Video Report: Introducing the Pro-Gun Commercial the NFL Doesn’t Want You to See During the 2014 Superbowl

Video Report: Introducing the Pro-Gun Commercial the NFL Doesn’t Want You to See During the 2014 Superbowl

Now that the Superbowl is only two months away, countless companies have begun submitting their commercials to the NFL and Fox for review and approval. 

This year, you won’t be able to see any commercials that showcase any kind of gun, mention firearms by name, or even allude to the approval of their use, reports The Blaze.

Fox, the station airing the 2014 Superbowl, decided not to include an ad sent to them by Daniel Defense, one the nation’s leading firearms companies.

Fox representatives told Daniel Defense:

“Unfortunately, we cannot accept your commercial in football/Super Bowl spots due to the rules the NFL itself has set into place for your company’s category.”

According to Guns & Ammo, the NFL rule Fox is hiding behind states:

“Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunition (e.g., outdoor stores and camping stores) will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition or other weapons.”

However, there are two things wrong with Fox’s decision, according to the above criteria:

(1) Daniel Defense has a brick and mortar store that sells more than munitions and (2) The commercial the weapons manufacturer sent Fox (which is embedded below) never once mentions firearms.

The logo at the end of the commercial does contain a rifle, which is part of Daniel Defense’s corporate logo.  Daniel Defense offered to remove the logo and Fox still denied their submission.

You can decide what you think Fox’s true intentions are after you watch the commercial for yourself:

  • Bryan

    FOX is a scardy cat. I think we need to communicate more that more citizens have guns to protect themselves. Peace through a show of strength is the idea of US having nukes. Crimes like murder should be death penalty to deter people from murdering.

  • Daniel Duffourc

    For a league of supposed manly men,they have no nuts,otherwise they would allow this commericial instead of bowing to the Liberal retards.

  • NADS1

    How dare that Marine vet.! Where does he get off wanting to defend his family. That’s the job of his local police force! As the old saying goes, “When seconds count, police are only minutes away.”
    NFL & MSM have all become part of the pussyfuctation of Amerika!!!

    • Gary Scarlett

      NFL players make way to much for doing something they like to do , Cut the salarys to no more than a million a year . 25 million a year to play ball ?? WTH ??

  • CSHJ

    This is a beautiful commercial. If you can’t defend your family then there is nothing left for you….for us………..for America. Fox seems to be becoming just another of the trash heap of the MSM. Sad. We NEED to have the truth. The truth is ………we are screwed!

  • Daniel Coleman

    I say boycott haf time this will effect the policy for next year how many companies will want to advertise if no one is watching!

  • Flipperj

    So much for watching the Super Bowl Im out