therefore making just about all of their proceedings illegal. There are laws and case precedents there it is just getting the people that are supposed to be upholding those laws to follow the oaths that they took.

  • hmschlmom

    Why is this child exempt from mandatory education law?

    • chelli1977

      They have her in a mental ward. They’ll just say she’s mentally unstable. I’m sure she’s not too stable NOW after having gone through all of this…it’s very traumatic!

  • HouseofChristina

    Its time for her to be taken from DCF by force and she and her parents reunited. The reasons the judge stated are baseless, he needs to be removed from the bench. Theres a “Rambo” type in the UK who rescues children, thats who they need

  • chelli1977

    You see this story like it’s something new…it’s not. It’s happening all over the country & has been for quite some time. DCF, Courts, Schools…supposed to be the voice of reason…supposed to keep families together & protect children…but you don’t have to dig too far to find the reality. It has slipped public attention, largely due to the general public’s apathy…but if it is not stopped NOW…it is going to keep escalating. You look at this story and feel for the parents and that child…it’s OUTRAGEOUS! Thing is…this could be any one of us. This WILL be any one of us…if we don’t stop it NOW.

    When you ask “Why is NO ONE willing to take this on?” The answer is simple…are YOU? Because this is too big for any one single person. This is too big for a small group. It’s EVERYWHERE…and if we’re not willing to stand up and say that we WILL NOT ALLOW this to happen to them…if we don’t make our voice heard…then we are ALL lost.

    You want to stop this? Really? Go to & lets figure out how to stop it together…I have some ideas but it’s going to take every single person who looks at their kid & thinks that they are worth fighting for.

    What would YOU do if that was you? What if that was YOUR kid?

    They knew it was wrong, feared public response…court records are public information for a reason! This father had to break the law & defy a gag order to get HELP…OUR help. What they don’t understand is that when given the choice between following a court order for something SO wrong and protecting their child…every single parent that’s worth a damn will pick their kid. Do to ME…not to my child. I’d do it in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t you?

  • janmit63

    Whats sad is this child is being killed by the state. She may die without her family by her side. Someone has to be able to do some thing.

  • Linda

    I know this sounds very bad, but, I wish God would strike these evil people dead ! This hospital should be closed down & every doctor involved should loose their license . The judge is just as guilty.