County Sheriff Bans Department from Assisting or Working with A&E Over Their Discrimination of Phil Robertson

County Sheriff Bans Department from Assisting or Working with A&E Over Their Discrimination of Phil Robertson

You know it’s getting REALLY bad for A&E when a country sheriff says his county will not assist or work with their production teams. A&E might have gotten away with discrimination in a legal sense, but from the public’s perspective they have committed an unforgettable offense.

Via Douglas County Sentinel.

Miller announced on his personal Facebook page Friday night that A&E would no longer be welcomed to film or produce any of its programs or series with the help of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office or its facilities.

“A&E has suspended Phil Robertson for talking about his conservative Christian beliefs,” Miller wrote.” None of us are without sin and I am not judging anyone. I am sure A&E made what they believe is a good business decision. Many people who disagree with A&E might choose to remain silent and there was a time when I might have done the same, but no longer. In my mind the punishment is unreasonable.

“I know it will not matter to A&E, but it will make me feel better. A&E has produced more than a half dozen programs with the assistance of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. They will not do any more with my assistance while I am sheriff. It is time for someone other than Hollywood and the news media to stand up for what is right!”

That’s a pretty blunt and bold proclamation, and it’s the kind we’re seeing more of as this story progresses.

  • hankfromthebank

    wish he was my sheriff

  • Ron Palmer

    Great Stand for what is correct for Americans as a whole. Sheriff, you are a good man.

  • Tom Fitzhugh

    The decent people of this country are finally getting rightfully angry over all of the politically-correct bigotry that’s practiced every day by the liberal corporations, media, universities, sports teams, governments and on and on. The sleeping giant is finally awakening.

  • CowboyUp Mayer

    BRAVO Sheriff way to kick A & E in the balls for being a bully !

  • 600 Horses

    I’m always glad when people who should take a stand, do.

    • sheri


  • ragsdale_ron

    Good Job Sheriff, you get my vote.

  • Shaianne Whitlow


  • Steve Shirar

    How refreshing to see all the responses to the A&E debacle…..the extreme left is getting way out of hand these days on trying to dictate the moral standards that we should live by….how ironic too that a pro-tolerant group of people like LBGT won’t tolerate an incident like this…..hypocrites!!!

  • Lisa L. Rose-Hawkins

    Wish he was my LE officer!

  • Nick Marra

    good for the sheriff

  • William Bruce Tallant

    Thank you sir!

  • Kathy

    Just when I thought the America I loved was dead someone with a true social conscious steps forward to defend our freedoms.

  • Doug Alexander

    We need more community leaders such as this. Congrat’s sir you would be welcome up here in Spokane County Wa, lol. God bless you and yours!

  • sheri

    I will be boycotting A&E, I will not be watching the several shows I like on that network!

  • Chaplain Bill Aubrey


  • Disk2Legacy

    May GOD bless this Sheriffs department as they defend our Freedom of Speech. Thank you very much!

    • Jon Davis

      Nothing to do with freedom of speech. May God bless the Sheriff’s department as they defend the standard of neutrality in commercial speech, nonetheless.

      • Disk2Legacy

        Go ahead a believe that Mr. Davis. We Americans are being censored in every way and it’s getting worse.

        • Jon Davis

          Really? You just posted this. Who blocked you?
          Phil said what he said. It was published. Who blocked him?
          Phil was “reprimanded” for his published opinion. His speech was not blocked.
          Regardless, “freedom of speech” insomuch as it relates to the American verbiage associated with the Bill of Rights relates to limits on Congress from passing laws of speech discrimination. It has nothing to do with the commercial private sector making decisions with respect to their own ideals and/or business objectives.

          • oldsalt6585

            Mr. Robertson was asked his OPINION. And he also backed up his OPINION by quoting the Bible. I guess LIBERALS only like opinions that are in line with theirs. Has NOTHING to do with ‘freedom of speech’. You might not like my opinion, then don’t ask for it.

          • TimK

            I don’t understand why some one always has to make everything either a liberal or a conservative action. has it ever crossed your mind that your thinking is mess up doing that?

          • oldsalt6585

            You think the CONSERVATIVES had their panties in a bunch? Think again, bubba.

          • Marti Settle

            Jon: Of course they did not block his speech. They merely fired him for doing so. That is even WORSE. When they take away a man’s job for saying what he thinks in a totally different setting, it is clearly obstruction of Phil’s first amendment right. A&E made a very stupid and very public mistake. Notice how fast Cracker Barrel restored Duck Commander products on their shelves. It’s time people of good conscience quit taking it on the chin from all the perverts in this nation.

          • Michael Reaves

            Dear Jon Davis – you are aware are you not that it is against the law to fire/suspend someone based on sex, race, religion, creed, sexual orientation right? So what A & E has done is a violation of the EEOC. Set freedom of speech aside for a moment, a company cannot discriminate base on religion. By Mr. Robertson stating his religious beliefs in an interview (which a representative from A & E was present at) A & E has discriminated against him, just the same way it would be discriminatory for them to suspend/fire someone on their show for being homosexual. They are ALL protected under FEDERAL law sir. Your statement about the private sector is incorrect and you very well know it. Either that or you are just ignorant to laws and facts.

          • Guest

            Michael, bingo. This is not a freedom of speech issue. But if there is a case here it might be in discrimination.

          • Jon Davis

            Michael, bingo. This is not a freedom of speech issue. But if there is a legal case here it might be in discrimination.
            Relax, folks, I’m on your side. I just wish people would stop calling it what it isn’t.

          • Ken Francis

            Go try posting something on Huffington Post that is anti-Obama or anti-liberal mindset. You may be surprised.

  • tinker_thinker

    Wow! Thank you!

  • tbopp47

    Great Decision. America please stand up and be heard. It is time to stop the BS that is going on in this country. I know I am tired of being dictated to by the vocal minority. It is time for the MAJORITY to be heard

  • Bill Bublich

    damn skippy,bravo ,its about time we let the holly weird snobs know where their money comes from.

    • Tom Fitzhugh


  • Michael Yates

    May God bless you and your department Sheriff Miller!!!

  • Guest

    Pulling Phil from A&E is discrimination, but his opinion about the GBLT community is religious and not discrimination? Right . . .

    • 600 Horses

      He just doesn’t seem like the type of guy who would put on a false front. He says what he means, he means what he says, for the reasons he says.

    • jonathondf

      He said nothing bad about gay people, the fact that you say he did shows you didn’t even check, or don’t understand english.

    • Tom Fitzhugh

      Another gay bigot pretending to be female, spouting anti-Christian rhetoric. You people live your whole lives in lies.

    • Jon Davis

      All he did was identify it as a “sin” as mentioned in the Bible. That word “sin” should be foreign to people who don’t believe in God of the Bible, since “sin” really means to go a different way than God’s holy character. None of this should matter to anyone who doesn’t love God.

      But since it does, it is clearly a direct hatred of God and His character. Nothing to do with Phil being “discriminating”, everything to do with Phil being a believer and a teacher in what the Bible says.

    • Michael Reaves

      Exactly correct. His statements came from the Bible and are his religious views against SIN, not just against homosexuals but all sin. That was what he was comparing. If more people would actually read his quotes and then the Bible they would know that. Instead they believe every lie and twist that the media puts out there. Phil did not say one thing about a homosexual, only that the act is a sin and he just doesn’t get it.

  • moodyjudi

    Good for him! I stand up and applaud you for supporting what is right! A&E will wish they had never opened up this can of whoopass!! I may not agree with everything he said, but I will fight for his right to say it.

  • Sick Of Dumb Democrats

    A Honorable move, tell the limp minded A&E people to stick it !

  • Acewild25

    This is so so dumb! A&E did nothing wrong! If it had been a gay man that said “Being a Christian is equal to those who have sex with animals” they would have fired him to. This is a legal issue not a religious one or a infringement on his 1st Amendment Rights. Technically, the 1st Amendment only protects you from government intervention. Phil, stuck his own big ole foot in his mouth and has no one to blame but himself! ;) Time to get over it whine bags! lol

    If anything you should be mad at him for signing a contract with A&E willing to give up his religious beliefs and 1st Amendment Rights for Fame and Fortune! Phil is nothing more than a coward. :)

    • Tom Fitzhugh

      Go back to Huffpo, deviant bigot.

      • Acewild25

        lol cry cry

        • Tom Fitzhugh

          haha, spoken just like a twisted deviant… your kind are all alike, you all say the same things and have no creativity. Deviant robots all.

          • earl jules

            True to form. . .
            when logic fails, resort to name-calling and personal insults to deflect the argument to another topic. . .
            * * *
            IF liberals are so tolerant, why do they fight so hard to ban nativity scenes from government grounds…?
            Purposely and specifically not to have the government perceived as supporting a specific religion. . .
            In that same logic, our brave sheriff has now severed his ties with A&E… why?

            As above, purposely and specifically not to have the local government associated with anyone, A&E in particular, who will so brashly violate a person’s constitutional right to free speech…
            The sheriff was elected to uphold the Constitution and laws of this country, against all enemies, foreign and domestic…
            If an organization tramples on the Constitution, I would expect that they would not get support from any other organization created to uphold the Constitution… especially a government organization.

            Why aren’t the liberal organizations celebrating the application of their logic to Douglas County. . .?
            their non-response defies logic. . . (wink)
            then again, perhaps they’re not logical. . .
            perhaps simply biased.

            . . .hmmm. . .

      • Acewild25

        I’m a conservative by the way. I don’t do Huffpo, to left for me! Whoaaa a conservative not taking up for Phil? What has this world come to!? lol

        • Tom Fitzhugh

          As if you deviants don’t lie with every breath. Usually your kind lies and claims to be straight and married.

    • Tracy Harris

      Here is a thought, READ the comments he said, at NO TIME EVER did he state that Being gay is equal to having sex with animals. Instead of believing the twisted words, read the actual words, and all of them, and you will find that he is more tolerant than the tolerant left.

      • Matilda

        From GQ’s article: “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” he says. Then he paraphrases Corinthians: “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

        So, he did compare it with bestiality. In case you are wondering:
        bes·ti·al·i·ty (/bēsCHēˈalitē,ˌbes-/) noun : sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.

        • Tom Fitzhugh

          By your nonsensical logic, he also compared being gay with sleeping around with women. You gay bigots are really, really stupid.

          • Matilda

            I’m a gay bigot? Hahaha! Okay then!

          • Tom Fitzhugh

            Yes, you are, freakboy. Crawl back into your bigoted sewer.

        • Gezo

          Whats wrong with comparing it with bestiality? Can you not compare stuff in this world? How is making a comparison offensive. Ive been ‘Comparing and Contrasting’ since I was in elementary school.

          • Matilda

            I said nothing about it being wrong to compare. The original poster said he didn’t say it was comparable to bestiality. I just pasted the quote and definition. Interesting how you read into two facts I copied and pasted from elsewhere.

          • Gezo

            omg who cares

        • Jon Davis

          “‘Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there.
          Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that
          woman and those men,’ he says.”

          What this means is, once you do one thing wrong, all sorts of worse things can happen. “.. just morph out from there..” means “imagine how much WORSE it can get, like, for example, bestiality………”
          He wasn’t comparing. He was warning.

        • Marti Settle

          Exactly and it will not be long before men will want to marry their parakeets!

          • Matilda

            That’s insane.

        • Michael Reaves

          Matilda – the ONLY comparison he made was that NO sin is greater than another. He did not say that Homosexuality is the same as bestiality or akin to it in anyway except that they are all sins in the eyes of God. Which as you quoted him correctly is EXACTLY what the Bible does. SO, is the Bible homophobic also? Maybe a little course in comprehension would help you better understand what people say.

          • Matilda

            Interesting how my pasting the two quotes by other people (Webster’s Dictionary and Phil himself) has led to all of you making assumptions about my personal beliefs.

          • Michael Reaves

            Not sure exactly where I said anything about your personal beliefs. So lumping me in with the “ALL” in your statement is inaccurate.

          • Matilda

            My mistake, Michael. I assumed that your comment, “SO, is the Bible homophobic also?” was rhetorical.

            SOME people have made assumptions about my personal beliefs.

    • Billy Vmax

      I think ” everyone ” missed the real cause of A&E doing what they did. If some research was done it would be discovered that GAY A&E executives are to blame.

      • Tom Fitzhugh

        They don’t say that Hollywood is ruled by the Gay Mafia for nothing.

    • elizabethmcfarland

      There have been many gay persons that have made extremely similar statements against Christians, and a lot of others that say they are not gay, just “want to give them equal rights,” (more like get their votes by saying what they want to hear). Nothing was done by their employers, nor were the employers called by Christians demanding they be fired or whatever. When he signed the contract he did not give up his beliefs, and he even told A&E he would not stop speaking of Jesus or praying on the show, that if that was what they expected, then his family would not do the show. This is not the first time A&E has tried to push Phil and his family around to do what they do not believe in and forsake their faith. You say you are a conservative, but you sound more like an advertisement for the very ones that were the original whiners about not only the truth he stated but tried to make sure they were the only ones with the right to say what they want. If a person does not want to hear or see what is written by someone they do not agree with then all they have to do is not listen, watch or read. Phil just answered questions with his own belief and stated what the gospel does say, even though he paraphrased it. Even when a person does not believe the truth, it never changes the truth of the gospel.

    • Michael Reaves

      Hey dummy, don’t you know that it is against federal law to discriminate against an employee based on sex, age, religion, sexual orientation and race. Saying A&E has done nothing wrong is an incorrect statement. If it had been a man that gave an interview, said he was homosexual and was then suspended/fired the company would be in violation of his rights as well. By Mr. Robertson stating his religious beliefs in an interview and now being suspended is equally against the law. Or don’t you know what your rights are?

  • Stacy Mills

    We all need to boycott A&E also to ensure they get the point

  • Joseph C. Krywalski


  • Teri Owen

    The Robertson family employs a good many people and the county makes lots of money from the Robertson’s…Hollywood done stepped on the southern toes of a close knit community….there may be not loyalty in Hollywood, but there is in small town USA

  • Matt

    I don’t like what A&E did in exercising it’s right so I’m going to be hypocritical and exercise my right?

    God, it’s hilarious to see both sides so hypocritically and selectively, pick, choose and “exercise” (using this word loosely since both sides don’t actually seem to competently grasp the 1st Amendment) their rights over something so silly.

    • Jon Davis

      There was an expectation of A&E to remain neutral as a platform of mixed opinions. There was *no* expectation for Phil to remain neutral. A&E made their non-neutral stance. It would have been entirely different if A&E only featured another show that was pro-gay, instead of cutting off someone with an opinion.

  • Jim Hise

    Way to go Sheriff.

  • Dingus

    I stopped watching A&E long ago when they started being more liberal on their decisions and editing. The only channel I watch, which at this point, are the weather channel. The weather can’t be political or uptight….

    • Reep

      exception when the subject gives credit for all its inclements to Global warming

      • Dingus

        ok that made me laugh

  • Gary Lang Jr.

    Sounds like Sheriff Miller, would be a good boss to work for.

  • SouthernPrincess

    Alright! Send the jewsmedia back to where they came from….they hate Christians with a passion, especially Southern Christians

    • Raven Smith

      So you are against Jews, gays and blacks. Your bigotry is coming through loud and clear.

      • SouthernPrincess

        I am against those who run the media. I could care less about blacks & gays so long as they are not utter hypocrites,

  • Joel Seth

    Good on you!!

  • Linda

    I agree with you wholeheartedly and thank you for being a Great American.

  • KAWA

    Thank YOU!

  • Eugene Trahan

    Hope you are reelected for as long as you wish to be Sheriff. It is great to see a law man stick up for what is right.

  • Barbara Ann

    Looks like they will have to deal with their own death threats. All this because a few fruitcake gays decided to whine once again.

    • njavi

      You sound like a delightfully tolerant person… nope

  • Dona Prescott

    GOOD job, Sheriff!

  • Ollie

    Romans 8-28 ‘they meant it for evil, but God turned it into good” -“and we know all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to His name”. To be more precise!

  • Michael Bush

    what a joke A&E is, they run reality shows but, want you to fake being real.

  • njavi

    What happens when people find out the majority of our founding fathers were actually Deists and not Christians? Should we boycott the constitution? The treaty of tripoli actually states that we were not founded as or to be a christian christian nation.
    Thanks for the propaganda though guys…

    • Michael Reaves

      Actually, the founding fathers did not want the nation to be run by one religion as England had been done. Our laws are based upon Christian writings and teachings. Problem with liberals are they believe that religion should be eliminated or practiced in back alleys. That is not what the country was founded on either. It’s exactly why it was written in the Constitution that there will be NO laws passed establishing or prohibiting religion. Too bad way too many people only read one part of that. I am also not aware at any point in our nations history where Congress has attempted to pass a law establishing a religion. Which is why the Supreme Courts decision to add separation of church and state as a law is wrong and unnecessary.

      • njavi

        So we should be a more Christian nation? The problem isn’t that some think religion should be eliminated, it’s that one religion is oppressive to lives of others who dont believe in it. Homosexuality may be against Christianity, but if they don’t believe in god there is no right to judge or pass laws that affect only them. Founding a country based n Christian principles is fine, using those to discriminate goes against everything.

        • Michael Reaves

          Making a statement that Homosexuality is a sin is not discriminating against anyone. Phil did not fire a homosexual, beat up a homosexual, kill a homosexual or even single out a homosexual. He simply stated what is in the Bible. IF, one does not believe in the Bible that’s up to them but, it is against federal law to suspend/fire Mr. Robertson for making the statement which he did. It would be the same if A&E had fired/suspended someone who is a homosexual from a program. Discrimination works both ways, NOT just the way a certain group wants it too.
          Secondly, Mr. Robertson did not judge anyone either. His statement was that homosexuality is a sin JUST as lying, stealing, sleeping around, bestiality, and others listed in the Bible. I also don’t know of a religion which is oppressive to the lives of others except Islam.

          • njavi

            Umm his suspension is not a violation. Look up morality clauses in reality tv contracts. Talking about beliefs is one thing. Chastising who are not of the same belief is the problem with his statement. He didn’t just state te sin. He went into his opinion of it in detail. Thats why he won’t win if he tried to sue, and why this violated a morality clause, and why he was suspended. His belief is not the issue, his detailed opinion of that belief and those in violation of it is what caused the problem

          • Michael Reaves

            Sorry, the EEOC law is clear and trumps words written in a contract. He was suspended because of his religious beliefs and because he stated those in an interview. An interview by the way, that a representative of A&E was present at. Besides, going into detail about his beliefs and stating his OPINION of those is NOT against the law in ANYWAY. I am not sure what quotes you read but, I did not read where he was chastising anyone just the act itself. Look into the EEOC laws, they are very clear on this.

          • njavi

            Then why isn’t he suing? Look that up. Cause he won’t win. Eeoc doesn’t have a stance in this or they would have sued and won. It comes down to the specifics of his at will employment as a contract worker, and contract language, which likely had a morality clause he violated. So the only people actually arguing for a lawsuit is those on these forums that have zero information about the actual specifics. Phil’s not dumb, the family isn’t dumb. If they had a case m sure their lawwyers would have acted accordingly

          • Michael Reaves

            At will or contract workers have the same rights under the EEOC silly. They can’t be fired due to age, race, sex or religious beliefs either. Why isn’t he suing? Not everyone sues. There are some people in this country that actually get ahead by working, creating, and being productive, not sitting around waiting and planning who they can sue to get ahead. I imagine that Mr. Robertson could care less about whether or not he does the show. He is very rich and from what I know of him and his principles, could not give a rats backside about A&E or what they do. Besides, the outrage over what A&E has done is boosting sales of Duck Commander products which the Robertson family owns 100%, so they are making more money and don’t have to sue anyone. Not everyone in this country sues.

  • Cynthiac

    Way to go sheriff for standing up and doing the right thing. These Liberals always preach tolerance until someone says something that goes against their beliefs and then they attack you. It is about time that people start standing up to them.

  • aaronk415

    This is not a first amendment issue. It was a business decision by A&E. Like it or not, Duck Dynasty is not a product of TBN, CBN, CMT etc. If there is an issue, it’s whether or not it is a good thing that a cable channel has the power (as a business) to promote/restrict types of speech for profit. The rest is cultural nonsense which is easily dismissed by anyone who would take even a cursory glance at the first amendment.

    • Michael Reaves

      As a business they do not. It is against federal law to discriminate based on age, disability, national origin, race, religion, genetics or sex (gender). Therefore, A&E has violated Mr. Robertson’s rights as an employee.

      • aaronk415

        My religion says its ok To punch old women in the face. Can I come work for you? No liabilities there i assure you.

        • Michael Reaves

          WOW, I don’t believe I have ever read such an asinine statement in all my life. Exactly what liabilities did A&E incur by Mr. Robertson’s statements? We won’t take into account the fact your cowardly statement about assaulting old women. I take it that you don’t believe in the EEOC and workers rights then huh? No, you can’t come work for me because you are an old, gay, black, Mexican, Jew, male.

  • Wendy Gilfedder

    I would ban anything Hollywood from my house,there all immoral assholes.

  • Marti Settle

    Good for the sheriff. It’s about time people in the fly-over states started telling Hollywood where to “stick it.”

  • Deborah Byington

    am praying for a&e that they see the error in what they are doing to the robertson family .

  • Cindy M.


  • Cindy M.

    BTW, Disney owns ALL OF A&E!!! I HAVE CALLED All of them AND THEIR Sponsors and gave them a PIECE OF MY MIND…Hit ‘em where it HURTS, THEIR WALLETS!!!

  • Ron

    This is not a freedom of speech issue. Phil got to speak his opinion, the LBGT group got to speak theirs. The problem is, Phil was discriminated against because of his religious beliefs by A&E. A clear violation of his civil rights and an ILLEGAL act. Civil rights works both ways, it’s not just for the benefit of the liberals

  • Scott

    I bet A and E is just heartbroken over this.

  • rseabrease

    Sheriff Miller I am proud of you and thank you for taking this stand.

  • Jay Pierre

    A&E is demonstrating the censorship that would only be acceptable in a totalitarian state. I did not watch Duck Dynasty but I do support The Robertson family right to express their beliefs honestly and openly in this country without fear of reprisals or censorship.

  • Mistyblue Allen

    I spent more than a decade over in Asia from when I was but 17. I have had such a hard time dealing with America today and their twisted hostility of the people that just hangs in the air. I feel it the moment I step outside like a fog. Im sure the poeple who have spent their lives here dont notice it as much but for someone who is used to a different way of life its rather suffocating. Over there poeple do what they do cause its the right thing to do. Here people do what they want cause noone can tell them they cant. Its like a nation of out o control toddlers. I have been seeing a wave of changes, poeple that are fed up as well and its stories like this that just reassure me that this isnt a one way track to destruction. We are still fighting to bring it back to where it was. I do have one question though that I would appreciate feedback on. Cause and effect is a concept that everyone understands. How does this nation run around doing horriible things to each other and really think that that will not come back on them somehow? Im not just talking about getting caught. I mean that everything you do will have a chain reaction and it will affect you at some point. Like robbing a liquor store will cause the owner to go into debt which will lead him to not be able to make that loan to a friend of his who would of used it to get into scool and that friend would not of been able to study medicine and then that robber later dies cause the doctor who would o caught his illness never got to go be a doctor. Its a weak analogy but its enough to make my point, Do people really NOT understand that this is what happens when they cause this harm in the world. That they do it as well themselves??? I just cant wrap my head around this…