Shocking Video – ESPN Guest Commentator Slams Sports Industry for Displays of Patriotism at Games & Calls National Anthem a “War Anthem”

Shocking Video – ESPN Guest Commentator Slams Sports Industry for Displays of Patriotism at Games & Calls National Anthem a “War Anthem”

Prof. Kevin Blackiston teaches Journalism at the University of Maryland.  Apparently, he isn’t a fan of American patriotic expressions during professional and collegiate sporting events…

According to The Blaze, during his appearance on ESPN yesterday, Prof. Blackiston attacked sports teams who incorporate patriotic themes into uniforms and even condemned the singing of The Star Spangled Banner before games!

The MD Professor opposes any affiliation between sports teams and the military.

Blackiston doesn’t think army recruiters should have any presence at any ballpark and he doesn’t think military sacrifices should be honored during sporting events.

He directly chastised the NFL for frequently honoring the former Arizona Cardinals safety, Pat Tillman, who left his football career to become an Army Ranger after 9-11 and was later killed by friendly fire.

The professor even took aim at the NFL’s use of “military terms” (blitz, scrimmage, bomb, red zone, end zone, etc.) to describe plays on the field!

Here’s the clip you have to see to believe:

  • russinmaine

    Prof Blackiston, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you on your way out of country you POS!

  • Sheila Stagner-Mace

    This country is under attack by a muzlim in chief and a bunch of stupid people!

  • randellmd

    Hey Kevin Blackistone. Hit the road commie jack!! Get the frack out of MY country if you do not support the red white and blue and our military. go hump a goat!

  • Eddie Carvajal

    I think Kevin Blackiston forgets who has fought,bled,and died for the freedom he has.THANK YOU TO OUR TROOPS

    • Larry C Mason

      Thank You for YOUR SUPPORT Eddie.

  • SamLowerySF

    another Anti American

  • FWBVol

    I was watching the segment and Blackiston’s comments were a disgrace. I was especially upset when he referred to the National Anthem as a “War Anthem.” I’m not a fan of war, but sometimes war is necessary to protect the freedoms we all enjoy. The truth is this nation was born in a revolution and brave patriots have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today.
    If I see Blackiston on Around the Horn again I’ll switch channels or turn off my TV. ESPN should ban him from appearing on the network again.

    • MsgtGdubb

      It is not news that ESPN, is politically correct and left wing voice of obama.

    • talkto

      It is because of citizen’s willingness to go to war and fight for the freedoms that we used to value in this country that our national anthem was written. Shame on espn.

    • Larry C Mason

      Do You LIKE SPORTS, Find it on a Channel besides ESPN.


    Kevin, go kiss your messiah Obama’s butt you jerk!!

  • MsgtGdubb

    Another commie cretin spewing his hatred to college kids. When will we learn?

  • Pat_riot_1

    Does he teach Idiocy 101? He needs to relocate to
    Cuba or maybe Venezuela.

  • talkto

    Thanks for bringing this to the public’s attention. I will be contacting espn,,,shame on them. I will absolutely avoid this college for my children…he teaches “journalism?”

  • skip wilton

    booo get rid of kevin blackstone he is anti american not needed here in america

  • jack comeaux

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    • Bryan Bell

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  • Larry

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  • Richard Messenger

    What is he a professor of, confusion?

  • Patricia Stahl-Shopsky

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  • wire

    Get this asshole out of the country

  • Alan R. Thomas

    These libertard bastards are getting on my last nerve!!! I’m retired military and came from a military family. My dad fought in Europe with the 36th I.D. to defeat Hitler. If it wasn’t for the brave men and women of the greatest generation, the professor most likely would have never existed!!! Hitler would have killed or sterilized all races that were not of Aryan descent!!!

  • omega2

    WHO gives a CRAP what this MARXIST COMMIE SAYS! He should be KICKED out of the University and given a one way trip to CUBA where all the good MARXIST LIVE!

  • Carl Showalter


  • vnvet

    Another “educated stupid” individual up there in the ivory tower. The air is rare and so is common sense. What a clown

  • danapointdaddy

    wow, another liberal with no respect for the brave men and women who have served our nation and continue to do so. shame on him.

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ



    What a Commie. And as far as Tillman goes you stupid man Blackiston..TILLMAN IS A HERO as is every soldier fighting to keep us safe. He and countless others fought and died so your F^%&king ass can sit there all cozy and shoot your mouth off like that. YOU sir need taken OUT of the game!

  • Dyanaru

    Does he want them all to wear a pink slip and fluffy slippers like him?
    What a powder puff. Can someone please give him a sip of testosterone? What idiot had him on ESPN??

  • Ruth Shuler

    If he doesnt like the American flag, American servicemen and women and doesnt like the National Anthem, I suggest that Delta has flights leaving on the hour!!

  • Ruth Shuler

    BTW, that “War Anthem” is the reason he has the privilege of sitting as a Professor at the Univ of Maryland! If we had not won that war, his neck would have been stretched for treason long ago!!

  • hiplainspedler

    I wrote ESPN and told them I will no longer be watching ESPN or any of its affiliates or listening to its radio stations. With the availability of all games on the internet directly from the NFL, MLB, NBA etc. who needs them. I suggest you all write them with your displeasure and notify them of the same until the professor’s contract is terminated.

  • Dan

    Immigration to a socialist country can be arranged if you don’t like it here.

    • American Vet

      If you haven’t noticed, we are quickly becoming a Socialist country. It’s commies like these who are brainwashing our youth and diligently expediting Obama’s Socialist/Marxist agenda. All of these ignorant tree monkeys will take their last breaths when the 2nd Revolution begins. Patriotic veterans, such as myself, look forward of ridding America of these primate commie scumbags.

  • Diane Hail

    THIS IS PART OF A HUGE PROBLEM WITH OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM!!!! Liberals brainwashing our youth with their thoughts. This man is totally out of it!!!! If you do not like America why don’t you leave? ESPN should be ashamed to have someone that thinks this way!!!!

  • Analyzer123

    Is this Prof Blackiston a first generation Communist from Russia or what? If he hasn’t caught on that that activity is a common one here in the U.S., enjoyed by millions and millions of American’s everyday that find it a great place to honor the great men and women, that have sacrificed so much out of their lives for them to have the freedom in there country to enjoy those activities. And if 30-100K people at an event want to sand up and sign a song to show their appreciation for their fallen brothers and sisters, along with the freedom to be there, it’s going to happen no matter how loud he screams for it to stop. If he doesn’t like it, he can go back to his homeland where the lack of freedom doesn’t allow those activities, or he can see if they will alter a way of their society to please him. Archie Bunker may have been a bigot, but I think I remember him describing this guy in a couple of episodes.

  • Larry C Mason

    Looks like a TERRORIST

  • JonDillinger2016

    I will continue to fight for your freedom of speech professor, no worries.

  • Debra Bortner

    They should have shut his mic off and told him to leave.

  • Jeff Pope


  • 44Grim

    going to get a hot dog and being able to sign up for the army at the same time.

    What is wrong with that? What is “Pat Tillman mythology”?

  • Teresa M. Alexander Arias

    This is AMERICA!! If you don’t like our patriotism or our military, leave! Don’t let the door hit you in the butt, GO!!!!

  • CSHJ

    Obviously Blackiston is paid for with our tax dollars. I don’t think I’m going to send my grandkids to college. Just let them be HOMESCHOOLED!!!!

  • pilot007

    Let me guess. This Prof is teaching journalism the Lenin way. Just another Marxist teaching our youth. Send him to Cuba since he seems to like their style of propaganda and social engineering. What the hell was ESPN thinking? Another Costas moment? ESPN the new propaganda arm of Obummer the pretender.

  • Daniel Kwolps

    a war anthem? well, i guess it is, because the song was written in battle, and our country was born from the resolve of our ancestors in a war. he’s right in the fact that war is not comforting, but it CANNOT be ignored, and it must be respected.

    a lot of people want to talk about a “proper way” to show support, but the way i see it, whatever way you show support is fine, if your heart is in the right place. you believe it’s distasteful to wear red, white, and blue? i think it’s distasteful that you that you frown upon an attempt to show grattitude.

  • Sterling Spencer

    How come all these communist who take advantage of all that America has to offer but are nothing but critical of the best country in the world and tell the world that America is the problem. If they think these other countries are so great , why aren’t they gone and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. God Bless America and God bless the military who if it wasn’t for there would be no American freedom.

  • Rebekah Dellinger

    Mr. Blackinston, whether you realize it or not, the very soldiers you are knocking fought for the right for you to open your mouth! Whether or not we agree with where the political institutions send them, we as Americans, who enjoy the freedom they fight for should respect the soldier. The presence of the military at the games reminds us who the real heroes are, even some of the players will tell you that the real heroes are our soldiers. The honoring of our military at sporting events also teaches our young people to respect the past in our honored veterans, and think of someone else besides themselves by honoring our present servicemen and women. There are many instances of the local economy not being able to support our young men and women, or they want to work for their college education so they join the military. There is a reason it is called service: they leave their former lives, serve, and have the great possibility of being deployed and injured, all so that Americans with Anti-Patriotic opinions can have their freedoms. As for me: I will teach my children to go up to every serviceman or woman they see and thank them for their service and shake their hand. It is the least I can do for those that fight to give me my freedoms I enjoy as a Patriotic American!