The Unbelievable Cancellation Letter That’s Awfully Hard to Imagine (LNTV Special Edition)
  • Kris Henderson

    We are closer to this than you can imagine……….

  • Joe Licari

    Is this for real? How can I verify?

    • writingzombie

      Satire… states so at the end of the tagline… “Wait’ll you hear the head-spinning, heart-stopping cancellation letter that LNTV’s Norvell Rose shares. (Political satire).”

      • Joe Licari

        Thanks, didn’t see that.

      • Charlig

        Because it states satire, does that mean they made this up to be cute? If so that is irresponsible journalism as people will believe it is true. I cant stand the liberals and what they are doing but you cant over come them with lies.

        • Barbara Finger

          Do you know what SATIRE means?

    • TSpur

      its not real its satire

    • NukeWaste

      Hold on, please. This isn’t real. What is scary is that it is real at the same time. Bank accounts can be taken now without any reason. It seems that your savings account has become an unsecured investment in the bank. I am trying to find out about credit unions.

  • Charlig

    Where can I find information on The Directorate on Social Justice? I checked and they have nothing in their records.

    • Charlig

      P.S. I found nothing on google either.

      • Eric Odom

        You won’t find it in any search engine. #satire

  • Wesley Stinnett

    I almost had another stroke before I saw that was satire.

  • Steve Crabill

    This is not journalism nor was it intended to be. It is political satire and openly so. The problem is that with what all is happening in Washington this is so horribly believable. Thank God that, for the moment at least, it is still satire.

    • Eric Odom

      And that is actually the point of the video. To show that stuff has gotten so bad that a video such as this is totally believable.

      • techno_polyglot

        It’s only totally believable if you’ve been drinking the spiked kool-aid for years and have already given up on finding fact for chasing your own overactive imagination.

  • William Fuzi

    This is satire. It’s not true, and the idiot who decided it was a good idea to put it out in the form that they did, is playing a dangerous game. There are people who will try to pass this off as fact, and the person who published this should be held wholly responsible for any repercussions that occur. Ignorant people with guns are a dangerous mix when you make jokes like this. This should be removed, but the problem is you already spread this out in the internet. Lets hope that someone lets everyone in on the joke. I am a gun owner, and I will support the second Amendment to my last dying breath, so you sir are a F-ing moron!!!! all it takes is a group of ignorant people to destroy everything we hold dear, But I guess that’s just a joke to you. I am a Marine, and it’s my ass that will have to protect yours. Pitty!

    • Masmani

      Lighten up, Frances!

  • Garry Baier

    Satire, no matter how crazy it may sound, often makes a point as to the reality of a situation.

    • techno_polyglot

      It’s often based on falsehoods as well, showing more about the storyteller and their inability to make their point without introducing lies to prove it.

  • Fungi2bewith

    After the midterm elections in 2014, Obama will have no accountability and no more Congressional elections before he leaves office. In his last 2 years he will:
    1) Nearly double electricity prices by closing down the coal industry.
    2) Continue to tangle up the American economy and ensure no growth by finishing the doubling of regulations through Authorities (like the EPA, HHS, ATF, OSHA, Federal Reserve, Dept. of Energy, you name it).
    3) Secure tax payer funded abortions for all women, legal and illegal.
    4) Expand his Executive Order that now halts deportation of “Dream Act” illegals to include all illegals including convicted felons.
    5) Restrict interstate transport of firearms and ammunition. Regulate the industry nearly out of existence, driving up prices.
    6) Finish the purge of military commanders that do not conform with “Progressive” thinking and install the first gay Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.
    7) Open negotiations with Al Qaeda, who kill any Non-Muslims (Kafir) who interfere with the establishment of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate. All predominantly Moslem countries will be folded into a b-b-billion and a half member, nuclear armed country sitting on about a 1/3rd the world’s energy resources.
    8) Surrender more rights and authority to the United Nations.
    9) Propose a “wealth” tax, to move beyond income into what people have managed to build and save and inherited. Homes, 401Ks, IRAs, stock holdings, boats, antiques, every tiny thing you own. (This will not pass but the idea will be planted and the battle begun. (Economic Justice).

    You heard it here first, folks. This is why we need the GOP to keep the House of Representatives and win the Senate by taking 6 of the 21 Democratic Senate seats up for election.

    On Wednesday, November 6, 2013 8:37 AM, Laurie & Jim Griffith wrote:

    Wait till you watch this bunch of Bull!!!
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  • Mary E Heuvel

    Thank you for scaring the crap outta me. Thank you for letting us see what is sure to come if we don’t ‘throw the bum out’….HELP