Dominick’s Grocery Chain Shuts Down Most Of Illinois Operation, 5,633 Jobs Will Likely End With 3,244 Being In Cook County (Chicago)

Dominick’s Grocery Chain Shuts Down Most Of Illinois Operation, 5,633 Jobs Will Likely End With 3,244 Being In Cook County (Chicago)

But wait… isn’t Chicago the economic model Barack Obama and his ilk want to replicate nationally? Say goodbye to Dominick’s in Illinois.

Dominick’s has put a number on the possible job losses when the grocery store moves out of the Chicago market late next month.

According to a state report, the company may lay off up to 5,600 people.

The grocery chain, which will close any unsold stores Dec. 28, could shed 5,633 jobs in Illinois, including 3,244 in Cook County alone, according to the monthly Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, also known as the WARN report.

Parent company Safeway Inc. said last week that Dominick’s employed 6,600 employees in Illinois.

More than 3,000 jobs lost in Chicago alone?

In Obama’s defense he did promise change.

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  • LarryECollins

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    • CSHJ

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    • Bruce Carltonn

      As a person living in southern IL, I would agree with you about that garbage pit up north but once you head south and after getting half way down, then you see what IL is about. We have been trying to break away from that pit now for quite a while.

      • LarryECollins

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