Shocking Video: Low Information Voters Sign Petition to Institute Taxpayer-Funded Nazi Police State in the U.S.

Shocking Video: Low Information Voters Sign Petition to Institute Taxpayer-Funded Nazi Police State in the U.S.

Today, political activist, Mark Dice, released a shocking man-on-the street video that exposes the sheer incompetence and gullibility of low information voters.

Watch these would-be voters sign their names to a petition that calls for “A Nazi police state” to be funded by taxpayers and implemented by authorities “to watch over us and keep everyone safe.”

The activist uses the word “Nazi” to describe the police state he’s mock-asking them to approve no fewer than six times.

Yet, these Americans still willingly give their consent!

The word “Nazi” is mentioned at the following time indexes: 0:13, 0:47, 1:39, 2:00, 3:01, 3:37. 

During time index 3:37, Dice even says the phrase, Brave New World, and the people willingly sign their names to throw away not only their future, but also give their consent to erase America’s past.

This is how freedom dies. 

Low information voters pay no attention to the lessons of history and they, through the power of the vote and the court of public opinion, allow the imposition of evil upon society in the name of justice.

Here’s the 3:44 clip:

  • Joseph M. Morrone Sr.

    This just proves that the founders were correct in permitting only property owners the right to vote!

    • Michelle Butrick

      hey I take issue with that, I am a hard working American, Have been since I was 15 and I am now 45. I do not own property because the banks think I can pay 900 a month rent but there is no way I could afford 600 a month mortgage. So I am not a property owner thanks to the Rothschild. Shouldn’t I have the right to vote? I pay for their food stamps and their medical just like you do?

      • Jim Cornwall

        you have a point, i agree with only property owners voting, but i think a fair compromise would be to have everyone that wants to vote should have to take a quick civics test first. That would weed out the low info voters that are killing our country.

        • Ruth Warrick

          they use to do that but said it was unfair

          • Shirley Henson

            Obama would never go for that; liberals count on the low information voters to win elections.

    • JSebastian

      That pre-requisite to property or have a certain amount of assets, was in place for a very good reason, because it meant that only people who have skin in the game will be voting on taxation. That’s what “representation” means. Letting people who don’t own property , vote to tax the property of others, just turns taxation into theft. But if you voluntarily agree to tax your own property (and your own income, for instance) then it is not theft, its simply paying for services. It got perverted a long time ago from the original concept. By the way, the first property taxes levied by landowners created a huge row in colonial America because the largest landowners, the “proprietors”, wanted to exempt themselves and have everyone else taxed but them. Not much has changed in that regard, but the point is, letting the average American (who is a mouth breathing MORON) vote, is a stupid idea. Its even more stupid than the idea of voting.

      • Doubleace

        Agree! Iy isn’t right that people who pay no tax have a right to vote on how much tax other people should pay.

    • Donallen

      I think that only people with some political knowledge should be allowed to vote. I’ve seen complete idiots vote there should be a short quiz to qualify you to vote.

  • AnnaGraceS

    Bawahahahahahahah that must be in Hollywood where there seems to be an abundance of STUPID people!!!

    • Gloria Sass

      Unfortunately, I could easily see some of my neighbors in Ohio signing a petition like that.

  • Joe Ruisi

    We do underestimate the stupidity of so much of this generation. At least return to a voting eligibility age to 30. If not, make it for those who own property.

  • Miguel Reyes

    Case in point? Barack Obama voted in as president.

  • Royal Stanley

    That has to be Commiefornia because almost everyone there are airheads and really would approve of a Nazi like police state. Just look at the polititians from Commie, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Jerry Brown and next door neighbor Harry Reid. Need I say more.

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    after watching this and many other similar videos, its easy to see how we’ve been able to fall so far so fast!

  • Jewely

    I feel sick.

    • Ruth Warrick

      me tooooooooooo

  • boogietheclown

    Following in the footsteps of obama,the uneducated voters out there want to be safe….real safe. From who? Apparently all decision making like the freedom of speech,the right to bear arms and just about anything else that has to do with freedom whatsoever.

    Ben Franklin said it best, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    If the Nazi leadership was alive today I think they would be jealous of all the “Safety” the man-god’s administration has put on the American people. Case in point…the NSA,IRS,FBI,Homeland Security,the TSA and the DOJ just to name a few.

  • OldmanRick

    Just another great example that history isn’t taught anymore or that our educational system has finally failed.

  • Goober

    The problem is lack of education starting in grade school. No one teaches about the history of this nation and how it has grown. I saw an interview of 20 college students that voted for Obama in the last election and only 2 out of twenty knew he was a Democrat. They knew more about Sarah Palin than they did about Obama. Who’s propaganda works?

  • Mark Werst


  • CoonOkie

    They paid no attention to what he was saying. Or just flat did not understand what he was telling them. And using the word Nazi in what he was saying should have rang a bell. I guess none of these people paid any attention to history in school.

    • Doubleace

      Oh you guys really know that the Nazi’s didn’t exist, just like the Holocaust Didn’t happen. These people are fools and I agree they must be from Commiefornia.

    • Ruth Warrick

      Or they did not understand English,(the word NAZI) should have made people want to slap him and tear up his paper

  • Neal Gaylor

    How on earth did the American people get SOOOOOO STUPID??????????

    • Ruth Warrick

      We let the Collages teach them how to be wimps

  • Ruth Warrick

    Is this what higher education teaches these days

  • loangirl

    My view is that the closer we remain to the views of our Founding Fathers, the better off we are! Eliminate the Dodd-Frank rule and more people can own again! But for now, I have said many times, “Force voters to take a test at registration and we can get rid of many of the low information voters!” If they know nothing about the Government and how it operates, and the people in power, how in the World do they have what they need to cast a vote?!” This comment, is about a group of people that have no interest in learning about politics and are too lazy to do the research! This is not about Race! It is about being a devoted AMERICAN!

  • Herbert J. Schroeder

    i get the impression that it’s a test to see how many people would be willing to sign their rights away more than anything.

  • Gene Harvey

    Go ask 10 people who is the US Speaker of the House. 8 out of 10 citizens have no idea! 5 out of 10 don’t know who the US Vice President is. At least the citizen’s in your video can, talk read and write.