Video Report: Civilian Judge Tells Iraq War Vet, His Time in Iraq Makes Him, “A Threat to Society” & Sentences Army Sgt. to 10 Years in Prison for Defending Himself in a Bar Fight!

Video Report: Civilian Judge Tells Iraq War Vet, His Time in Iraq Makes Him, “A Threat to Society” & Sentences Army Sgt. to 10 Years in Prison for Defending Himself in a Bar Fight!

Iraq War combat vet, Sgt. Andrew Chambers, struggles with PTSD.  After he came home, he defended himself during a bar fight and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Two weeks ago, Sgt. Chambers shared his now viral story of government abandonment from Ohio’s Marion Correctional Facility during an inspirational video segment called Ted Talks. 

For the first five minutes, Chambers explains that addition to being a Humvee Machine Gunner, he also cleared Improvised Explosive Devices from roads in Tikrit.

He begins to share his tragic homecoming story starting at time index 5:42. 

Sgt. Chambers went to a Veterans’ Affairs (VA) Clinic to see if someone there could help him deal with his PTSD.

After he told the government healthcare providers he was afraid he’d hurt someone, they simply gave him sleeping pills and told him to come back in six months.

Before the six months were up, someone drew a knife on him at a bar.  He drew his pistol and cleared the room without firing a shot.  He put non-combatants on the ground, disarmed the would-be assailant and “beat him.”

The judge in his civilian court case told him these unthinkable words:

“Mr. Chambers, you’re service is a double edged sword.  Your time in Iraq makes you a threat to society and I have a civil obligation to lock you up.”

Mr. Chambers concludes his story by challenging listeners to please find a veteran, be their friend and simply talk to them, because, “A lot of us just need someone to talk to.”

Here’s the viral clip:

  • vnvet

    I have been through the VA system and all they want to do is dope you up. I can speak first hand about the valium, the anti-depressants, and sleeping pills that is the “cure” in their eyes. This story is unbelievable and I hope an appeal and a mistrial are the first steps in righting this miscarriage of justice. Just think about how many vets are criminals in this judges mind!!! It is mind boggling to say the least. What state did this occur in and how can we rally around our brother in arms?

    • Joe Calandra

      The Marion Correctional Facility is in Ohio, about an hour north of Columbus. Mr. Chambers is from Pinkerton OH. The best way to rally around him might be to see if you can send him letters of encouragement.

      • Elaine

        Hi Joe… By chance would you have his address? Id like to write him. Or is this something Id be able to find on the website you listed on a previous post?
        Thanks much.

      • Elaine

        Never mind I found it. :)

        • Joe Calandra

          Glad you found it!

    • Joe Calandra

      Here’s the website for the prison where he’s incarcerated

      • policeneedbrains


        • Joe Calandra

          You’re welcome!

          • cmt

            The only one that pulls up is a guy with assault kidnapping and tampering with evidence is that him I’d also like to write him

  • Paul Rybak

    Reminds me of Con Air.

    • TxBill57

      WHAT! How does this remind you of Con Air?

      • mikeirish

        Gage was railroaded

        • TxBill57

          Ahhhhh, got it now

        • Robert

          Cage, not Gage… sorry I have to get in on this one.

  • Kevin M. Koop

    Another asshole liberal judge. He was defending himself! The attacker got what he deserved!!!

    • Maxine Kreider

      I guess we are supposed to just not react at all if we are attacked. That is how people get killed.

      • Chris Davis

        That’s the liberal way…just like gun control, the innocent are expected to stand there helpless and allow the criminals to run wild… What happened to the guy that pulled the knife? I bet he’s resting at home, no charges….that guy should be in jail for inciting violence and attempted assault…

  • mikeirish

    This judge probably let the knife boy walk. He is the real threat. You see, only one person was injured, and not with the deadly weapon, but fist. He got what he deserved, the vet, ell, railroaded. That is what is coming with this obamacare. The judge needs to sit in the same cell with him for 10 years. It actually looks as though he was acting very proper, assesed the threat and neutralized quickly and with as little force as needed.

    • Maxine Kreider

      If the judge is elected work on getting him off the bench.

      • 18square

        How about a freakin’ guillotine!

      • Flipperj

        Tou can’t be has a life time appoi foment from the fraud in the white house

  • CatherineCrabill

    I pray to God he wins on appeal!

  • Mark Terrill

    This pos liberal judge should be locked up

  • Anthony Quatroni

    The judge is a jerk.

  • Truelitistnot

    Why are you putting up with this shit America?


      GET IT !



      • Truelitistnot

        If you are talking about Obama I completely agree. Get rid of Obama and Congress and most Judges and a lot of police and sheriffs and state, county and city officials. Anyone against the American people, pro-establishment who thinks Constitutional Rights are debatable needs to go immediately.

  • gargoyle387

    I think the judge needs to get a serious bat down. Mr. Chambers did more for our country than this judge has going to school and hiding behind a desk. He should be let go and see a specialist. The judge should see some time behind bars himself.

  • Harvey817

    The so called “judge”is more of a threat to society. HE is a traitor to our country and should be disbarred and put in jail and the soldier released.

    • tailpipe05 .


      • Maxine Kreider

        vote him out

      • 18square

        …and completely naked!

        • RVNMike

          I’d really rather he kept his clothes on.

  • John Dedon

    This judge is obviously biased. Sad so many judges put their personal beleifs in ruling, but same thing occurs in all courts! Sad

    • laboop2u

      Didn’t Big Sis Napolitano Homeland Security declare all returning military as possible terrorist and should be watched??

      • RVNMike

        She said that and more.

  • Aida Payton

    bad judge, who ever start the fight that should be the one who got arrest. or who ever start the trouble the one who go to jail. simple is that you don’t need to study or trained to become judges.

  • TheLibertyDefender

    Whatever happened to “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave”? This man is a hero for Christ’s sake. He put his life on the line for you, me, and his fellow soldiers. And THIS is what we do to him?

    • George Spatz

      Home of the Brave? America? NOT these days, used to be, but no longer!! The left has surely taken over now and I fear blood will be spilled before we start going back to the middle

      • TheLibertyDefender

        “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…”

    • Chris Davis

      This isn’t any different than how the liberals treated returning Vietnam Vets…

  • Mary Crohan

    I think the judge needs to be removed from the bench. I’m so sick of the bleeding heart liberal judges shoving their views down everyone’s throats! Liberals hate the military. look at the way Obama is destroying it. Does anyone know what happened to the person who had the knife. If he wasn’t in the military I imagine he got a free pass.

  • Jack Emery

    The summary of this story, while very tough to hear about makes me believe there are additional facts that have been left off.

    • Michael Charter


  • Marilyn

    This Soldiers sentencing needs to be over turned, he served our country put his life on the line, for what? To get a knife pulled on him by a thug, and a idiot judge to take up for the thug and send the good guy to prison, what is this world coming too, you people have disrespected our Soldiers enough, maybe you and the thugs you defend need to go defend your own freedom, then maybe you will respect them!!

  • Mr.Gee Marino

    They don’t care about anybody’s Military Service. The minute they accuse you of Breaking the Law, you are a piece of Meat to them. Homeboy has obviously got a drinking problem. he shouldn’t have brought his gun to the bar. Guns and Booze do NOT mix, unless you are Dick Cheney.

    • laboop2u

      Did he use the gun? No. If the other person had a chance would he have used his knife? Probably. Maybe he shouldn’t have brought the gun – but the other guy shouldn’t have brought a knife. You need to get over Bush and Cheney – they have been gone!

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        The whole point is that if you are one of the elite, you can get away with anything. poor slobs like us are just throwaways to them. They don’t care any more about our soldiers’ lives than they do the people they send them to kill. The masses are just here for them to exploit. prisons are Big Money – They are being Privatized, now. When you get sent to a private prison, you are a SLAVE. The more prisoners they have, the higher their stock prices. I bet a lot of Lawyers and judges (or their family members) own stock in that shit. it is Un-American. Just because people get sent to jail, doesn’t mean that they are “Bad” people. The Government can lock up whomever it wants. Trust me: They don’t really give people FAIR Trials.

      • Mr.Gee Marino

        EXACTLY. Neither of them should have been armed. The fact is, however, that both of them were breaking the law… His Service doesn’t excuse him from that. He had to “Clear the room”? WTF, is he Rambo? If one of the guys friends had a gun, that could have gotten REAL messy.:/

  • Athena Dale Jacobs

    Sounds like a Voyager Star Trek episode where they trained the soldiers to be merciless and then didn’t know what to do with them when they came back-merciless. Help this man don’t imprison him.

    • ConsSthLady

      Good point. These soldiers are trained to be vicious. They need some serious de-programming when they come home. I know a man who was trained to be a spy in Vietnam. After coming home, he became a Christian and eventually became a gospel preacher. Still, many years later, he has some strange quirks. He is quick to accuse, paranoid, and can never sleep more than two hours at a time. He gets up several times during the night and inspects the house. My father was nervous and cautious the rest of his life after serving in WWII. He was in the 42nd Rainbow that fought the Battle of the Bulge. I can remember even 50 years after his service, he would check all the windows and closets and look under the beds any time he would come home after dark. The survival training and instincts of a soldier can’t just be turned off when he is in a “safe” place because his gut is always telling him he may be facing a threat at any moment. He can’t feel safe.

    • Cass Milland

      Athena, That was a Next Generation episode called “The Hunted.”

  • dgunn

    So this is what they are fighting for? I fought and I sill believe in the oath I took. I will tell you one thing I’ would of sent this knife wheeling scumbag back to his parents in an envelope. I am sick with the way this country is turning. We need to clean out the Government idiots and stand up for our rights and get this country back on track and kick everyone’s ass in the process. These guys are getting paid nothing for defending our butts and we do all we can to have some scumbag cry because he ‘s not making enough $$ to carry a stupid football down a field. Come on people we need to stand up for our troops cause this clown we have as a commander in chief won’t. It’s sad that this happened but we can stop the next ones. We train these guys to protect themselves and when they do we chastise them for it. I took an oath to defend my country from Foreign and domestic tyrants and I still live by it. We took this country from Britain ,we can surly take it from a person that has no ,heart ,brains , or balls to accept that he has ruined this country. It is his agenda to do it. I’M SICK OF THIS.

  • Chris Gaian

    The website says you have to have the inmate’s number included in the address. How do I get that????

  • sclars

    Need to lock that judge up self defense and teaching the offender a lesson the only way he understands with out killing him or harming anyone else is a good thing.

  • Lloyd Harrower

    whats the name of this judge? shit bags like this need to be removed from the bench.

  • William Svoboda

    Seriously he needs to appeal this conviction. This Judge does not appear to be impartial. How dare he say his service to his country has made him a threat to society. What about the millions of others who have served their country honorably are they a threat to their community as well. What ever happened to being able to defend yourself. It’s a sad day for Ohio when you are no longer able to protect yourself without fear of incarceration.

  • cc0623

    Our soldiers deserve so much better! They put their lives on the line to defend us, our freedom and our liberty and to help others attain this freedom and liberty and they come home to this bull shit. OUR SOLDIERS DESERVE BETTER!

  • Dave Hare

    I went to Grenada back in 83. There is not many of us like there are in Iraq. When I came home we had the last of the still hanging around hippies hating us. Ive been called the same names as the Vietnam vets. I felt worthless. I was discharged in early 1987. Most kids were not interested in serving there country. When 9/11 happened I wanted to rejoin the Army again. I couldn’t because they have a age cut off at 35 back then. I also have nightmares of the Army sometimes. I have seen people been shot yards away from me in Grenada. The media didn’t cover most of what really happened. We farced the media to get out so we can do our job. We blew up bridges, roads and buildings. It was a short war and we kicked butt. Reagan unlike LBJ and now Obama didn’t want us harmed and win it, get out quick. We did.

  • omega2

    This is outragous for this judge to attack this GI for helping to protect this LIBERAL JUDG’S ASS to be able to be free to have been able to become a judge in the first place! He needs to be removed from the bench and this GI’S sentence needs to be revoked and given proper treatment for his problem.

  • Dave Hare

    This liberal judge should hang around the VA hospitals for a week. This asshole judge is a liberal taking it out on a veteran. This veteran should be in the VA with a good councilor instead of a jail cell for defending his rights to protect himself. Caution to all veterans; Do not trust any police or courts to defend you.

    • RVNMike

      I don’t really see where the vet did anything wrong. Except he should not have carried the gun into a bar. But that isn’t a crime worth sending him to prison for.

      • ConsSthLady

        If he hadn’t had the gun, wonder how many innocent people would have gotten knifed or killed. Good thing he had his weapon and could take control of the situation. Just wish he hadn’t chosen to go to the bar in the first place. But then, he was struggling with PTSD. Sad that he didn’t get the help he needed.

  • Christopher Lash

    This is almost exactly what happened to me. I defended myself in a bar fight and was found guilty because the District Attorney in my home town has qualms with my father. While I didn’t get prison time, I am still serving a sentence for trying to avoid being hurt.

  • Robert

    The judge should step down.

  • Maxine Kreider

    If that judge is an elected official, there should be a movement to get him off the bench. When our returning military are singled out for harsher punishment because of the time they spent fighting. Time to replace officials that have this kind of agenda. The VA needs to step up and get help for our returning vets.

  • Maxine Kreider

    People love to complain on social media sites but do not take action. The judge should be driven out of office.

    • bikerdogred1

      The judge should be hung in the square in town.

      • CJ Turner

        Along with the jury.

  • Bluesky001

    This story is the sickest thing I’ve read today. Fire that judge!!!! Or better yet, send the judge to war and see how they come back to the US and don’t forget to lock him in jail!!!

  • Jonathan

    Who is that judge?

  • Steven Howard

    My story isn’t as severe as Mr. Chambers’ but is similar in the treatment of active military and returning vets suffering from PTSD.
    20 years is a long time to be silent…. However, not having any VA benefits makes it very difficult to talk to someone(not in a VFW or American Legion bar).
    My problems became evident BEFORE my release from active duty, finally resulting in a Special Court Martial(for smoking pot). Surprisingly, the judge at the trial determined that there was no need for any “special” discharge; that these charges, in relation to my service record(some excellent reports, some bad) did not warrant a discharge.
    I plead guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 90 days confinement, full reduction of pay and grade, etc.
    This trial took place 1 full month AFTER my scheduled release from active duty, or EAS. So, the government chose to waste more money by holding me for 4 additional months, all the while not addressing the true cause of my problems. I guess it’s cheaper to pay for confinement than it is for treatment.
    One day before my scheduled release from the brig my company signed me out of the brig and put me in front of an Administrative Discharge Hearing. I was given an Other Than Honorable discharge based on a pattern of misconduct.
    Looking back on what happened I can only draw one conclusion. This pattern was me asking for help and being denied, REPEATEDLY, any positive input. I had asked to be transferred to another unit, to be given a new job assignment, I even asked to be completely discharged. I walked across Camp Lejeune to try and get some mental health treatment from the base hospital. I was met with “You need to go through the proper channels” or “We just can’t help you”.
    After my company leaders found out I was seeking help I was chastised, harassed, and even threatened. I even remember being called “unfit” for Marine Corps service. I was not allowed to train, or much less, associate with others in my unit. I was restricted to base.
    One month BEFORE my contract end date I made a decision. I decided to start living my life the way that I would if I was not in the service any more since my unit didn’t want to keep me and I was not allowed to leave it.
    I smoked pot.
    I was trying to escape the never ending chain of thoughts stemming from others saying that there was something wrong with me… unfortunately there IS something still wrong with me. Forgetting for an hour at a time is no real cure.
    I am not trying to belittle Mr. Chambers’ story by comparing it to mine. I am simply trying to let others like myself know that they too, should stand up and tell their stories.
    Silence and ignorance divide us.
    Truth and knowledge unite us.

  • Bob Glover

    This is outrageous. I have vowed to never strike first; but lay hands on me or mine and I shall respond with a level of violence so profound as to be unimaginable. This judge deserves to be dragged forth from his courtroom and publicly horsewhipped.

  • CJ Turner

    Blame the jury at least as much.

  • corey

    Are there any petitions started to remove this judge from his seat?

  • Carol Bryant

    I am a liberal. This video was sent to me by a friend, and at the end I had tears in my eyes. This man should not be in prison! He tried to get help for his PTS, and the VA, the government and especially the judge let him down, which is totally outrageous. Please don’t make this an opportunity for political bashing, left vs. right. Our veterans need help, not partisan squabbles.

  • CJ Turner

    Is this the same Andrew Chambers? Very different account.

    Monday, December 8, 2008 9:51 AM

    WCLT News Staff

    A man will not spend time in jail for his part in a June assault in Heath.

    19-year-old Ronald Gleason of Newark was sentenced to 5 years community control after being convicted of tampering with evidence.

    Gleason and another subject were reportedly inside a Heathwood Village
    apartment June 18th when 24-year-old Andrew Chambers beat the victim with a gun and then shot at him, just missing his head.

    Chambers was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his part in the assault last month.

  • jwdent .

    The judge needs to be chased from what he thinks are the protected confines of his chambers publicly displayed, stripped of his robes and sent out of town with a one way ticket to communist Russia.

  • Craig1748

    This judge needs to go before a jury of their peers………..the judge would end up in jail for 20 years………..what a waste of humanity!

  • Chaz Roberts

    judge is an assbag

  • splooshman

    Typical government response….Promise you the moon if you sign on to the military, then cheat you of your soul once you do. The VA is a pathetic example of government bureaucracy run amok. This nation needs a reset. That judge should be flogged with a 10 ft ammo belt with 30mm rounds still in it!

  • Undettered

    This “judge” needs to be removed from the bench, be disbarred. He should be forced to clean the toilets and urinals in his local VA hospital for 20 years on second thought that job is probably too good for his “Honorfulness”.

  • texan2thebone

    That judge is also a threat so society, his stupidity gives those who threaten folks with weapons encouragement. Suggest he be locked up as well.

  • Beth

    He didn’t shot he just showed his weapon defending himself & to the attacker down like any other person would have done

  • aliswell
  • DaveinUtah

    What is the judge’s name?
    He needs to be euthanized !

  • Thomas in Jacksonville

    Obama and his administration has stated openly that all veterans are a threat and should be watched as possible terrorist. This fool of a Judge is just following the orders of his master. .

  • Gee

    The judge needs to be the one locked up for threatening society

  • MamaRoo

    Someone pulled a knife on him, he pulled out his gun to defend himself: but didn’t shoot the fool, and HE’S the one going to prison? Since when are we not allowed to defend ourselves against a dangerous weapon? Is it his fault that he had the better weapon?

  • RVNMike

    So why did he go to jail? Is this judge stupid? Ahh….. a liberal.

  • doree10

    Would like to know the judges political persuasion, possible a lib. They have a problem with the military. Letter writing campaign to this Judge may help. Like maybe 100,000 or so. I will be calling Governor Kasich to see what can be done about this. If the judge thought he was so out of control he should have been given a mental evaluation at hospital. Please join me in calling Gov. Kasich…

  • Wazette Arvizu

    you do realize only the soldiers who “will never fire on Americans ” will be considered a threat to society RIGHT you do get that …

  • jfreddick

    What is the judge’s name?

  • f moore

    appeal appeal… appeal!!!

  • Glenn Mason


  • Montana Friend

    If anyone has his mailing address (Name, Number and Facility) can you please let me know – I tried to find it but got a “no results” message. I have family members and dear friends that have suffered from PTSD so I’d love the chance to let this young man speak his mind to a good listener. Thanks.

    • Anne Walker

      Me too. I would like to reach out to this young hero and see if there is any way we can help him.

  • P. A

    I struggle to understand how one that defends himself from being stabbed and becoming a victim is considered a threat when defending oneself against becoming said victim. We need to rise up and speak out against this type of lunacy.

  • Patricia Stahl-Shopsky

    They are also doing the same thing to severely disabled people on Medicaid. No more treatment, just oxycotin and sleeping pills. Is someone helping this vet to fight this extreme sentence?

  • American-By-Choice

    Someone needs to find this judge and BEAT HIS ASS!

  • melvin wells


  • Elba Saravia

    Our brave, loyal, honest military MAN take care of the whole world’s safety, fraudbama has his muslims take care of us Americans, since he has them infiltrated in every crevice of our government.

  • KarmaKiller

    Here is a link to an appeal that appears to have been denied. Judge info is in there.