BREAKING: Moderate GOP PAC That Promised to Beat Back Tea Party Challengers Bankrolled by Labor Unions

BREAKING: Moderate GOP PAC That Promised to Beat Back Tea Party Challengers Bankrolled by Labor Unions

It’s no secret moderate, dynasty GOP groups inside the beltway fear losing their iron grip on power in Washington. Conservative candidates continue to gain traction while moderates like Mitt Romney, Tommy Thompson and Scott Brown continue to be shown the door by general election voters.

One major new group, Republican Main Street Partnership, has openly declared war on conservatives. It was one thing when it was just known as moderates fighting to keep their thrones, but it’s another when you look at who is bankrolling their efforts.

The Republican Main Street Partnership has emerged as an outspoken, deep-pocketed player in pro-business GOP plans to beat back tea-party challengers next year. But the group’s new super PAC has an unexpected source for its seed money: labor unions.

The super PAC, called Defending Main Street, has not yet submitted a major donor disclosure to the Federal Election Commission. But documents filed by other groups show that two labor organizations, the International Union of Operating Engineers and the Laborers’ International Union of North America, directed a combined $400,000 to the Republican group in September and October.

Main Street says it has raised roughly $2 million total between its super PAC and an affiliated nonprofit group so far—and that means labor has supplied at least 20 percent of those funds.

In other words, liberal Republicans can’t beat conservatives without labor union support? If that’s the case then what exactly is the point of having a Republican party?


  • aliswell

    Both Dems and establishment GOP are one and the same, without discernible difference. Aside from a few different players obtaining or retaining positions of power, I also can’t understand why there are two parties.

    For both groups I would like to point out that conservatives ~ REAL conservatives ~ are here to stay, our numbers are growing, and we’ll continue to thwart you at every turn ~ pricking you, tripping you ~ until you come to see the light.

    • Rich Jenkins

      That’s the way, condemn people for not seeing things your way. Although, I do agree that democrats and republicans are one of the same, with different names, but the same agenda. Liberals don’t stand for nothing in-particular, and I’m not too sure what a real conservative is. I’d rather not label myself, more or less a true free-thinker.

      • aliswell

        Are you for small government? Low taxes? Pro-individual freedom rather than hive-like collectivism? Do you support the Constitution? If you answered “Yes” to all of the above you’re on the road to being labeled a conservative (oh, the horror of it all).

        And if you have an aversion to labels then prepare yourself for future disappointments. Because like it or not if you don’t define yourself, someone else will.

      • James Brown

        Gee Rich, I don’t know how you define condemnation but it must be pretty loosely. Does this sound better: RINO’s, we Tea Partiers and other assorted Conservatives will not vote for any candidate that does not vote on issues the way we want you too.
        Rich, this is called holding their feet to the fire and I thought that was the reason we had a vote, to use it to influence how our elected reps vote in congress. What have I been missing all these years? Isn’t this what engaged voters are supposed to do?

  • trooper4truth

    It’s common man’s turn for a nuclear option. Tea Party nuke the vote!

  • Hass

    Exactly what is needed.

    Kick those useless sellout RINO’s out of Office.

  • will2win

    Check out AFP.Org They’ve got a great plan for solving our present, one-party situation and forming a second, opposition party of conservatives.