BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Caught Lying About Obamacare Enrollee Numbers… Turns Out They Knew How Many All Along (40,000 Total)

BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Caught Lying About Obamacare Enrollee Numbers… Turns Out They Knew How Many All Along (40,000 Total)

Before we get to Sebelius and her blatant lie about not knowing the numbers, let’s take a look at the estimated totals to date. A whopping 40,000.

Roughly 40,000 Americans have signed up for private insurance through the flawed federal online insurance marketplace since it opened six weeks ago, according to two people with access to the figures.

That amount is a tiny fraction of the total projected enrollment for the 36 states where the federal government is running the online health-care exchange, indicating the slow start to the president’s initiative. The first concrete evidence of the popularity — and accessibility — of the new federal insurance exchange emerged as the White House has been preparing to release this week the first official tally of how many people have chosen coverage using the Web site,

Now, let’s listen to what Sebelius said when asked about enrollment data.

Here’s the problem with those claims/lies.

According to one person with knowledge of the figures, slightly fewer than 40,000 people had selected a health plan as of last week. The figures are derived from reports that the government sends to each participating insurer early every evening, letting them know which customers have signed up that day. The figure was first reported Monday by the Wall Street Journal.

Sebelius can claim that data was not reliable or confirmed, but the totals are suggesting it WAS somewhat reliable and does reflect in the totals. The government sends new enrollee reports to the insurers on a daily basis. This suggests they’ve had a pretty good idea how many were signing up all along.

  • AntiCommunistAction

    A liberal? Lie? Really? Who knew?

  • Barbara Finger

    Just another DC liar

  • Viktorija

    Liberal. Lying. C**t.

  • BO_stinks

    can’t wait to see the 30 million people not covered sign up, else this is a big flop.

    • Stephen Cranford

      You won’t, not this year. It will take until 2020 to sign up that many people at this rate! But it will all collapse long before then & be removed.

  • Big Rig

    About an hour ago, I saw on TV a figure of 50,000 and I told my wife, that it was probably another lie. This White House and all involved do not know how to tell the truth any more. Come on Congress, do your job it is past time to IMPEACH this Communist Bast__d/

  • Linda Galli

    I thought lying to congress was a felony. I seem to remember another woman who did it and got 1 year in fed prison. Oh, my bad, that woman wasn’t one of BO’s cronies.

  • flatbedbill

    She’ll never be fired and you all know it …….. she could probably burn the White House to the ground, and obama would probably just say “oh, that Kathleen!” – NOBODY in his administration is held accountable or discharged for incompetence and straight up deceiving the american people. After all, her boss is the
    Grant Master at it.

  • David William Reid

    Oh ya, just like they knew how much money was lost over the shutdown in just 3 days nation wide, and they could not tell you how many signed up with the numbers on a computer that keeps track of it? lol! LIARS!

  • Nanci Alley

    Piece of crap that they keep expecting to feed us that we will just accept!

    I wouldn’t share my information with anyone of the people that they have running the website! Just another way for them to keep track of us!

  • vnvet

    Doesn’t perjury apply to government officials?

    • Bill

      Normally vnvet, yes, but NOT in this lying,socialist, worthless, administration.

      BTW…Welcome Home, Brother, and Thank You For Your Service.

  • Bonsall Billy

    She seems to be clever enough in her wording to avoid perjury charges, but she has definitely been lying. That just makes her fit in with the rest of the administration.

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  • Kenny Hall

    was this today ? 11 /12 /13??

    • Eric Odom

      The video is not from today. The story revealing the truth is up to date.

  • Michael Carlson

    Are you kidding? It surprised you that the person running point for Obama lied? She is just following the lead of her leader as all his dogs are doing. Obama needs to be removed for office. It is as plain as the nose on our faces. This person is tearing the America we have known down and is leading it to ruins.

  • Barry Smith

    that 40,000 number is way more than the actual number of probably closer to 5,000 maybe, remember that those numbers include every single person who has even just gone to the website even those that get a 404error page come up so ANY NUMBER they tell you is a LIE I bet it isn’t even 5,000.

  • Steven Mayro


  • Kent

    Are we talking about fully enrolled, or just signed up?