Atheist Filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky, Calls His Noah Epic, “The Least Biblical Biblical Film Ever Made!”

Atheist Filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky, Calls His Noah Epic, “The Least Biblical Biblical Film Ever Made!”

According to the British media outlet, The Independent, Atheist filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky, has been bragging about just how Biblical inaccurate his Noah film really is.

Ahead of his film’s full theatrical release, Darren Aronofsky told Telegraph reporters from London that Noah is, “the least biblical biblical film ever made,” given that the movie never actually mentions God.

The trailer for the movie, which opens April 4, is embedded below.

  • Ruth Baum

    I think it is a joke that an atheist makes a movie about something he really does not know all about to begin with? Atheists can say all they want about how evolution just formed everything and we all came from nothing, which is so far from the truth. Noah obeyed God and look what happened to the non-believers..they all perished because they mocked Noah and told him he was a fool for building an ark. Scientists have actually found pieces of the ark, and determined that this era of Noah did exist. How can you deny the truth? What are the atheists afraid of anyway? The truth? I think so because it seems atheists always have to question the most stupid things about God, why is their pain in the world, or God gives people diseases..are you serious? There is pain in the world because man has brought it upon themselves..why? Mainly because of the color green and greed..governments that are supposed to rule countries don’t care about starvation of the children, or cure cancer..these are ALL controlled by men..who are supposed to be leaders of countries, and they are ALL lousy at being leaders. Look at Obama who isn’t even an American born in this country..he is Muslim..he has no clue about the United States or American military, or the people who work hard and deserve to have their money, only to have it taken away from them. The ONLY reason the movie about “Noah” is made is just for entertainment and not the REAL truth. Why would you create a movie that is not being truthful, and is just misleading? Atheists have all these questions, but yet they are not coming up with any sound judgements or answers. In my opinion, if you say there is NO God, it is because you really DO NOT KNOW God! And you keep refusing to know God..that is your choice. I have seen God work through my grandmother, my mother, my father..yes..I truly have..there definitely is a God that truly exists and lives within others..and it can improve your life. Why has God not intervened as yet? God’s time is not the same as earthly time. Why is the world continuing in such calamity and upheaval? Because all of us on this earth are being given lots of time to come to know what the truth really is. I am not a person who pushes my belief on others, and I am not doing that here. I am stating my belief..and what I know that has been truthful in my life. And I have read numerous stories of people who were atheists and they changed because something in their life brought them to the truth and they are now living the truth. So when I die, and if I find that there is no God, then I still have not lost anything because I still lived a life that was decent, and I knew what was right or wrong because I initiated rules in my life, and I followed them to the best of my ability. I would rather believe, mainly because of what I have experienced in my life and what is yet ahead of me. Let it also be known in the good book, it was stated that when the dangerous times come, there will be people denouncing God, mocking God, stating that there is no God. Isn’t that what is happening now, and people are doing exactly that? And this came from a book that is defined as a “fairy tale” book. Or a dark ages book? Sorry…but I don’t believe that. And as time goes on, it was also predicted that more and more people are going to keep denying God, and mocking God. So that means the physical world we live in is only going to get worse. And there may come a day when people like me will be put to death because of what I believe. Compared to what Jesus did for the masses, I believe my life is a small sacrifice compared to what he did, and why he did it. There are many things that were predicted to come to pass and what was going to happen in the world..and I would say about 50 or 60% of them have come to fruition, and have been 100% true. Read The Vision book written by David WIlkerson which he wrote back in 1973, and made predictions about many worldly events that would happen. Many of them already have come to pass..and many more are going to happen. Read the book..know the truth.

  • Bill Elder

    We must be the last people to see Noah. I suspect Aranofsky is into the notion that we humans are soooo guilty of breathing and thus trashing the earth’s climate. That would comport with the warping of the story of Noah. Expensive, spectacular try, but the movie is easily picked apart. I won’t go on a rant here, but the book was better. You can see if you agree; start reading aloud at Genesis 6.