CONFIRMED: Cracker Barrel Yanks Phil Robertson/Duck Commander Products Over Fear of LGBT Threats

CONFIRMED: Cracker Barrel Yanks Phil Robertson/Duck Commander Products Over Fear of LGBT Threats

UPDATE: NOW FULLY CONFIRMED. Click here for newer updated story with confirmation from Cracker Barrel employee.

Apparently Cracker Barrel is not a fan of people have opinions either.

Meanwhile, Cracker Barrel is tactically backing away. Employees contacted ABC7, saying they were instructed to pull Duck Dynasty products from the shelves on Friday, and slash prices of remaining items nearly 50-percent.

Late tonight, a Cracker Barrel spokesperson issued this statement:

“We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores. We removed selected products which we were concerned might offend some of our guests while we evaluate the situation. We continually evaluate the products we offer and will continue to do so.”

In my view, Cracker Barrel pulling down products over complaints from the PC crowd makes them just as guilty of attacking the free speech and moral fabric of American as A&E is.

Mailing Address & Phone
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
P.O. Box 787
Lebanon, Tennessee 37088-0787
(800) 333-9566
FAX (888) 263-4304

Physical Address
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
305 Hartmann Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087

  • LandofDave

    I’m not happy with Cracker Barrel but this is a statement from Cracker Barrel’s Facebook Page …

    “Cracker Barrel’s mission is Pleasing People. We operate within the ideals of
    fairness, mutual respect and equal treatment of all people. These ideals
    are the core of our corporate culture.

    We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores.

    We removed selected products which we were concerned might offend some of our guests while we evaluate the situation.

    We continually evaluate the products we offer and will continue to do so.”

  • Tymica Wright

    Wow, Cracker Barrell just lost my business. How sad.

    • Ollie

      eat more chicken Chck-a-fil!!

    • myselfBtru

      PLEASE READ THE STORY. they pulled A&E Duck Dynasty but left Duck Commander , the Robertson Family brand on the shelves. please continue to support this restaurant unless they change their stance from the current one.

      • Gail Lowery Briggs

        NO support for Phil from Cracker Barrel !They pulled HIS things from the shelves but left the things that do not have him on it.

    • Chuck Robey

      Please re-read the article and use a little bit of Reading Comprehension. Cracker Barrel pulled the A&E Products (Duck Dynasty) and left the Robertson Brand (Duck Commander)

  • Florence Hummers-Martin

    well, no more cracker barrel food for me and I will spread the word to all my friends neighbors and relatives of their decision to pull the products….what’s good for one side is good for both….God Bless Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I’m spreading the word to my friends and family, also. The facebook family is pretty big and I think we all should stand together on this.

    • myselfBtru

      They are supporting Phil.
      PLEASE READ THE STORY. they pulled A&E Duck Dynasty but left Duck Commander , the Robertson Family brand on the shelves. please continue to support this restaurant unless they change their stance from the current one.

  • Eric

    While they are busy evaluating their products, I’ll be evaluating my other dining options. Pretty cut and dry I think

    • big E

      I think they will find there are a lot more christians than they are gays and I hope all christians stop going there asap.

      • Randall Williams

        it’s just not Christian’s who are supporting what has happened , but homosexuals too and I applaud them for their honesty and their courage . God loves us all , but He hates our sins .

        • Robert White

          agreed! this is not a straight/gay issue. its an issue of attacking someone, because of their beliefs. this is wrong. i will now stop buying anything from this company!

          • J.r. Greensboro

            Agreed this is an act of attack on freedom of speech this is open season on any one who would openly display their beliefs. Cracker Bigot must be put down like a sick dog

      • russellpat

        We have, as of today, STOPPED GOING TO CRACKER BARREL!

        • Chuck Robey

          you read the article over again it says they are continuing to sell
          Duck Commander items nut not the Duck Dynasty items, that is because
          Duck Commander is the Robertson’s brand whereas Duck Dynasty is
          A&E’s brand. Currently there is a Boycott of the Duck Dynasty Brand
          and a Buycott of Duck Commander items.. This has nothing to do with the
          LGBT Retards but has everything to do with people backing the
          I fully support Cracker Barrel in this decision as it punishes A&E.

          • NotHardAtAll

            Not True corporate removed anything with Phil’s face on it. This has been confirmed.

          • Gregg Mahaffey

            Thank You!!! You must be the only one who read the article bc i seen where they still support Phil NOT A+E NETWORK who owns DUCK DYNASTY.

    • Dawn Holman Conner

      Duck Dynasty is the A&E logo, mr. Odom. The article states that’s the products they have pulled. They continue to offer Duck Commander products, which is in fact the company started by Phil Robertson.

      • shirleys

        No, they stated in their comments that they pulled products that featured Phil, so in turn they as well as A&E are trying to pacify those they think will be offended. They don’t care about the majority. I read the original statement from Cracker Barrel.

        • Dawn Holman Conner

          Then you must have read a different article. Because nowhere in THIS article did it say that at all!!!

          • Steve Shirar

            I just read it again and it does say Duck Commander products will still be offered, DHC…

          • Debbie Jackson

            The headline says one thing and the article says another Dawn Holman Conner

          • LadyGunfighter

            Lurid headlines will always garner more hits for the website. What is sad is many people don’t read or understand what they are reading.

        • myselfBtru

          read Cracker Barrel official statement, states they removed the Dynasty products and continue to sell Commander items. research more please.

          • Gail Lowery Briggs

            Cracker Barrel pulled all of PHIL ROBINSON related products from their shelves ! That included Duck Commander (Robinson family ) Yes they pulled A&E Duck Dynasty too but they DID NOT stand in support of Phil !

          • Debbie Meece

            I read the official statement on the CB Facebook page and it doesn’t say anything about Duck Dynasty stuff being removed. All accounts from employees and folks who have called CB say that they only removed the stuff that had to do with Phil. They will offer other Duck Commander items without Phil on them. I don’t understand how folks are coming to the conclusion that they removed Duck Dynasty stuff only. It is never stated in the official Cracker Barrel statement,

      • rexmoncrief

        Wrong Dawn. Called my local Cracker Barrel last night. Here is the conversation:

        • neal

          well they did get a set of nuts and are standing for something..just imo its the wrong standing

          • rexmoncrief

            LOLOL – good point Neal.

        • Mackie72

          You probably got the cashier on the phone fired for expressing her opinion.

        • Tom Fitzhugh

          You very probably got that Christian cashier fired just in time for Christmas. What were you thinking? Edit her out immediately. Then call back in a week and see if she is still there. If not, then try to atone by spreading the word that she got fired – maybe public pressure will get her her job back.

          • rexmoncrief

            I will be following up with that as well. However, the Retail Manager for that location spoke to me this morning. While he didn’t indicate his religious beliefs – he did say he disagreed with the decision to pull the products.

            If the young lady gets fired – and I find out – I will attempt to make that MORE public than this. However, she stated her opinion while on the phone in the store. She could have been fired whether it was recorded or not – had I been offended.

            Being offended is NOT in my vocabulary though. ;-)

          • Tom Fitzhugh

            The danger is from the corporate office. Radical bigoted gays patrol every corner of the internet and will communicate to the CB’s “Director of Diversity” or whatever commissar of political-correctness they have. If you edit her out, they can’t get to it on Monday. By refusing to edit her out for your own interests, you are putting her at risk because of her honesty and candor and are in effect betraying her.

            Here’s an extreme parallel: after Tianenmen Square, reporters interviewed many dissidents throughout China.The governemt used those videos to track down and then imprison those who spoke out. But the reporters got their story so they were content.

            Btw, that manager likely told all the gay bigots who called him that he agrees with the removal of the merchandise.

        • Allison Ott

          A small minority, every gay person has straight parents and I assume relatives that love them who will gladly go to the cracker barrel. Conservatives wrong side as usual.

        • Gregg Mahaffey

          YEA i would remove happy happy happy from there to bc a+e network owns that with duck dynasty. not duck commander


        You know full well, MS. Conner, that they know that Cracker Barrel thinks the public will associate all Duck products with Phil Robertson. Stop playing semantics.

        • HouseofChristina

          No, informed people know the Duck COMMANDER name is the FAMILY’s, not A&E’s, stop looking for a place to have a problem,….its not as bad as some people want it to be taken as,….when CB stops allowing money from the wronged party, to go into the pockets of the one who wronged them, they are not doing the wronged party an injustice,….quite the opposite actually,…


            Well, well, not all of America is as informed as you clearly are. As I stated some will make a knee jerk association and it WAS as bad as stated. They put the items back on the shelf, now didn’t they? Any time free speech is threatened IT IS AS BAD AS IT IS!

    • myselfBtru

      PLEASE READ THE STORY. they pulled A&E Duck Dynasty but left Duck Commander , the Robertson Family brand on the shelves. please continue to support this restaurant unless they change their stance from the current one.

  • Casey Cooper

    Well look like nomore CB for my family

  • MsJan1955

    Hmm, it was my understanding that the Duck Commander products were exclusively the Robertson’s and the DD products belonged to A&E. If so, and they are continuing the DC products then it looks like the are protesting A&E not Phil. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Curious

      They pulled everything with Phils likeness.

      • MsJan1955

        Are you positive?

        • Curious

          Yep all DD and DC merchandise with Phil on it

          • myselfBtru

            DC products are still on shelves.

        • Lisa Marie Gaytan

          It says right here in the article that they didn’t take down Duck commander produts but I’m not sure if that’s because it doesn’t have Phils likeness. I haven’t seen his products.

          • Lisa Marie Gaytan

            Maybe if we go in there and say it offends us that they took His duck commander products down (if they did) they will put them back up lol

      • Sandy Cox

        Only if it had the DD (A&E brand), not any that had Duck Commander (the Robertson Family brand).

      • Nurse50carol

        Curious–that is my understanding too–I think that is why it has been reported “some items are being pulled from shelves”–the items are those with Phil’s name or likeness–

    • Michael E. Fields

      That’s the way it sounds to me also.

    • Beadbabe16

      I just re-read and see what you are saying….I do know I have heard many saying they would not buy DD products to keep the money from A&E, LOL!!!

    • Ollie

      No! Cracker Barrel needs to make it Loud and Clear that they support DD and detest A&E that they support Phil, and they are disgusted with A&E if they don’t then I will not enter another of their stores, until the CEO makes this Bold and Clear statement, otherwise they are playing games!! I so sick of the games!

      • myselfBtru

        DD = Duck Dynasty = A&E company
        DC = Duck Commander = Robertson Family brand

    • Sandy Cox

      My understanding is the same as yours MsJan1955. The headlines read one thing, but the story reads another. CB seems to be for the Robertson Family, not DD owned by A&E. CB can sell anything they want in their restaurant/stores. Thank you and God bless for being with the Robertson Family.

  • Sam Odom

    would be a step in the right direction if they just support Phil our country was founded in god we trust don’t offend that

  • zorb


  • Rick

    Cave in to the gay community and lose money !…SMART !

  • Max

    Watch the friendly fire!
    Duck dynasty (AE product) =bad!! Duck Commander (Robertson Family Owned) =Good!!
    They may actually be the good guys here people.

    • Curious

      They are removing everything with Phil on it DD or DC

  • Gail Lowery Briggs

    STUPID MOVE CRACKER BARRELL……I will no longer take my family out to eat at Cracker Barrell. That way the’ll have plenty of room to serve the LBGT” crowd .” One table should seat them all.

    • Michael E. Fields

      So u must be an A&E supporter.

      • Gail Lowery Briggs

        Not at all Michael ,headline says Cracker Barrel pulls Phil Robinson/Duck Commander products.

        • Dan DaMann

          … but employees stated they were instructed to remove the DYNASTY products (TM owned by A&E) while a Cracker Barrel spokesperson said they continue to offer COMMANDER products in the stores…

          • Ollie

            Then they need to come out in BOLD plain language, stating they support DD 100% and will only carry items that directly benefit DD and not A&E let them make it perfectly clear, then I will go back to Craker Barrel, but not until I hear it from the horses mouth, the CEO!!

          • Curious

            This is from their Facebook page
            Barrel’s mission is Pleasing People. We operate within the ideals of
            fairness, mutual respect and equal treatment of all people. These ideals
            are the core of our corporate culture.

            We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores.

            We removed selected products which we were concerned might offend some of our guests while we evaluate the situation.

            We continually evaluate the products we offer and will continue to do so.”

            That was posted 14 hours ago, they have 10’s of thousands of post slamming them for removing any product Commander or Dynasty with Phil on it. And in 14 hours they have not clarified. Their silence tells me all i need to know.

          • Ollie

            Then they didn’t do their job at convincing people yet, the people out here posting is making it perfectly clear, CB needs to do the same, I want to see his or her face, and I want to hear the words come out of their mouth, that they support DD and are disgusted with A&E till they can do that, they are playing both sides of the fence!!

          • George Dutcher

            Ollie, DD is an A&E trademark, DC is the company owned by the Robertsons.

          • Dan DaMann

            agreed… cb is now on my boycott list

          • Ollie

            the proof is in the pudding, when you see a spokesperson, not a lowly employee stand up and defend DD like, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Bobby Jindal, Gov of LA, when you see the CEO of CB publicly state they support DD and you can find it on youtube, then they have made their pudding well, until then, their pudding sucks, and I won’t eat there again!!

          • Bryan Childers

            The people you have listed is against DD which is Duck Dynasty It TM owned by A&E. They are supporting DC, Duck Commander which is owned by the Robertson’s. So if you buy any products that helps support Phil you buy DC. And avoid DD for a portion of that money goes to A&E.

          • myselfBtru

            DD = Duck Dynasty = A&E company
            DC = Duck Commander = Robertson Family brand

          • trixiewoobeans

            Cracker Barrel said to remove all “Phil” items, “Dynasty” and “Duck Commander.” They’re trying to straddle the fence and look good to both sides.

          • Dan DaMann

            The problem with straddling the fence is you sometimes damage your cojones – of course, it appears that cojones are MIA at Cracker Barrel corporate offices…..

          • George Dutcher

            No what was said was all PHIL, MS. KAY and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY were removed. Not distinguishing A&Es DD or DC

          • Gail Lowery Briggs

            In Duck Commander (Robinson family owned ) ONLY PHILS were removed from the shelves ! The Duck Dynasty (A&E) were removed.

        • myselfBtru

          BUT THE STORY says…. online reports of Cracker Barrel statements confirm Duck DYNASTY products removed. Commander remains on shelves

          • Lydia

            They may still be selling Duck Commander things, but the true issue is the fact that they are removing items that contain Phil’s face. Hence, basically supporting A&E as far as removing Phil for other’s satisfaction. JUST like A&E they are still selling Duck Commander items for profit (and A&E is still airing the show). However, to look good in the eyes of Phil supporters, they are selling the Duck Commander items instead of Duck Dynasty, So in reality, they are trying to make themselves look good by “supporting” both sides.

            And btw, stop trying to make this solely a gay/Christian debate with people having to choose sides. As Christians, we are to love everyone no matter what. The real issue is A&E not allowing freedom of speech for the comfort of others. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to fire someone because of that is simply wrong.

    • Jared

      Good, I won’t have to deal with misbehaving children when I go to eat there ;)

    • Christian and gay


      • Gail Lowery Briggs

        What I find disturbing is the fact that the same group that demands acceptance from others for their beliefs and lifestyles and that are VERY vocal about theirs but want to silence others. I am a straight floral designer but have many precious gay family and friends ,many who ARE Christian. We are accepting of our differences and embracing our bonds. To attack to destroy a persons life for stating what they believe in their heart to be the truth is wrong on so many levels. That would be like the media interviewing GLAAD about their sexual preferences (which they are very vocal about )and then going for the jugular because it is different from mine. Phil Robinson has the right to voice his Christian beliefs and not be destroyed for doing so by GLAAD. Otherwise it’s a double standard and ,well…..ignorance.

  • Mis

    Well, I guess I shall take my business elsewhere! A place where I can have freedom of speech! Thanks for putting this up this am as I am on my way to breakfast, looks like a IHop morning to me!

    • Bill McGee

      I can’t believe that I served my great country in the military for 20 years to protect our freedoms such as the freedom of speech to see it being made a mockery of as it has been the last 6 years at least. Where and when it all end and get back to the tradition valves of our country.

  • DrColostomy

    Never eaten there, but their food probably tastes like anus anyway.

  • justsnapd8

    They pulled A&E Duck Dynasty products, and left the “Robertson family” Duck Commander products. This is a good thing!

    • Curious

      They removed all products be it Dynasty or Commander with Phil on it.

      • Lisa Marie Gaytan

        Well lets all go in and just buy whats left of Duck commander products :-)

      • justsnapd8

        Yes, I saw that after the fact. Sad.

    • Eric

      Ive seen other stories that say that Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty products were removed. Basically anything with Phil on it like Curious said

  • Karen Sue Turner

    Well, I’ll be saving my money by not going to Cracker Barrel.

  • jamessavik

    Cracker Barrel isn’t exactly known for being “gay friendly”- give it a few weeks to sort out

  • Robert Weiss

    Who will save us? Who will redeem us? Are we finished? The signs of Jesus’ return are everywhere!


    Please pray with me…

    Father, We, Your church, need to pray without ceasing – praying in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, being alert and always praying for all the Lord’s people (Ephisians 6:18).

    We need the Holy Spirit’s motivation to follow You, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with so many who are lost. Instill in us Your understanding, wisdom and discernment – a commitment to hold true to Your values!

    Through Your grace we are saved! Those of us hearing, believing and obeying the true gospel of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, have the hope of eternal life in heaven. Your Son, Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice, died for our sins on a cruel cross, was buried and rose again! His blood cleanses us of our sins! We believe in our risen Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ, the Son of God! We proclaim, “Jesus Christ is the Son of God”! Move us to go make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

    Father, we also pray, as Your disciples:

    -to hear, heed and obey Your Word;

    -to continue to grow in Your Word and You in us.

    -to be baptized as Jesus was immersed in water – a powerful action and symbol, where we are united in Your Son’s death;

    -for Your Holy Spirit to instill in each believer Your Truth and a powerful desire and eagerness to study, obey and share Your Word;

    -for Your protection from the great deceiver, Satan;

    -for Your comfort, strength, a stronger faith and peace in each of us;

    -for the salvation of many souls, granting Your grace to leaders and countrymen, from all nations – many multitudes turning or returning to You, repenting, then, rejoicing in Your favor;

    -that You speak to all hearts, instilling in us an acceptance of and a hunger for the Truth – the Bread of Life to feed our spiritual hunger & Rivers of Living Water to quench our thirst for eternity!

    In Jesus name. Amen.


    As always, I seek FB friends sharing the Christian worldview. PLEASE SEND me your friend request.

    FB friends, please consider sharing my posts. It will help grow our social media community of those who share the Christian worldview. Don’t forget, try to be Christ-like always!

  • DrColostomy

    Their Surf & Turf special is Bearded Clams and Hot Dogs, but clams are fishy and the hot dogs taste like cr@p.

  • Ollie

    Was planning to bring my wife out for a dinner over the Christmas holidays, at Cracker Barrell, after this statement I just read that these chickenshit# restaurant would rather support the 4% LGBT instead of the 96% our plans have changed, guess we will eat at IHop or Chinese, but Cracker Barrel has just lost my business for good!

    • Nathan Springstead

      I have a gift card there, throwing it out now.

      • Swink

        Don’t throw it out, they actually pocket “free” money without having to provide you with a service or product. Go purchase some DD items :)

        • HouseofChristina

          Well, that way they will be giving their money TO A&E,…..yeah you got a GREAT STRATEGY THERE!!!!! LOL,…Cracker Barrel plainly stated they did not remove DUCK COMMANDER- the FAMILY NAME PRODUCTS, …only those that will line the pocket of the a-holes at A&E,…….they didnt do phil wrong!

      • Beadbabe16

        Can you get refund??? PROBABLY NOT!

      • myselfBtru

        Dont toss your card. PLEASE READ THE STORY. they pulled A&E Duck Dynasty but left Duck Commander , the Robertson Family brand on the shelves. please continue to support this restaurant unless they change their stance from the current one.

        • Gail Lowery Briggs

          They ARE NOT supporting Phil ,his wife or anything that has to do with them.That lets me know loud and clear that they are NOT backing him. The rest of the Duck Commander (Robinson family) will still be sold but they did not support his freedom of speech
          . They lost all of my familys business.

        • myselfBtru

          After hearing Cracker Barrel has “clarified” their stance. I will no longer advise supporting their restaurant.

    • myselfBtru

      PLEASE READ THE STORY. they pulled A&E Duck Dynasty but left Duck Commander , the Robertson Family brand on the shelves. please continue to support this restaurant unless they change their stance from the current one.

  • Anthony DuLac

    Will spread the word, no eating there, ever.

    • Tom Fitzhugh

      Amen to that.

  • Marissa Clark Folmar

    I don’t much care for Cracker Barrell any way, their food here where I live is pretty gross….so I will never go back to them again..

    • trucondean

      Same here. It’s NASTY.

  • Bill brown

    This is O.K. by me, Cracker barrel has crappy food and noisy environment and is managed by a bunch of ball less old men

  • Joe DeArdo

    This is the comment that I left on there website’s contact us section.

    As long as Phil Robertson’s Duck Commander Products are being removed from your shelf’s I will not step foot in Cracker Barrel . I am sure that many million people are with me on this. Don’t commit suicide like A&E. Christians make up a good portion of your business, and we are offended by anyone ,or any corporation that attacks our values and free speech . I think that its much better for your bottom line to stay out of this fight.

    • Bill McGee

      This is well written and said. I am with u all the way.

  • Jeff Shepardson

    I find them removing Phil as offensive, though I’m not part of the GLAAD hate monger group, offending me don’t matter

    • Tom Fitzhugh

      Exactly right, GLAAD are the real hatemongers. It’s time to stop letting liberal bigots control the language and express everything in their terms.

  • Michael E. Fields

    Most of u people don’t get it. If u are a Robertson family supporter then this is a good thing. Don’t buy or sell Duck DYNASTY products. Buy Duck Commander.

    • Curious

      They are removing anything with Phil on it DD or DC

      • Curious

        How the hell does a fact get a down vote
        Cracker barrel running trolls now?

        • Michael E. Fields

          It does not matter if there pulling everything with phil on it. A&E will not profit and the Robertson family will continue to.

          • Curious

            They are targeting Phil just like A&E targeted Phil. No difference what so ever. A&E wanted to keep the family but not Phil. Same thing with Cracker Barrel

          • Michael E. Fields

            Like I said some people don’t get it.

          • Curious

            Please by all means explain the Difference between A&E dropping Phil and wanting to keep the family and Cracker Barrel dropping Phil and wanting to keep the Family? Cracker barrel has removed all Phil products both Dynasty and Commander. So please help me get it.

          • Michael E. Fields

            From my understanding there still selling Duck Commander prod. And it sound like were on the same side but with different views.

          • Curious

            They are still selling Commander and Dynasty products Just nothing with Phil or his Sayings on it. They caved just like A&E did.

          • Michael E. Fields

            Have u been there because it sounds like they are pulling all DYNASTY prod. not COMMANDER prod.

          • Curious

            Been to my Local and some of their employees have been posting all over FB. They wont even get on the Cracker Barrel FB page and clarify.

          • Michael E. Fields

            Sounds like we need more Info.

          • Curious

            Its almost like Cracker Barrel used the most vague language possible just to see which way they needed to go. But by saying your removing “some” products and constantly evaluating the situation. Then letting thousands and thousands of comments post slamming you for removing Phil products without updating the Site to say you didn’t. Just seems eh. Oh well either way Merry Christmas man and send me some Deer sausage P~.

  • Dana Rush

    This is really just ticking me off! Are there really that many people out there that have never read the Bible? All Phil Robertson has done is quote from the Bible, which has been around longer than anyone on earth, and agreed with it. He has always stated that he is a godly man and lives by the Bible. He doesn’t preach hate, just the opposite, he loves everyone no matter what their sins. And we all have sins because nobody is perfect. If there are that many people out there that don’t want to hear the truth then they need to go live in a bubble because God is everywhere. I wish I hadn’t already bought and sent that gift card to Cracker Barrel!

  • James Walker

    Maybe if you people would read something and comprehend you might understand them. not pulling Duck Commander which is Robertsonowned, pulling duck dynasty whichis A&E owned. sounds like supporting Robertsons to me.

    • victoria_29

      they removed things with phil’s likeness

  • David Thomas

    Cracker Barrel is on the wrong side of this issue. I just called their office, left a message. I am sick of the left side of this country, I have tolerated up to now….my mistake. They think they are the majority, I hate to tell them, We, Good Old Red Blooded, God Fearing, Straight, Normal, Hard Working Americans have up to this point have just been polite and tolerant……

  • Max

    The title doesn’t jive with the article…. only Duck dynasty ae owned is being pulled….

  • George Cornett

    I have enjoyed eating at Cracker Barrel for many years, However their treatment of Phil concerning his statement (his reporting from the Biblical viewpoint) was a violation of free speech. I should hope all Christians and anyone who values free speech will stay away from Cracker Barrel. There was no hate shown in his comments, if there had been any slander or criticism or intended mistreatment directed toward another person, I would not be so quick to stand with him. Instead he states it is his job to love all regardless of their practices. Why don’t we all practice this in our lives.

  • W.d. Coe

    Cracker Barrel yanked products over threats from a small radical group . What is this country coming to when a small group of radical sinners can influence and threaten because someone doesn’t believe in their alternate lifestyle.

  • victoria_29

    our store pulled a & e owned stuff but not duck commander guess they got message garbled.

    • Curious

      Well then some are pulling all Phil products Commander or Dynasty and Cracker Barrels Facebook page has been exploding with comments since last night. And Cracker Barrel has not clarified anything on the page. Other employees are posting on Facebook that they where told to remove anything with Phil or his sayings.

      • Michael E. Fields

        I think that helped explain more.

  • Ollie

    good, did the same, only voice message available where I could voice my opposition towards Cracker Barrell was on the employee hot line, under discrimination, every call no matter where it goes, show your support, they cave to 4% gay population, and just dissed the 96% and I let them know it in no uncertain terms, please to the same to all who, cave into this and disregard our freedom of speech, I for one have had enough! pose as a disgruntled employee only way to get through to them!!(800) 333-9566 They want to ban the Holy Bible, I am banning Cracker Barrell and all family members that I can convince to do the same!!

  • C Evans

    I wonder when they made their decision if they thought about offending us “straight” people. Since we are not gay then we do not count or matter. Well, I’m offended so me and mine will not be going to any Cracker Barrel. Let all those people who they are afraid of “offending” support their business.

    • Ollie

      let them know I just did twice, can’t get a real person but left a voice mail, they are going to get bombarded and lose business is we continue to stick to our principles of free speech! Call today 800-333-9566

  • 12Terry Mullins

    Gonna miss their sour dough french toast!

  • Pamela

    The article say that Cracker Barrel has removed Duck Dynasty products, but is still selling Duck Commander products….The headline says opposite….
    .Which is it?

  • Mike

    This is so sad to me because Cracker Barrel …. WAS my favorite restaurant to dine but they have taken sides and so have I. GOODBYE…CB!

  • Bryson Johnson

    Oh did the words Anus, offend gay men i don’t think so, and did the word vagina, offend the gay women i don’t think so so it much be telling them, that what they were doing is SIN, now i bet that pissed them off yes YOU GO PHIL!!!!

  • Bounder1

    They pulled the Duck Dynasty products, not the Duck Commander products. Duck Dynasty products are owned by A&E. They are boycotting A&E. Stupid people boycotting Cracker Barrel.

    • Curious

      According to the 10’s of thousands of comments on the Cracker Barrel Facebook site, they removed anything with Phil on it. Be it Dynasty or Commander.

    • Ollie

      Have you heard the CEO of CB come out and boldly proclaim this? Once I hear it directly I will consider returning to CB, but they have to make a loud and vocal proclamation that they defend the freedom of speech and no the 4% gay population, 96% of their profits come from the freedom of speech supporters. Waiting for the you tube, from the head honcho of CB to stand up and say, “I support Phil Roberson, and DD, we are only banning products that profit a&E then I will be a believer!!

    • Ollie

      got proof??? Where is the you tube video from the CEO of CB stating this fact”??

  • Kristine Burton

    oh boy have they made a big mistake and screw the pooch on this one…who goes to cracker barrel the most..yep you guessed it christains right after church is their biggest day..shame shame on them..cant have it both ways..

  • Christopher Powers

    Very poor business decision

  • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

    Management of CB must be democrats because they are not in tune with reality and they are from Tenn. Makes no sense at all.

  • 1MadMarine

    They were instructed to pull Duck Dynasty products from the shelves on Friday Dynasty is owned by A&E…“We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores…Commander products are owned by the Robertsons……reading comprehension…get some people…

  • PolitiJim

    Duck DYNASTY products enrich A&E (tradmark is owned by A&E). Duck COMMANDER products are owned by Phil and the family. Cracker Barrel seems (to me) to be standing WITH PHIL by dumping all products associated with the A&E brand.

    • Curious

      Notice what it says. “we continue to offer Duck commander products” It does not say they removed Dynsaty or that they are still offering ALL Duck Commander products. The reason for this? They only removed products with Phil on them.

      • PolitiJim

        That doesn’t make sense since Phil IS the Duck Commander and in all the Duck Commander product. I don’t think you are a true Duck fan… :)

  • Julie Elliott

    Wow. A business with an advertising foundation of christian beliefs. Guess its only the bottom line they care about. Funny though they would make this decision the week of CHRISTmas. Sorry Cracker Barrel employees, expect layoffs. Because the majority of our nation supports Phil Robertson.

  • patricia Yonkman

    Just mailed out my letter to Tennessee. Will NOT be going to Cracker Barrel again. BTW I put a Mother and Child Christmas stamp on my envelope and wrote ” I hope this doesn’t offend you” Ha!

  • Harvey L. Doss

    i will patronize chick-fil a, now, for sure

  • Jesse Plummer

    According to that statement, they continue to offer Duck Commander products. DC is owned by the Robertsons. Duck Dynasty is owned by A&E. By offering DC products, the Robertsons benefit financially. Could Cracker Barrel be protesting A&E?

    • Curious

      Of course they still offer SOME Commander products, and nowhere does it say they removed Dynasty products. They removed everything with Phil on it.

    • George Dutcher

      Jesse, they refused to take a side on this, they still offer both DD and DC products. What they removed from the shelves was all Phil Robertson, Miss Kay and Happy happy happy products. Regardless of the trademark on the package.

  • Lenny Shirley

    I really wish people would read. I just left Cracker Barrel and Duck Commander products are still on the shelves. Not a single Duck Dynasty product seen though.

    • Curious

      You would think in the 14 hours since they posted that they were removing some products. And all the uproar on their Facebook page i mean 10’s of thousands of complaints. They would have clarified which products. The local one here has nothing with Phil on it. And some Crack Barrel employees have posted on Facebook that they where told to remove anything with Phil on it. Personally i think i would have clarified my position after the first few thousand complaints.

  • Tammy Thompson

    This country was built and founded on FREEDOM OF SPEECH my family supports what Phil Robertson said and we will never be back to Cracker Barrel to eat cause if you someone is not for Gods word i cant support that GOD is the only one who can judge any of us Cracker Barrel you are very wrong

  • Sharon Grant

    I will not step foot in their restaurants again…

  • Timk

    I Did Not Realize So Many LGBT Were Duck Hunters….
    And …….Just What Kind of Harm can a Package with a Duck Call in It Do To The LGBT Community?

  • Arlene Roth Loughrey

    i will dine other places!!!! your loss Cracker Barrel

  • Dawn Holman Conner

    The title of this article is WRONG!!! Cracker Barrel states that they have pulled “Duck Dynasty” products from their shelves, which if you know anything, then you know that Duck Dynasty is the trademark owned by A&E. It also states that they still offer “Duck Commander” products, which again if you know anything, then you know that is the trademark and company OWNED by PHIL ROBERTSON AND THE ROBERTSON FAMILY!!! The title of this article is misleading!!!!


    If they offer Duck Commander articles which is in SUPPORT of Phil because it is his and the other Robertsons Company… and pull Duck Dynasty whic is the A&E product line, it clearly shows support for Phil Robertson and a statement against A&E…..
    Bravo CB…but maybe you need to make your stand a little clearer for the low info folks

  • Cindy Martin

    Well, now I will not eat at Cracker Barrel any more. Cowards. Too afraid of losing the almighty dollar to stand up for what is right.

  • Ed Chavis

    This may be the most confusing product pull I’ve ever seen. Their online store does still show some Duck Commander items (mostly logo t-shirts) for sale, but a search for Duck Dynasty items returns zero results. Their actions are being widely perceived as caving into the LGBT community, and their silence is not helping. If the intention is to be in support of the Robertsons,, and to reject the A&E DD branded items, somebody from CB better say something, and soon.

  • rexmoncrief

    I called my local Cracker Barrel last night. Here is the conversation:

    • Curious

      Good stuff :), they where vague in for a reason.

  • Doug

    There are plenty of other places to eat…

  • Linda Jensen

    It is amazing how many people put the dollar above God and Country! They can for- get who made this country because they are so busy kissing ass to the scum destroying it.

  • Bill

    We do a lot of traveling and try to eat at Cracker Barrel as often as we can. Not anymore. I don’t watch Duck Dynasty but I am a christian and try to give my business to christian business. So obviously we are done with Cracker Barrel.

  • Douglas V Mceachern

    I have always enjoyed cracker barrel, If you think that supporting the Naacp and GLAAD is in your best interest, then you will do it without my support of you resturant and store. Phil Roberson is a good Christian man, so this tell me you’re not in support of christians. I’m really disappointed in your decission.

  • feedtherichtothepoor

    Well, while my wife and I both enjoy your restaurant, we will now never step inside your doors again. For you to cow-tow to the GLAAD frenzy and not support an American and his right to free speech is so unpatriotic, we choose to boycott your establishment…..

    • Lance Graves

      Notice what the corporate statement didn’t say. It didn’t say anything like “we stand by Phil Robertson” or “we disagree with A & E”. Cracker Barrel did what A & E did. They kept the Robertson family minus Phil. Cracker Barrel should be boycotted along with A & E. It is time to take a stand.

  • Justin Hayes Yates

    What I find funny are you religious folks are making it all about religion. This has nothing to do with religion. This has to do with plain old free speech.

    • aliswell

      The freedom of speech to voice our religious beliefs and to quote the Word of God. THAT particular freedom of speech is what is constantly under attack.

  • Kristi Walker

    I will not support any business who believes that only certain groups have the right to freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Phil Robertson harmed no one with his words when he was asked a direct question about his beliefs. Any business that does not support freedom for ALL will not get our family’s business and we were frequent CB customers.

  • rickie bunch

    they just lost another customer,,i support the duck family

  • Richard Crosier

    well wont buy cracker barrel products or eat there ever!!!!

  • Roseann

    Big Mistake Cracker Barrel. Like the man says grow balls!

  • Tim EL

    I would dine at Cracker Barrel a few times a month….NO MORE!!!

  • Jeanette Victoria

    I’m going there to day if they have pulled DD stuff then I and my chruch will no longer use their restaurants

  • Terre McClellan Dickerson

    I’m disappointed, but not surprised! We love Cracker Barrel, but not enough to support their decision. Ihop here we come! Unless you screw up too!

  • billjcanada

    Evaluate away idiots! I will be visiting your competition and not purchasing anything that says Cracker Barrel on it,

  • Rachelle Maison Zebro

    You gotta love a business that will set on the fence and TRY to please both sides, it is one or the other, can NOT be both. I will STAND by PHIL ROBERTSON’S comments. People need to understand GOD LOVES ALL, and the GLAAD or whatever GAY LES. needs to get over themselves this WORLD does NOT revolve around them.

  • Gina

    cracker barrel yall say that the Duck Commander products will still be offered but what if Phil is on the Duck Commander stuff will it still be sold?

  • Ralph Brannan

    Thank you Cracker Barrel for letting me know you disapprove of christians having an opinion. I will not eat or shop in your stores till this is changed. That’s my right.

  • Rae Berry Bracken Henderson

    They are just an other establishment that is pandering to the few and spitting in the face of the many. Do they have any clue as to who the majority of folks are that eat at their restaurant or shop in their store? I guess they don’t. I’ll find another place to eat next time I want some “country cooking”.

  • Chase Johnson

    trash Duck Dynasty products, Market Duck Commander products.

  • Dirk Noel Theriault

    The Wimps of Wilson County! Makes me ashamed to admit that I ever lived there. In the future, I will opt to eat at Taco Bell rather than patronize these gutless jerks. Dan Evins is probably rolling over in his grave!

  • Jerry G

    Good. I’ll be dining there more often.

    • DrColostomy

      You probably get a mouthful at the rest areas too.

  • Sharon Tollin

    Huh, while traveling in Branson; we purchased 3 Duck Commander articles at Cracker Barrel. Very disappointed with them. I thought they would know there clientele better than that!

  • Amanda Blanchard

    This is a complete sickening BS article. I actually work there, so I can set you straight. Cracker Barrel has a mission statement and an extreme policy of equality that’s about a paragraph long. They didn’t pull anything in fear, they pull things ALL the time and cut prices. They are a business, and they know that discrimination, prejudice, and hatred will not be tolerated on the premises, or within the company. They are extremely strict on this, if you so much as say something that can be taken as prejudice or racist, depending on your actions, you will lose your job. Cracker Barrel was founded by Christians that lead by example, and do not discriminate against ANY group based on age, sex, gender, disability, religion, or culture. The list is much longer, it’s actually posted on the wall at the front door.

    Cracker Barrel pulled the products because they don’t support hatred and discrimination, regardless of the majority of the founders’ personal opinions. It’s not that they don’t support free speech, but rather they understand that prejudice has repercussions when you communicate it. Not to mention they won’t lose any money by marking them down, they will sell even faster and we have a ton of products that are way expensive from Duck Commander, even 30% will boost sales because its not even going to touch sales. That is all.

    • Amanda Blanchard

      Also, we still sell their products, just removed the ones with the “face” of the show/company.

      • DrColostomy

        Are they right next to the Rainbow flags, and KY?

    • 2lassie3 – Cracker Barrel – Phil & Kay Robertson

  • Don Pugh

    just called 1 of the local cracker barrel stores in my area and they said they still have all of there Duck Dynasty products on the shelves

  • ashley

    You are the managing director of this website. You should be able to manage your grammar in your articles. I noticed at least five grammar mistakes in this article. Additionally, the composition was also poor. I thought this was a guest article from the way it was written. Also, you might want to do some research. The Bill of Rights does not say that private companies cannot fire you over your speech or refuse to sell your product. It says the government will not infringe on these rights. Cracker Barrel is not the United States government.

    • DrColostomy

      Grammar Nazi! No hobbies? Nothing to do? So ugly you can’t get a (straight) man?

      • ashley

        Wow, Dr.Colonoscopy, are you so dumb you can’t respond without insulting my appearance? When you write articles for a living, you should understand the conventions of the language in which you are writing. You’re probably not capable of understanding that concept though.

  • happy girl

    I will no longer patronize Cracker Barrel. They are cowards and fools!

  • Guest

    I believe most people that visit Cracker Barrel are older Americans so this boycott is going to fail miserably. It guess it’s not really surprising how a company that is apparently racist towards white people, as their name suggests, would join in a senseless boycott.

    • ashley

      Do you really think that’s what their name means?

      • Kristi Walker

        About as much as “Mr. Clean” is a racist statement.

      • DrColostomy

        Negro Barrel?

  • Kathy

    I will no longer do business with anyone who removes Duck Commander products from their lines. I hope others will follow this example. There are to many options for dining and shopping to do business with people who martyr those who follow their faith. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–

    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me. By Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) was a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

  • cliftonpyle

    I’m glad they chose to pull DD products from their shelves for the following reasons.
    1. A&E owns the rights to the DD brand and this will hurt A&E.
    2. By CB showing support for the gay and lesbians, I now know where I WILL NEVER spend my money again.
    3. I’m sick of having to worry about offending the gay world.
    4. If gays want to be gay then so be it. If I want to buy DD products then so be it. Gays need to stop whining about what I do.
    5. Maybe General Motors, and every other car manufacture of automobiles should stop selling cars to gay people. Hell! It makes as much sense as pulling DD products from a shelf or banning Phil Robertson from his own show.
    6. Did I mention I will no longer eat at Quaker Barrel…..and yes I said Quaker, since they have such a “old fashion” approach to something so damned simple. After all. CB was never concerned about the gay world feelings getting hurt BEFORE this simple interview with Phil.

  • dhtaz

    As a white American, I’m offended by the name of the restaurant, Cracker Barrel! I’m going to boycott them until they change their name AND back off Phil Robertson!

  • craig cobain

    There are better products out there besides cracker barrel . I myself will be exploring their goods. This nation has become a liberal mess. Everything offends them.

  • George Dutcher

    To many of you people on here don’t seem to realize Duck Dynasty is an A&E,trademark, Duck Commander is The company owned by the Robertsons. They are pulling any Phil, Miss Kay and Happy Happy Happy products. They aren’t picking the network or the family to support because their chicken sh*ts trying to play both sides. They aren’t picking a side to support.

  • Ryan

    May as pull all the candy. Can’t sell anything with caffeine. Thats a sin to Mormons, they may be offended..

  • retvet

    Cracker Barrell is now GAY Property. Now you can’t trust what goes into their food.

  • George Dutcher

    For those of you that feel you need confirmation from CB on what has happened, don’t wait for the CEO or other Corp. Rep., call a location near you and get it from the front line. Then they won’t be able to blind side you or twist it. Call your local Cracker Barrel and ask them what was removed. Don’t talk to the Mgr. who has been grilled by Corp. on what to say, talk to the worker who answers the phone or the cashier.

  • Joe Periat

    BULL CRAP!! I was JUST there today. Nothing “Duck Commander” is on sale and they were restocking a crap ton of merchandise. So, these so called news people will say anything to get ratings and that shock value. The food and service was awesome as always. Everyone needs to GORW UP and stop this crap. Political correctness has gotten way out of control!!! (Perrysburg, Ohio)

    • Joe Periat

      *GROW* not gorw. (thank you for the understanding)

    • DrColostomy

      Did your hot dog taste like it might have poo on it?

  • Mike Bennett

    Let’s see here, McDonald’s and KFC serve halal food to cater to Muslims. BW3 is against the second amendment, Now Cracker Barrel is pretty much anti-Christian with this action, i mean they didn’t come out and say they were, yet their actions speak louder than their words, Honestly I do not understand why a person’s sexual preference needs to be out in the public view. I also cannot fathom why catering to one group who are clearly in a minority should even be considered over the rights and interests of the majority. I am certain I have missed a few restaurants here, yet the whole point is that if we have morals and convictions, our choices for dining out are getting slimmer. I know I will not spend my hard earned money at any place that adheres to political correctness and the insanity of swaying with the current political climes.

  • Susie

    I love eating at Cracker Barrel…my all time favorite!! But guess this girl and her family will be having a change of scenery!!! There are lots of other options!! Its about time Christians take a stand!!! I support Phil and his beliefs!

  • tooo funny

    Not eating there anymore.

  • Sharon

    Well, maybe Chick Fila will step up & start selling Duck Commander merchandise!!! I can’t believe Cracker Barrel “cracked” under such little pressure!!! I love their food & their atmosphere…if this is their choice, I’ll make my dinner choices elsewhere!!!

  • LadyGunfighter

    You might want to re-read the article before you quack. Getting rid of Duck DYNASTY is getting rid of A&E! Keeping Duck Commander is keeping the Robertsons. Geeze if you’re going to post a boycott make sure you know what the hell you’re talking about!

    • DrColostomy

      So, they still are selling DC products with Phil’s likeness??????

      • FL_BigFoot

        Most Duck Commander products have the company logo, not pictures of the family.

    • John Campbell

      They dumped Phil altogether and then put the rest into a sale bucket at 50% off to clean out the stock. No, Cracker Barrel made themselves quite clear. If that’s not the case then there sure are a lot of news sites saying the same thing and they all got it wrong.

  • DrColostomy

    Bottom line: liberal fascists like anus, and Patriots like vag.

  • Judith LeCrone

    Well I’m glad to know where they stand. Won’t go back there again.

  • Chris Pasquariello

    This article is extremely misleading. Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty are two separate companies.

  • Tim Russell

    No More Cracker barrel Texas road house and old Chicago’s
    all the way

    • FL_BigFoot

      Texas Road House is much better. Never tried Old Chicago’s.

  • JJ690

    It’s very simple! Do not patronize any Cracker Barrel restaurants. This is how Homos and Blacks intimidate/extort people and businesses. Don’t let them win! Stand up and be heard just like Phil Robertson. Don’t be shouted down. Don’t let them silence you by calling you a bigot. Get right back in their grill!! Speak your mind!!

  • Brian K. Turner

    Ok, I don’t think A&E is stifling anyone’s right to speech, I am a conservative, Christian man, but we have to allow freedom of speech on all sides not just the ones we agree with, that being said, my right to voice my own opinions and my right to visit or not visit an establishment based on their beliefs or actions is also protected. If this is what Cracker Barrel wants, so be it, good for them for exercising their freedom of speech, in doing so, I will not be going back to Cracker Barrel, that’s my prerogative!

  • John Campbell

    No more Cracker Barrel. That was easy. I have the same rights as everyone else and I do exercise mine. With intent.

    I haven’t shopped at Target thanks to their leftist promotional for over a decade and the only thing I missed was not being the victim of their latest failure to protect their customers from the latest theft of credit/debit card information. Looks like I made the right decision back then too!

  • OingoBoingo

    Um, this is a good thing if true, you want to buy Duck Commander Products (aka Roberston Family), not Duck Dynasty Products (aka A&E). Yes, they could of clarified it better as not everyone know the difference between the product lines.

    Late tonight, a Cracker Barrel spokesperson issued this statement:

    “We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores. We removed selected products which we were concerned might offend some of our guests while we evaluate the situation. We continually evaluate the products we offer and will continue to do so.”

    • John Campbell

      According to the news articles from multiple sources they put the rest that didn’t have Phil’s picture on them on sale at 50% off to clear out the stock. Either a lot of news outlets are claiming false information or Cracker barrel is out.

      • OingoBoingo

        I would love more clarification on this.

        • John Campbell

          Me too!

  • Shellie Parr

    Cracker Barrel, what would you do this for???? Has noone there heard of Freedom of Speech??? while you guys pull the products……we, the people will be eating at other restaurants!!!! Guess you people just don’t get it, do ya????

  • marine by choice

    While I don’t have one near me, I can surely tell my friends and family that are close to one, to drive on by and eat somewhere else.

  • paperpig83

    Hope Cracker Barrel is not this stupid!! If this is true, I’ll never darken their door again!!!

  • Tom Cook

    So they are not going to sell “Duck Dynasty”?? Good that’s the A&E Brand!!!!
    Still Selling “Duck Commander” Great that’s the “Families brand” Good Job C.Bar.

  • Tom Cook

    If you people do not know the difference between Duck Dynasty & Duck Commander, do some homework before picking sides or else you look like you support A&E!!

  • thor

    Here is their comments page. Be sure to visit and tell them exactly how you feel!

  • Erin Flanigan

    They took out DUCK DYNASTY products NOT DUCK COMMANDER! DD is owned by A&E! DUCK COMMANDER is owned by The Robertsons! So, they are in SUPPORT of The Robertsons! Get the story STRAIGHT! Pun intended!;)

  • David Hill

    Cracker Barrel Story Update. 10:45am 12/21/2013

    I just spoke
    with the Retail Products Manager at the Shallowford Road Cracker Barrel
    in Chattanooga, Ph # 423-892-0977. She confirmed that they have removed
    A&E branded Duck Dynasty items and put them in the stock room
    pending further instruction from corporate office. She said that DUCK
    COMMANDER items are still available and have not been pulled. She was
    extremely nice and stated that she understood why this was such a huge issue
    because of her own strong Christian beliefs. She said that they are
    currently still carrying the Duck Commander items. She said that the
    items were pulled so as to not offend some, but went on to say that
    someone will be offended either way.

    I asked if she had been
    busy fielding calls and comments from customers and she said a
    resounding YES. She encouraged everyone to call the corporate office and
    express their concern directly. That number again is 1-800-333-9566.


    • binky354

      Thank you for clarifying.

  • Steve Schultz

    guess I can boycott the Cracker Barrel too!!

  • Joe Owens

    Time to start picketing in front of the Barrel. Anyone else up for it. Lets start a “TAKE IT BACK” PROTEST AND SAVE THIS COUNTRY BEFORE THE DAMN LIBERALS AND THEIR MINIONS DESTROY IT. Gimme a Hell Yeah.

  • Steve Schultz

    I hope the Cracker Barrel employees that practice homosexuality wash their hands

  • prfssrpah

    To offend 80 percent of the population to appease 2 percent (who probably never frequent their restaurants) is a poor business decision. But the top brass have no guts to stand up

  • Chad3sonofchuck

    Wonder how Cracker Barrel will feel without Christians visiting?

  • BurrRobson

    Shame on Cracker Barrel.

  • Kimberly

    They still carry the Duck Commander products … they pulled the Duck Dynasty which profits A & E. Did you call them before reprinting this? Seems to me people need to do more research before jumping to conclusions!

  • binky354

    Cracker Barrell, you’ve gone too far. There are other places to eat out. Hope you enjoy your Christian-free zone.


    I’ve just reevaluated my dining options, also. Cracker Barrel is over hyped and over priced. We have a great cafeteria here that I’m going to patronize from now on. Why in the world would CB offend the majority of us over a handful of nitwit gays. Pay the price.

  • CSHJ

    What a shame that Cracker Barrel is so badly threatened by the LGBT community that they have to lose money over it. Well, that’s business for you. If I’m offended by something do you think they will pull if off their shelves. Doubt it. You can legislate all sorts of things but you can’t force people to like you or the legislation. It would be so much better for the LGBT community to try a little tenderness. I don’t care what you do with your life but don’t expect me to like you anymore by getting it in my face. Now, what other businesses do I get to stop shopping at or watching because they offend me.

  • Brad Johnson

    Another idiot thinks he’s a journalist (Eric Odom). The title of the story usually doesn’t contradict what the story actually says. Try harder next time, or get an editor..

  • HouseofChristina

    Wait,….all proceeds from any DD sales go TO A&E,….they said they still have the Robertson FAMILY products,….they clearly support PHIL and NOT A&E,…..I was pissed right off until I read that part,…I love CB,…

  • helovastickman

    Sorry I put Jesus before GLADD, IF C racker Barrel does not agree I shall eat elsewhere, and I hate that I did enjoy eating there. I think this will inhibit my digestion.

  • Florence Hummers-Martin

    someday, we are all going to stand before our maker and answer for what we did here on earth ,,,whether you believe it or not, only He has the final say……meanwhile Judge not, lest ye be judged A&E

  • Just just plain mean, man

    All Christians should boycott the Cracker Barrel.

  • Jonathan Danese

    Supposedly there are some 85 million Christians or so in America…………. you sure wouldnt know it when it is election time……. for all of those complaining here that do NOT vote …………. stop wasting space here until you care enough to actually get out of your house and go VOTE your principles as well

    • Mackie72

      Well said, Jon!

  • Jerry Floyd

    Cracker Barrel needs to visit their Southern Resturants on Sundays and see just who the patrons are before jumping on the Gay Rights Bandwagon.A number of my fellow church members meet on Sunday at Cracker Barrel for lunch but I’m sure after this hits the news we will find another place to dine.Sorry because we have always been happy with the food and service. All christians should do the same.

  • Richard Lawler

    “Political Correctness”. has gone to far. How are so few make up what is right. I for one am noting all products and companies not standing up for what is right. Maybe the message is not what you want to hear yet if you watched Mr. Robertson you know where his heart and words come from. So Cracker Barrel Old Country Store it is your right to pull all the products you want and it is my right to boycott Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in any matter I can. to me you are the hateful ones and need to be crashed. You do know that more people sign up in support for Mr. Robertson then are a part of Fear of LGBT Threats

  • Mackie72

    Your article needs to clarify that while Cracker Barrel is still offering DUCK COMMANDER products, they have:
    a) removed all DC items with Phil’s likeness on them.
    b) placed all Duck COMMANDER items on sale at close to 50% off.

    Dumbasses are claiming Cracker Barrel is supporting the Robertson’s by only removing “Duck Dynasty” items owned by A&E.
    This is not the case.
    They are PURGING Phil’s likeness and by slashing prices, they are PURGING Duck Commander merchandise.

  • Tee

    No more Fri. & Sat. night CB for me and my family. I just pulled all the stuff (Books, DVDs, CDs, Clothes etc.) from CB out of my home, into the trash it goes. To many other good places to eat.

  • James Tracy

    Change the name of CRACKER barrel. I am offended by the racial slur in the name. I am not kidding. you started this fight I’ll do everything I can to end it.

  • Lupe Beam

    that’s ok because Duck Dynasty is A&E products. Duck Commander is Robertson product. the only other thing I have to say is “WWJD”

  • Freddy Lee

    Well Cracker Barrel just lost another customer.

  • Lamenter Captain

    This is the time for all who believe in Christ to stand together.

  • Michael

    Boycott Cracker Barrel

  • SandraYvonneFreeman

    CRACKER BARELL!! ~ Do you really want to do this? I agree with another post here I will be exploring my other options as to where I want eat the next time I dine out!!!.

  • mossonrocks

    Cracker Barrel – they are now off our shopping list – lots of decent competitors out there – we will purchase from them

  • Long-Skirts

    “To learn
    who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    ― Voltaire
    My husband and our 10 children will never eat at Cracker Barell again!

  • Bill Jones

    well Cracker Barrel You just lost another customer. See how well the Pcc crap is working for ya.

  • Lynda Blackmon

    Cracker Barrel took out DUCK DYNASTY products NOT DUCK COMMANDER! DD is
    owned by A&E! DUCK COMMANDER is owned by The Robertsons! So, they
    are in SUPPORT of The Robertsons! Before you ruin a good restaurant and
    listen to the news that always gets it wrong do your own research

    • JayMS

      News reports I have read state anything with Phil on it is to be removed and the remaining items are marked down for clearance.

    • Tom Fitzhugh

      Cracker Barrel just commited yet another act of politically-correct bigotry and you are defending them??? No wonder they feel that they can get away with doing it.

  • onceproudamerican

    How is it that 2-4% of the population are homosxual yet are on every TV show and can bully folks into this type of decision?

  • William Bruce Tallant

    Ok.did they pull Phil’s products? If so they have made me mad as hell and I will never go back again.i have been going at least twice a week?I’m tired of all this PC crap.and that’s all I gotta say about that.

  • Tackygal

    Thanks, for notifying the public, about Cracker Barrel’s decision not to support Freedom of Speech and Cracker Barrel supporting someone being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Just my husband and myself and we would eat there four times per month. No more.

  • myselfBtru

    WAIT, WAIT, WAIT….. which are they removing? Headline states Duck Commander removed, but statement reads they removed Duck DYNASTY which is an A&E product. I need clarification here. Duck Commander items remaining on sale is a GOOD THING people…… check it out before boycotting them. (going to try and find the truth)

  • John Rickell

    Cracker Barrel sucked anyway, been there once was not impressed, never went back.

  • myselfBtru

    “Cracker Barrel’s mission is Pleasing People. We operate within the ideals of fairness, mutual respect and equal treatment of all people. These ideals are the core of our corporate culture. We continue to offer DUCK COMMANDER products in our stores. We removed selected products which we were concerned might offend some of our guests while we evaluate the situation. We continually evaluate the products we offer and will continue to do so.”

    SUPPORT this restaurant as it has removed the A&E brand but continues to support the Robertson family brand Duck Commander.

  • Kenneth R DeLeon Jr

    The fact that they have Duck Commander products which are rooted with the Robertsons, and not the hipper/trendy Duck Dynasty brand should tell them something about their consumer base, they’d most likely get even more business from putting the products center stage.

  • Guest

    Larry Lindbergh

  • gedrury

    I usually eat up to 50 times a year at Cracker barrel. They just got my last dollar. I will not eat or buy anything from there. Let the lgbt take care of them.

  • Barbara Tipton Davis

    all over freedom of speech,guess no more cracker barrel for me

  • Larry Lindbergh

    My family and I will no longer eat at Cracker Barrel. I am sick and tired of Christians being persecuted for their beliefs and opinnions while the secular world can say what they want to without any problems. Freedom of speech works for all of us, not just a few.

  • anthony lc

    Not sure about this but a few years ago were they not in the same situation with the same groups. Now they changed their tune because they are scared!!

  • Stan D Mute

    There’s one less cracker in the barrel today! My family will never again set foot in their stores.

    If enough of us crackers cross them off our lists, maybe they’ll rename the place, “PC Barrel”? Or maybe, “Ben Dover Barrel”?

    • Jimmy Allen

      “If you read the article over again it says they are continuing to sell
      Duck Commander items nut not the Duck Dynasty items, that is because
      Duck Commander is the Robertson’s brand whereas Duck Dynasty is
      A&E’s brand. Currently there is a Boycott of the Duck Dynasty Brand
      and a Buycott of Duck Commander items.. This has nothing to do with the
      LGBT …….. but has everything to do with people backing the
      Robertson’s (sic) ”

      This is a quote from a recent post. Read it. Read the story again. Think about what you have just read.

      Now, you were saying…?

  • moxie

    Too bad cracker barrel you probably have more redneck to eat at your place than the what evers!

  • Lori

    Is it possible, per the article, that the company is pulling A & E produced products only and not the Duck Commander products that will actually have the proceeds go to the family? Just askin’.

    • Jimmy Allen

      That appears to be the case, Lori, but I don’t believe the majority of folks here get that…..

  • amabokcuf

    Hmmmm, just up the road from me. i may visit them…

  • headusher

    We always thought cracker barrel was a family oriented wholesome restaurant chain. Guess we were wrong. Bye bye CB.

    • Jared

      What part of it isn’t family friendly? Do your kids even care if a Phil t-shirt is there? What about families with a gay child? Is CB not being family friendly to them? You pretend to care about stuff like “family oriented wholesome” but really you just find it offensive personally, so you take it out and pretend it’s for a reason other than your personal beliefs.

  • Jactelit2

    I didn’t have to be busy evaluating anything. If Cracker Barrel is so fast to cave; more power to them. We have, in little old Columbia, SC, oh about, 400 alternate places to dine out. Who cares if they cave to a loud, PC loving crowd? I’m (along with my money) gone someplace else. See how it work cracker barrel?

    • Jimmy Allen

      “If you read the article over again it says they are continuing to sell
      Duck Commander items nut not the Duck Dynasty items, that is because
      Duck Commander is the Robertson’s brand whereas Duck Dynasty is
      A&E’s brand. Currently there is a Boycott of the Duck Dynasty Brand
      and a Buycott of Duck Commander items.. This has nothing to do with the
      LGBT …….. but has everything to do with people backing the
      Robertson’s (sic) ”
      This is a quote from a recent post. Read it. Read the story again. Think about what you have just read.
      Now, you were saying…?

  • PopTheLid

    Sorry Cracker Barrel, huge mistake joining in on persecuting Christians for their beliefs.

    Enjoy your newly sought after LGBT clientele at least those who agree with you.

  • Joseph Taylor

    guess i will not be eating there anymore, hurt the pocketbook, if everone stands we win.

  • Marsha Jean Naprstek Pearson

    Cracker Barrel either change your name to something else that maybe “OTHER” people like as for our family we will no longer frequent Cracker Barrel from Texas to Florida . You guys really are DUMB! You have the whole USA evaluating you and it does not look good for you, Think about your Decor in your resturants it says family, We say prayer of Thanksgiving in your establishment and no ones feathers get ruffled, We have on occassion to have a gay waiter/waitress to which was no concern but you do something so royally stupid as this.

  • Bryan Worley

    This is good news for the economy. The vast majority of Duck Dynasty products are MADE IN CHINA. So much for that darn American family….profiting off of Communist labor…
    As far as Cracker Barrel, the food is cheap, mostly heat and eat, and bland. They cater to the lowest common denominator, and sell a bunch of Chinese made crap in their silly gift shop.

  • Carol Singleton Ashworth

    I will pass on stopping at Cracker Barrel on my trip to and from Dallas, or any other time from now on. They lost my business even though I haven’t gotten my yearly special Christmas ornament or any of their cute items that my grandchildren would love as gifts. I’ll just have to find another place to get them.

  • Yahoo

    Time to have Open Season on the Minority LGBT People & All Others who would Crush the Constitution for Their Own Purpose ! . Boycott Everything that Support the LGBT People & the LGBT Like & Support. Majority Rule People Let’s Take Back Our Country ^ Government !.

    • Jared

      Wow. You sound like the dumbest person lol

  • Edna Giles Dunkin

    Ok I have the right not to eat at Cracker Barrel !

  • Skangie

    PEOPLE: A CB employee said that they pulled everything off the shelves that had Phil’s face on it! This isn’t Commander v. Dynasty but CB v. Phil!

  • gman863

    You’re being duped, America! Unlike Martin Bashir, Paula Deen or Alec Baldwin getting pulled from their networks, A&E is running non-stop episodes of Duck Dynasty. Season four (set to air in January) has already been shot and Phil will be in all the episodes. Given this, Phil hasn’t really been “suspended”. This is a crude ratings stunt on the part of A&E and the Duck Dynasty producers.
    As for Cracker Barrel, they’re milking the sales of DD items by creating an artifical shortage. Even at 50% off, they’re still making money. Watch – all the DD merchandise will return within a few months.

  • Strange1

    I can’t believe both sides of this non-issue.

  • rseabrease

    I purchase a lot of items at the Carlisle, PA Cracker Barrel and eat many meals. As of today that ends. You remove Duck Dynasty and I remove you from my activities.

  • dave kenny

    bye bye cracker barrel

  • Florence Hummers-Martin

    Well, they walk a fine line but made decisions they have to abide by….so am I…I WILL NOT spend any more of MY money there……and I will spread the word.

  • Florence Hummers-Martin

    I don’t believe Phil was attacking anyone….they asked for his OPINION and he gave it….. right or wrong, he is entitled to HIS beliefs just as the gay folks are… this case A&E loses….no one else

  • somebody

    They are afraid of being served a lawsuit by a radical gay group

  • Chuck Robey

    you read the article over again it says they are continuing to sell
    Duck Commander items nut not the Duck Dynasty items, that is because
    Duck Commander is the Robertson’s brand whereas Duck Dynasty is
    A&E’s brand. Currently there is a Boycott of the Duck Dynasty Brand
    and a Buycott of Duck Commander items.. This has nothing to do with the
    LGBT Retards but has everything to do with people backing the

    • Jimmy Allen

      Chuck, I don’t believe any of these folks have figured that out yet…..

      • Chuck Robey

        That’s because our Public School Systems don’t teach Reading Comprehension anymore.. Just that Common Core Crap and Homosexuality to kids as young a Kindergarten..

        • Jared

          Can you link where Kindergarten’s are taught “homosexuality?” Or are you just spewing BS?

          • philla12

            Google it, you will find plenty of links if you do.

  • rore73

    Sure wish businesses, especially restaurants, would stay away from controversial issues – Why does Cracker Barrel want to risk losing the bulk of its’ customers, which are undoubtedly heterosexuals, rather than offend the few gay customers they have in comparison, over some Duck Dynasty merchandise?
    It’s reported that A&E already has next years episodes canned, so why all the controversy? Does anyone else suspect that perhaps the whole controversy is being staged by A&E in an attempt to increase it’s ratings?

  • Chuck Raymond

    Just like being a christian…………you either are or your not…… Cracker Barrel just showed its colors…….on the fence depending on how much it hurts their bank account…….i done with them plus my wife cook just as good and much cheaper

  • Phyllis

    This doesn’t concern Cracker Barrel in the least. Why would they fee the need to get involved? If they want to support the Robertsons then they should have the nerve to stand up and say so if they don’t they should say that too. It is sad when you can no longer have an opinion of your own. The gays wanted to come out of the closet so let them grow some tougher skin and take what opinions people have of them. I know that homosexuality is a sin, and I believe a lot of them realize it too. It’s a matter of choice, If you choose to be a homosexual I don’t have to agree, that doesn’t mean I hate you. Jesus tells us to hate the sin but love the sinner. I choose to be a Christian and you don’t have to agree but I still love you.

  • Dale Putnam

    Cracker Barrel.. listen up.. taking free speech into consideration for your customers.. WILL FORCE many to not return.. losing the vocal minority.. might be better when the non-vocal majority backs you up… think long and hard… long and hard!
    The quiet, non violent, supporters of your business are not going to make a lot of noise.. as we quietly don’t return.

  • Ari

    Well sweet! With everyone clearing out of my local CB now, I may be able to EAT SOME GOOD FOOD! Still not going to purchase any items because they tend to be pricey…but hell, the food is great for my liking =)

    • Valerie Jarrett

      I like the food but mine is always cold!

    • Tom Fitzhugh

      Another gay heard from.

  • observer

    well, I guess I am done with Cracker Barrel.

  • disqus_oxSyWjt0K1

    I am curious. This says they pulled Duck Dynasty products but they continue to offer Duck Commander products. If that is true, then they are supporting the Robertson family and not supporting A&E. A&E owns the rights to all Duck Dynasty products but they ca’t touch Duck Commander because that is the Robertson’s family business!

  • Carole Schmidt

    Well that’s not good. Guess Cracker Barrel won’t be getting my business anymore. I stand with Phil!

  • Jared

    Phil had the freedom to say whatever he wanted to say. Cracker Barrel and A&E are not attacking his right to say what he said. They are exercising their right to take a stance; in this case, pulling certain people and products off of their shelves.

    Anyone stating that Cracker Barrel is “attacking someone for their beliefs”, and then goes on to say that they will not “shop at Cracker Barrel” are doing the exact same thing that A&E and Cracker Barrel did: make a choice based on someone else’s stance. You all have the right to shop and eat where you want. I just hope you’re all aware of the hypocrisy that you’re spewing around in these comments.

    • Tom Fitzhugh

      Go back to Huffpo and preach your gay activism there.

  • Ernel Galsim

    Screw Cracker Barrel. I know where I will NOT be shopping from now on.

  • Sal

    What is a Cracker Barrel, the cheese?..ha alot more in the case to buy (get the store brand same stuff..if ur into low quality cheddar)..Boycott Cracker Barrel!

    • Sal

      Its so they are trying to get people to be affraid to speak..Thats what they want in the majorty,docile muts..worker bee’ free thoughts or speech or god forbid action!

  • HT

    I hope cracker Barrel is reading these comments and realizing who their biggest customers are. C.B. get a spine!!! I will be boycotting your stores. FOOLS!!!

  • Ray Tripp

    Then Cracker Barrel won’t mind me not going to there restaurant no Phil no me at there place hope you go out of business with the way you think I have no need for you

  • Debbie Ballagh

    I was going to buy Christmas gift certificate there but not now.

  • Harriet Bollox

    While I’ve never frequented Cracker Barrel, because of their current obvious stupidity, I will NEVER bother with them.

  • Stu Cushman

    Apparently it seems to be forgotten that Cracker Barrel was spanked for the treatment of homosexual employees back in 2004. This was just one of the
    instances of discrimination this Co. has been involved in. Now they think by getting involved in the middle of this dispute it will absolve them from prior injustices of their own.
    It,s a joke, money is the only issue, I believe it will backfire this time. Oh Well !!!

  • NPDeeDee

    What a bunch of pussays! I don’t need to eat there–or buy cheap stuff from China! Oh, BTW, GLADD people, we support your right to free speech–why don’t you support ours?

  • Cross67

    I believe that C. B. is doing the right thing. They have pulled products that A & E profit from and have kept “Duck Commander” items on the shelf (which proceeds go directly to the Robertsons). They don’t want to offend the people that support Phil Robertson. That is my take. Again, this is what was stated, “We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores.” They are a southern, conservative restaurant.

  • Allison Ott

    when did being gay and being Christian become impossible. The Right wing is so wrong they are disgusting.

  • Ronnie Parker

    Well i will Pass the word that they dont like christian values .

  • Cathryn Conner Buchanan

    I am a Fan of the Commander and will continue to purchase the product and support Duck Dynasty but, Folks this has nothing to do with Christian Values or Free Speech Phil’s rights were not and have not been violated. He could have said what he said in any Church at his home even on his Television Show, but he was doing an interview as a representative of A & E Network. We are in the general public knew where he stood on the issue, but he could have simply stated he did not think it was right or so many other things without going into detail on the subject , this is not just about the GAY LESBIAN Comment it is also about his Comment on Slavery in LA .He and they wil come out of this just fine unlike Paula Deen things she did not even actually do but was accused of cost her a very good career. Is this a double Standard for Free Speech?

  • Diane Sarratt

    Seems that too many folks are running from the truth these days. I agree with Eric, I too will be evaluating my dining options.

  • Nancy

    Had planned to eat there on Christmas Eve but will rethink and go some place where they are not afraid of the truth. I love Jesus and will not deny my God, so Cracker you are out of our life for ever.

  • Karin Lindholm Hutchinson

    Dang, I will have stop eating there and that was my favorite place. If they can’t support Freedom of Religion, I can’t support them. Too bad the leftists political correctness is taking away peoples morals and independent thoughts.

  • Erica

    As if it wasn’t easy enough to pass up. I won’t be dining there anymore

  • Gregg Mahaffey

    They support Phil that’s why they still offer DUCK COMMANDER, they only thing they are removing is Duck Dynasty products which is owned by A+E NETWORK. I will Back Duck Commander, Buck Commander, And the Whole Robertson Family!!!

  • Gregg Mahaffey

    Meanwhile, Cracker Barrel is tactically backing away. Employees contacted ABC7, saying they were instructed to pull Duck Dynasty products from the shelves on Friday, and slash prices of remaining items nearly 50-percent. – See more at:

    This is GOOD

  • Gregg Mahaffey

    “We continue to offer Duck Commander products in our stores. We removed selected products which we were concerned might offend some of our guests while we evaluate the situation. We continually evaluate the products we offer and will continue to do so.” – See more at: is BAD!!!

  • bijou2u

    They pulled the products which profit A&E . Not the Duck Commander brand which is the Robertson’s brand???

  • LST

    Damned shame, I enjoyed eating there on occasion, but if they want to condemn normalcy and support homosexual sickness, I’ll no longer spend any of my money there.

  • BroncoFan

    They rescinded this today, right?

  • DD

    If you attack Phil Robertson for his beliefs, your attacking your own Rights for free speech. The Shepard owner told me they hate small breeds…where does it end? Free speech means free speech. A& e needs to get it thru their thick skulls, that we may agree with Phil R. If a&e sues the Robertsons their in essence saying, the populace that watches, is wrong for having agreed with his right to answer questions regarding his beliefs. A&e were very aware you don’t agree with his views>publicly, but his first amendment allows him that freedom. Just as it allows gays to disagree.

  • DD

    I didn’t realize cracker barrel was a gay store. My bad. We will stop going.

  • Denise Perez

    “Crown of Thorns”, a small book, was released in April; it answers homosexuality, racism, marriage, identities of men and women, and the definition of art as it applies to pornography. You people need to read it; may be the compassion it was written in will give you all the words to say why it is wrong from the heart of love and compassion – the very strength of conviction.