Video Report: Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Slams Secular Humanist for Stealing Christmas Toys from Poor Kids

Video Report: Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Slams Secular Humanist for Stealing Christmas Toys from Poor Kids

This recent interview between Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Secular Humanist leader, Roy Speckhardt, is a must watch.

Christmas is little more than a month away.  That means atheist/secular humanist organizations are passionately looking for ways to dismantle Christian charities operating in the public square.

Speckhardt’s group, the American Humanist Association, seized their opportunity by threatening to sue a CO school for partnering with Operation Christmas Child, an evangelical program run by Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse.

The school, Skyview Academy, bowed to the secularists request to end their toy drive to give poor children Christmas gifts.  The principal says they had to cave because they simply don’t have the money for a court battle.

While Speckhardt was basking in the glory of his victory during his conversation with Mrs. Kelly, Megyn turned the tables on the humanist and asked him, now that he’s won; what does his group plan on doing to give these kids a Merry Christmas.

His answer was simple…nothing…

Here’s the clip:

  • Mike Valentine

    What an ass. Thank you Megyn Kelly

    • Kay Dill

      Yes, thank you. What a fanatic.

  • Stryder51

    I think Christians need to start suing these organizations for violating their Constitutional rights.

    • CitizenBrain

      Count me in on that class action suit.

  • Gerald Zirnstein

    Yes, we need to sue them for violation of Christian rights, very clearly being violated by fools and trash on the Left.

  • Richard J Reed

    Question: With the White House trying to push religion out of the Military with Punishing Chaplains and stopping the use of the word God in oaths and such, Is Obama stupid enough to try to ban the US Marines from doing their Toys For Tots activities?

  • Gwen Marsh

    Sock it to them Megayn!!! Live it!!!

  • Collin Nonapplicable

    Wish people would just stop fckin bickering for a little while. I thought the Mayans said this was supposed to be the start of a golden age… coulda fooled me.

  • bikerdogred1

    This man is a real jerk off.

  • Jim Grant

    Total friggin pin head. Be sure to send him some lumps of coal!

    • Mojo

      Send him some lead

  • BossBass7o7 .

    This guy is a little weasel with a Barney Frank mouth. KnowWutImSayn???

  • Jeremy Carter

    It’s funny that time and again courts have upheld Christmas in school and still these idiots seek to deny kids their rights. Why don’t these idiots believe that me and my kids have the same rights to believe as they do? Oh, I know. It’s because I believe in something and they believe in nothing.

  • cathy mathipoulos

    why do religious pamphlets have to be put into the toys? I am on neither side but I still find it propaganda that those “prayers” are allowed with the toys. Why not give to Toys for Tots instead…talk about strings attached….not ok with me…religious propaganda can be very evil….

    • laurachatfield

      You have to take that claim with a grain of salt. It is good for the children to know that it was with Christian love that they are receiving the gifts, and they may be given the opportunity to know more about what being a Christian means and how to become one, but they are not obligated to become one in order to keep the gift. That is what Strings attached means. God offers His Love and Salvation without strings. That’s what makes it a Gift.

      • cathy mathipoulos

        exactly my point…I am not an atheist nor am I a “christian” by anyone’s but my own religious beliefs…I love Christmas, but do not feel it is anyone’s right to tell me how or what or try to recruit me to others beliefs. And Christ was not born in December, but I could be wrong…and wrapped gifts were dispersed by St. Nickolaus, so therefore submitting an “I love Jesus” leaflet is highly questionable. And of course I absolutely love christians like yourself who are hurl insults and spew hate….very “Jesus” like…maybe you should ask yourself…”what would Jesus do?”

        • Debi Desmond

          What would Jesus do? Jesus would still love you, despite your non belief. Why do you love Christmas? Celebrating Christmas without CHRIST ..isn’t Christmas, it’s just another day off from work and school to get presents. Don’t be so naive as to think that you are loving CHRISTMAS …you are just loving the time off and the monetary rewards of the day.

        • John Treanor

          No Jesus was not born in December, as far as i know nobody knows the real date Christ was born. but St. Nicholas day was Dec 6th not the 25th. Moved for capitalism garbage, . I don’t agree with everything about the holiday but I do believe that we should celebrate the birth of Christ. Religion has done so much for humanity and now we shun it and crime rates continue to rise every year. This country needs a religious revival before we fall deeper into the moral abyss that America is becoming. I see no harm in giving gifts in gods name. why shouldn’t we teach kids about gods love, the other side gets to have their say. hell its more acceptable to say there is no god than to say i believe in god. its not fair to take god outta the equation and then give people the right to choose with them knowing only one side. I’m all for freedom of religion but lets give religion a chance then let the individual choose rather they believe or not.

          • cathy mathipoulos

            Honestly, these comments do more to turn me away from religion than bring me towards it. I do not understand why gifts are given with any attachments….and it is an Evangelical group that may or may not be your choice of religion….I really don’t understand why there is any agenda attached..would it be ok for the atheist to give the toys with a message of gifts not being truly associated with Christmas but a just a gift for children that have no Christmas? Would their message be acceptable…of course not, not by the religious seculars out there…and that is why I get lost in these comments,,,because all the god loving people out there have conditional acceptance…unlike Jesus….perhaps they should work on being more Jesus like rather than christian. And giving a choice to chose is a great theory but clearly not amongst those that shove religion on some of us….again I am not atheist…I am pro Jesus….anti religion….I dont ask God to save me….I hope more important issues are handled by “God”…prayers for the soldiers and abused…prayers for me to receive help when I can help myself seem like nonsense.

    • Mark Carlson

      Question Why is it such a problem THIS year? I have heard of a few issues in the past BUT with Obama pushing Islam, Now these Christians are dirty little sobs??????

  • Joe Crisp

    Oh no……Children learning about God, about right and wrong, learning morals, respect for other life, how to be something other than heathens? we can’t have that now….not to mention toys are bad for kids…..these guys should go do something useful like practicing holding their breath, and stop wasting our oxygen…

    • cathy mathipoulos

      Nice christian responses….gotta love bible thumpers….his content was not about God, it was about shoving your views down others throats….but sure hate will follow….

      • Debi Desmond

        and why should Christians allow this man to “shove HIS views down others throats”? If he doesn’t like Christmas then DON’T celebrate it ..plain and simple…but DON’T ruin it for those children and the majority of people who DO celebrate it. Was the money taken out of HIS pocket for the toys? Did they tell HIM that HE had to collect, distribute or participate in ANY WAY? NO ..they just SHUT UP and stop SHOVING HIS VIEWS down everyone elses throats! And It is TOTALLY CHRISTIAN to stand up against those who will not fight for Christ and His ways and NOT remain silent as others try to trample on His followers. But you, Ms Mathipoulos, are stating the typical liberal viewpoint..”If We don’t like something then NOBODY can”., and calling others who don’t think as YOU thumpers.. Grow up and think of someone other than yourself, like all those needy kids who won’t have any presents this year because of this greedy man. OH Wait! you didn’t get that pony as a child did you?

        • cathy mathipoulos

          you have said it all…..I am not liberal….I do believe in Christmas and the toys were a fine gesture but why add a “comment card from God?” Your comments are exactly as expected….I am grown and do many charitable things during the holidays that do not require gifts….but I like gifts…I just dont agree that is what Jesus had in mind for Christmas…St. Nick did tho…and so therefore…you can dish it out but can’t take it, again as expected….the hypocrisy of religion and your behavior says it all… disappointment there….I didn’t ask for a pony…..I grew up in a household of modest income? You?

  • Trrffya

    If your giving toys to children who aren’t old enough or mature enough to understand what they’re asked to join, then it’s wrong ,Period. If it’s out of real Christian love, without trying to obligate into joining a particular church then it’s ok.

    • cathy mathipoulos

      Then why include it if the gesture is pure…I agree