Obama Issues an Executive Order Mandating DOD Officials Legitimize Leftist “Climate Change” Theories as Scientific Fact

Obama Issues an Executive Order Mandating DOD Officials Legitimize Leftist “Climate Change” Theories as Scientific Fact


Barack Hussein Obama’s Executive Order 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance, requires DOD officials to accept climate change as fact, not theory, and establish proactive goals to make the military more “climate change ready.”

According to a report released by the Armed Forces Press Service today, the DOD is fulfilling the edicts of that Presidential order by approving a Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap first introduced last year and moving forward with its goals.

John Conger, the Acting Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Installations and Environment, told military reporters:

“We are going to integrate climate change considerations into the normal processes, the day-to-day jobs of everybody.”

Conger, who serves as the DOD’s current senior “climate official” said he’s worried about the possible effects of “a rise in sea-levels, storm surges and storm intensity [and]…also, drought and thawing permafrost that affects bases in Alaska…”

Further, Conger explains new “climate change” measures will need to be taken to increase usage of renewable energy resources and further protect/preserve many endangered species that live near U.S. military installations worldwide.

The “climate change” roadmap’s primary objective, however, has less to do with meeting real military needs (other than trimming the cost on the DOD’s annual $4 Billion utility bill), and more to do with legitimizing Liberal scientific theory as scientific fact by Presidential decree.






  • Sandy Degener

    This is the same tactic used by the Soviets to rewrite history and analyze current events and just plain facts to fit their and the Marxist propaganda line they promoted and to make their serfs…I mean citizens think that the Soviet system was the best in the world. There was a joke that was going around at the time that all US inventions were really invented by a Soviet scientist, Dr. Regus Patoff, because his name appeared on all US products(reg us pat off). When you have to tell people what to do, to fit you line of propaganda, you know that the whole thing is phoney. Mankind has just been a blip on the world history timeline, yet the MAN MADE Global Warming fanatics think we know everything. MMGL is modern superstition, its right up there with the ancient chinese explaination that an eclipse was a dragon eating the sun.

    • Peter Scripture

      So true.

  • unknown3rdparty

    In other words, he’s saying “Ignore the truth: I’m right”.

    I say, ignore him, he’s an attention whore.

    • SSJWZ

      You can’t ignore evil. Its a cancer.

      • mysty Blue

        Time to cut it out, leaving not one speck behind.

    • Jeffrey Grimes

      Fuck Obama; he can take his common core BS and shove it. The only reason he is doing this is to try and implement panic. He cannot stand that we are onto his games.

      • chewinmule

        Thanks Jeffery! Mr. President I “officially” dub thee “Buck Ofama”! LOL Great minds, etc, etc!


    Another excuse for demilitarizing our troops?! Can’t ‘green’ fast enough so lets go climate change route.

  • Aladar Stolmar

    4 years old news issued on October 5, 2009 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_13514

    • MikeInMaine

      Apparently you don’t read so well: “According to a report released by the Armed Forces Press Service today, the DOD is fulfilling the edicts of that Presidential order by approving a Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap first introduced last year and moving forward with its goals.” Perhaps you should go back to school and try to improve your reading comprehension.

  • Michael Pisani

    In the latest Breaking News, Barack Obama issues an Executive Order repealing the Law of Gravity as he doesn’t think it fits his agenda..
    Follow-up story: Barack Obama falls on his ass…….

    • Bookhunter

      Everything this cretin touches turns to disaster.

  • mysty Blue

    I pray an asteroid falls DIRECTLY on D.C. TODAY. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • America’s Native Son

    hey shithead, its still a pig

  • Mark Terrill

    more liberal nonsensical propaganda-global warming/climate change is nothing more than normal heating and cooling cycles of the earth and a lot bs by the idiot liberals trying to make money on the green energy garbage

    • Ed Kohl

      Well, well. An intelligent person and well read I see. Yes you are right. History and archaeology shows that this planet we live on goes through stages where it gets very hot, and very cold. The Volcanoes are putting out hundreds of tons more greenhouse gasses every year than the entire human race. This is the NORMAL planetary shift. It is going to get HOT for anywhere from 100K years, to several million. Then it is going to start to cool down and the ice will come back, and there isn’t anything we can do about it, except learn to change our ability to change with the planet so we don’t become extinct with the next change like so many other Dominant life forms have in the past. We made it through the last ice age, With any luck, we can manage to live through the hot phase that is coming. If not, then I would like to say that it was wonderful meeting most of you out there. To the idiots in our society that can’t learn how to get along with each other and think it is their right to prey on the other 95% of the human race. I refuse to comment.

    • Robert Koch

      Yes. your right, and green energy is making strides only in the private sector

  • Chuck N

    This has nothing to do with global warming, it’s all about controlling us. One of the major reasons we don’t have jobs in this country is because we have regulated them out. See, the problem is people who have jobs have a sense of control over their own destiny and are empowered. The Libtards hate that and are actively working to destroy jobs so the maximum number of people are beholden to the government in every way possible.

    • Ed Kohl

      unfortunately you are absolutely right. That is why our children are no longer being taught their rights or the constitution in their social sciences classes. A stupid/ignorant population is far easier to control than an educated/ intelligent one. Just refer to the Catholic Church during the dark ages when no one was allowed to read or anything else so the church could tell them what to do, and what the bible said, and no one could say any different.

    • greg

      We don’t have jobs because CEOs make more money manufacturing products in China, India, Vietnam, and other countries paying people a fraction of minimum wage.

      • Chuck N

        Companies put jobs where they believe they will be the most profitable. It is the job of companies to make money. When a person starts a business, they only have one goal in mind, to make money. Nobody starts a business to give you or I a job. I don’t see you complaining about President Obama hiring a Canadian company that they have paid $600,000,000.00 to build a web site that still doesn’t work after three years and the federal government has signed five more contracts with this same company since. I think it’s OK though, because they’re almost Americans, they’re not overseas, and they’re mostly white. That must be what they’re thinking right? Do you remember how evil Mitt Romney was for sending jobs overseas? I’m sure this is OK though, because it’s a Democratic administration doing it. Right? Not even a socialist hero is above outsourcing, not only jobs, but using our tax dollars to do it.

  • horedog

    obama got what you voted for

  • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

    Fuck this black libreral nigger

    • Stryder51

      No need for that. You’re either exactly as the Left tries to paint you or you’re a plant trying to make the conservatives look bad. Which is it? As I know hundreds of conservatives and not one of them is racist (some are minorities themselves), I’m opting for the latter.

    • dana daddee

      nasty nasty… most conservatives are not ignorant bigots… but you can be the exception… or a “liberal” plant.
      which is it, ignorant bigot or ignorant progressive?

      • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

        you are a liberal cocksucking POS

        • dana daddee

          Actually, quite conservative, just not an ignorant foul mouthed uneducated pos racist. Like you.

        • dana daddee


          you made the headlines dude! seriously, we conservatives don’t need raving idiots like you for the liberals to point at… muzzle yourself if you truly care…

          • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

            you are the quiet little punks, you don’t stand for anything you just sit on the sidelines, another RINO of sorts, you are just like McCain

        • MikeInMaine

          You should shoot yourself in the face for being such a classless clownboy. You are attacking a fabulous conservative because they outed you for being a moron. You are doing a great job of making wonderful conservatives look like big piles of shit. Congratulations, asshole. Let me tell you what everyone else here is thinking; we don’t want any more “help” from a retard like you. And we are not racist jerks like you either.

    • HenryThe7th

      You are obviously a democrat.

      • disqus_RMRUI9driJ

        I am a constitutionalist, fuck scumbag liberals

  • grandpaez

    In other words I’m the dictator and chief liberal butt hole and you’ll do what I say. It’ll take years to undo what this guy has done to this country.

  • webcleaner

    First get rid of the Toxic elements that pollute our Country. Start in the White House and get rid of the biggest source of Toxic waste, Barack Insane Obama.

  • William Svoboda

    Just because he says it true, it’s True? Who died and named him god? This is nothing more than classic narcissism. Talk about having an ego.

  • Guilford King

    It could have more to do with useless contracts like the 500 or so million computer glitch on healthcare. He can now give hundreds of millions to friends who have useless companies to go south with the money and file bankruptcy. These people are nothing but crooks who have been given the entire country to steal from. They should all be charged with treason and put in prison forever.

    • laboop2u

      And the billions to wind/solar power and electric cars!

  • omega2


    • MikeInMaine

      Another chem trail retard blowing chunks out of their butt hole. SHUT UP. Get back in your rubber room.

  • Robert Chambers

    he is so full of shit

  • Goober

    This should be the last straw in this idiot’s administration. Just because He faithfully believes in the false info , every American now must agree with him and we have to waste taxpayer money enforcing his order. Enough is enough. If Hitler believed in something, his entire military was also made to believe it,,,just sayin.

  • Ed Kohl

    I really wish our National Christmas present is Odipshit in federal prison facing Impeachment, and charges of treason, and treasonous actions by a president while in the white house. Wouldn’t this be the best thing we could hope for?

  • cuinsong

    I guess he thinks he can order it to be true even as it has been proven to be wrong

  • bear

    I see. Obama is God.

  • goldenshepard

    This is BULLSHIT! The President needs to be called out on this and now! Just another way to take control.

  • CSHJ

    Cool!! All it takes to make a THEORY a FACT is for the PRESIDENT (of any party :-) to issue an Executive Order saying it is? Dems, just wait until the Rep get back as Pres. You will be sooooooo sorry! ;-) Well, if the Dems think it’s ok for them then it is Ok for the Rep. Think about it!

    • MikeInMaine

      Ahem. You seem to not be too well informed. Most likely we’ll have another progressive piece of crap RINO chosen.. I mean… get elected, and they won’t do a DAMNED thing to undo any of this corrupt and false over-lording lunacy, let alone pass any new right-thinking legislation.

  • Doubleace

    So now the government has the right to tell us what to think? Obama can kiss my a$$ He’s a communist and a threat to America. Wake up people’s top listening to the main stream propaganda machine, it’s time to throw Obama out on his ear.

  • jimmy jack james


    • MikeInMaine

      Do you really need to do the racist thing, dude? Quit the BS!!! Are YOU a liberal plant???????

  • Chris King

    the left has given us a dictator intent on destroying the nation.

  • Orthospinedoc

    Really we worry about climate control while we drop tons of bombs and depleted uranium rounds…WTF…am I living in LA-LA Land because I think the gumdrop taxi is here to take me to chocolate world…give me a fucking break! What a complete moron we have in The White House.

  • American-By-Choice

    I D I O T S ! ! AND F O O L S !!

  • Joseph C. Krywalski

    Ice cover is 40% more than 4 years ago,more ice built up behind the”shelf pushing existing ice forward but these idiots (I invented the internet) this P.O.S. and the rest of the ”the world is heating up” idiots refuse to see the facts! 19 degrees in Buffalo now so WHERE’S THE HEAT?? Oh right they’ll say global warming is misnomer they mean GLOBAL COOLING! FACT TEMPERATURES HAVE NOT BEEN WARMING IT HAS BEEN THE SAME as the temperature cycles from 10-15 years. GET RID OF THAT P.O.S.!!

  • mabera19

    Hey! You know he’s lying! So just do the opposite of what he say’s.

  • bubba2001

    President Snow’s only got about 3 more years unless we can get him impeached first and the way he’s going……..

  • mjhiggs

    Global warming is caused by the sun. Real scientists know that the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling unrelated to man’s activities. The Left’s attempts to regulate is just another excuse to seize more power and control. Big Brother is watching you.

  • Bookhunter

    Gore-Bull Warming will be the law.

  • Robert Fleeman Jr

    perhaps these morons should stop using their haarp program which can cause weather, earth quakes, typhoons,tsunamis, tornadoes,hurricanes, and much more it’s said to have been used on several of the worst weather related incidents that have happened in the last few years including the Philippines storm that killed many the earthquake in japan that caused the reactor problem and the tsunami our government is hard at work causing problems to blame on other people or things personally i think our government is to blame for nearly everything that happens these days


    He should just draw a red line and threaten military action if the climate does not cease changing!!

  • peter j

    By the time D.C. is finished freezing this winter , maybe he’ll realize he’s screwed this up like everything else he involves himself with. Probably wishful thinking because the man is truly dumb as a stick.

  • greg

    It’s good that DoD is planning for Climate Change though it shouldn’t have to be by edict. Climate change is real. It’s happening. It has security implications. Think refugees, think starvation, think revolution, think economic collapse. Sorry about climate change. I wish it wasn’t true. There are all to many other problems in this country that need our attention too. To those that don’t believe, go study science and engineering for at least 4-6 years, review the thousands of studies on hundreds of physical aspects of the planet with an open mind, do some of your own studies, and in the end you will reach the conclusion that climate change is real. 99 out of 100 scientist have. The only question is how fast and what will be the affects on the planet, both globally and locally.

  • ractivist

    This after the Navy has been spending serious bucks on green fuels…….very serious dollars. It’s all a farce. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Even the admirals who signed off on it know it. Why, because they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their rung on the ladder. Just as the suck ups in the DC loop, the state level loops, the county loops, and so on. It’s a huge problem, and it’s about time for some folks to grow some…………and as Obama just dictated…..do it or else. pos