Atheist Group Threatens to Sue Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker Because the Bible Verse, Philippians 4:13 Appears on His Personal Facebook &Twitter Accounts

Atheist Group Threatens to Sue Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker Because the Bible Verse, Philippians 4:13 Appears on His Personal Facebook &Twitter Accounts

Atheists are so outraged that Governor Scott Walker, has the phrase, Philippians 4:13, underscoring his name on Facebook and Twitter that they’re threatening to sue him to make him take it down, reports The Blaze.


The popular New Testament passage, which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” is being labeled a “threat” by atheists lawyers from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The organization’s co-presidents, Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, sent the Conservative leader a letter asking him to remove the passage and now, they’re saying a lawsuit “is always a possibility” if he refuses.

They say the verse is “improper” for an American political leader to associate himself with because it uses “the machinery” of his state office to advocate for one religion over another.

The atheists compounded their insult with further outrageous injury when they said the Biblical message “seems more like a threat, or the utterance of a theocratic dictator, than of a duly elected civil servant.”

It should be noted that when the Apostle Paul penned that scripture, the verse was intended as an uplifting encouragement to Believers that describes God’s provision of supernatural strength and courage for His people (including Paul) during trying times.

  • Snod

    Walker need to stomp on their necks! In no way and in no word does our Constitution call for separation of Church and state as Progressives like to spout it does.

  • swaneysd

    Go Governor Scott Walker, My word is if they do not want to see it don’t look at it. Stand strong Scott. The true atheist would not care either way, the title atheist is just a title to use so they can wine and pout about things they do not like. Well get over it we Christians are here to stay and will not back down we shall tear down the strong holds as Christ strengthens us.

  • Joyce A Smith

    Somebody is fueling the fire with the Atheists to take offense at everything the Christians do or say and I say it is coming from the WH. What do you think?

  • canucksam

    When attacked we Christians follow the Word and turn the other cheek. Maybe it’s about time we start to retaliate. The atheists file frivolous demands and lawsuits against everything Christian accusing us of this, that and the other thing. Perhaps it’s about time Christian groups file our own lawsuits against atheists charging them with hate speech because hate speech is what it is. It’s funny, in a way, that for people who don’t believe there is a God they are so obsessed and constantly speaking out against Him and Christianity. I don’t know of any Christian person or group that is obsessed with atheists. I believe atheists are terrified of God Himself. Why? Maybe because deep down they know He exists but their hatred of Him is so strong they refuse to admit it? Gov. Scott, you keep the New Testament passage on your personal FB page and on Twitter. This country still has the First Amendment and you must stand up to them.

  • roundhouse

    Obviously Satan is working overtime. Scott Walker is and has been attacked from every direction – that’s how we know he’s courageously fighting a spiritual battle. The vitriolic attacks have been extremely vicious; the unabashed hatred spewed from those who oppose him does not stop and seems to intensify as time passes. Satan is really MAD. Stand strong Governor Walker.

  • davehm

    It would be nice if he ran for President.
    The man is battle tested and proven a winner.

  • Keath Rhymer

    a personal page is that its not a government page the POS atheists should look elsewhere to cause trouble , well that and just die also

  • Connie Chastain

    Christians need to take them to court for lying about their religion.

  • carlenefrazierwendel


  • Robert Taylor

    Atheists are simply a tool of the devil!

  • Liberal Bob

    Are these people claiming that Facebook and twitter are owned by the government? Or are they saying that an elected official has no right to express his faith on a private forum?

    If so could we not draw the conclusion that any elected official could not say grace when he sits down to eat his meal with his family.

  • Donna Cheshire Holland

    Turn around and take the atheist to court for hate crimes against Christians! His facebook page and Twitter are private they are not owned by the government he has a right to put whatever he wants on his account. Stand strong Scott do not take it down they have no leg to stand on. For a group that claims to not believe in God they sure do fight against something they don’t believe in.

  • ScotA

    Ignorant atheists are doing this. I’ve been an atheist for 20+ years but was very religious when I was young and I know exactly what’s meant by the passage. But these atheists have no idea, obviously, so they do what many leftists do and resort to projection, revealing their own secret wish to be dictators. They have nothing else to draw on.

    As much as I might fear a religious dictatorship, I fear more a secular dictatorship. Christians as a matter of faith believe someone or something else is god. A secular dictator usually believes he or the state is god — much more dangerous in my view.

  • Exton

    Gee, I did not know that Facebook and Twitter were Government owned? Are they really calming separations of Church and State, on social media? Last I checked, we still basically had freedom of speech, that did not have to be pornographic. Under what grounds can they base a law suite? I would think what Walker does in his own time, on his own site would be non of their business.

  • Dani California

    These athiests are going overboard…. freedom of expression is for everyone, not just you. Walker is completely in the clear. These douchebags are just making all atheists look bad

  • justathought22

    can we sue the athiests for being idiots and wasting the courts time?