Seven States’ Attorneys General Sue Obama’s EPA to Start Regulating Residential Wood Burning!

Seven States’ Attorneys General Sue Obama’s EPA to Start Regulating Residential Wood Burning!

If a lawsuit before the District Court in DC goes the way Obama’s EPA wants it to go, the nanny state might be telling millions of rural families in seven states they can’t burn wood this Christmas!

The Attorneys General of CT, MD, MA, NY, OR, RI, and VT have a lawsuit currently before the DC District Court asking the judiciary to make Obama’s EPA regulate residential wood burning!

According to CNS News, the petitioners filed the suit because they believe:

“…Indoor and outdoor wood-burning boilers can increase particle pollution to levels that cause significant health concerns.”

If the attorneys general win their suit, the new strict regulations will immediately impact millions of low-middle class rural citizens who depend on wood burning to survive the frigid winter!

The Census Bureau’s 2011 American Housing Report reveals that 2.4 million American homes – that’s 12 percent of every home in the nation, utilizes wood-burning devices for heating and cooking.

If the EPA begins regulating these devices, these citizens will be forced to spend thousands of dollars they don’t have to upgrade their current heaters or buy entirely new devices to meet a new arbitrary federal standard.

Dr. John Dunn, a lawyer, physician and policy adviser for the Heartland Institute, believes the EPA hopes to lose in court so they can begin regulating wood emissions in these seven states by invitation.

Once they’ve begun regulating wood burning, Dr. Dunn fears they won’t stop until they’ve outright banned wood burning all together.

  • Jude Rodriguez

    it just doesn’t fucking end

  • Jettero2112

    You’ve got to be kidding. Get the government out of private homes and lives. Friggin’ democrats are ruining the USA with their stupid laws and over-regulation. What a joke.

  • Tami Stanley Perkins

    If they try this, I sure hope that next year when the republicans win back the senate, they can in fact impeach this power hungry idiot in our white house and dismantle his criminal agencies. Pray that God will see to it that these democrats are caught with their hands in the cookie jar and punished accordingly. You cannot commit evil day and expect to go unpunished, it will catch up to you and God is not going to let these cronies attack his people like this without some sort of backlash!!!!

    • watcherofolde

      But will they? Will they dismantle the EPA and other fascist gov’t organizations?

  • David William Reid

    Just f*cking incredible! I wonder how much the power companies have invested in this? Ya, keep voting Democrat and screaming to stay out of your bedbrooms and your uterus while they anal probe you in ever other aspect of your lives.

    • Purple_Zebra

      yeah, I hate when the GOP does that crap.

      • nanna

        gop is repbulican dah the epa has to be demcratic wait they are also going to ban hunting

        • Purple_Zebra

          It is sad that you haven’t a clue.

  • PJParks

    Someone is going to eventually die over this crap.

    • ken

      and i sure hope it’s obama,,,

  • Janice O’Neil Field

    There is no end to this madness and B.S.!!!!

  • Mark B Cheney

    My sister and mother in law use wood as primary heating since no services are provided where they are living. What about a grandfather clause.
    Oh and one forest fire will destroy any advances this garbage promotes. Good luck regulating mothernature.

    • DrColostomy

      Forget Grandfather clauses…DONT VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS!

  • Jackie Miller

    Got a friend in NE Ohio who had a wood burner. He even got a loan for the house with a wood burner. The insurance company refused to insure him and so did many others. He had to get a different heat source installed. They wouldn’t even insure for the ones that sit outside and the heat is piped in. Got a feeling they know something we don’t? This just happened within the last 6 months.

  • Peter Scripture

    Maybe the Dumbocrats would make good fuel for our wood stoves. They sure are blockheads!

  • jecsl

    they already do this in Oregon – in many incorporated towns if there is an inversion, homes cannot burn wood -

  • Patrick Henry

    So their going to tell mother nature to not start fires????

  • cuinsong

    Now you know why the Senate got rid of the filibuster rule, so they can install liberal judges & rule us by regulations their by bypassing congress.

  • gforce_ad

    In NC it is against the law to burn cut lumber (not just salt treated but ALL cut lumber scraps, cardboard or paper) out side, only thing you can burn is leaves, limbs and logs less than 6″ per Department of Health and Human resources rules. I don’t know if that includes household heaters. I got a $1,200 fine for burning a porch, they can count on never being broke because I can’t afford to pay it!

  • bikerdogred1

    I don’t care what they have to say about it.

  • Donald Koller

    another law to totally ignore.

  • Willie D

    I wish the people at EPA would get a life, and leave ours along.

  • MicahStone

    FYI: In 2006 the epicenter of lunatic-left-ville, San Francisco – dingbat pelosi’s district – BANNED construction of wood-burning fireplaces in ANY new residence. SF sets the loony bar for all US leftists.

  • Purple_Zebra

    I wonder which lobbyists from the natural gas, oil, and electric industries are standing behind these States’ Attorney Generals? Follow the money.

    • Richard Willey

      You are dead wrong as usual …Its your lib greenies with everything furnished for them that are pushing this ..Obama and anyone that voted for him are responsible…..and all you can come up with is that its corporate America…Hows that sylindra working out for you. hows that chevy volt
      subsidized by the govt working out for you ? get a life.

      • Purple_Zebra

        Obviously, you didn’t read the article. Since you don’t even know what is going on.

  • Robert Truss

    Democrats have been doing things like this for years. The last great Democrat that I know of was killed because of things such as this because he would not comply to this kind of stuff. (JFK) The Republicans need to break the Democrat party for good.

  • Joseph C. Krywalski

    Next they’ll try to regulate how much toilet paper you use to wipe!! “Oh ladies, you have to use the allotted amount in one wipe if you went 1&2 at the same time”. Govern what your supposed to and not individuals !!! Big brother takes another step!

  • VicBailey

    These BASTARDS have lost their mind, we have a nuclear plant in Japan that will destroy 1/3 of all eatable fish and wildlife, yet they said they were safe! These MORONS need to wake up before the whole world has a meltdown. They are countries shutting down their nuclear plants because they are NOT SAFE! This government is using shit for brains! We all know where their head is! Semper Fi.

  • VicBailey

    The EPA wants to do this but will let Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta poison us every day! Wonder who is on our side, NOBODY BUT US! Semper Fi.

  • Jimmy Z

    FYI, this is NOT about your fireplace.

  • guy r west

    tell me I cant have a camp ifre or cook out in my yard ime gona tell ya where ya can go