Obamacare’s Healthcare.gov Website Cost Taxpayers More Than $634 Million & It Was Built to Fail!

Obamacare’s Healthcare.gov Website Cost Taxpayers More Than $634 Million & It Was Built to Fail!

The Obamacare website, healthcare.gov, cost taxpayers $634, 320, 919, reports Digital Trends.

CGI Federal won the contract to build the Obamacare webpage in 2011.  Back then, they said it would cost 93.7 millionToday, taxpayers have paid six times that original figure for a busted product.

According to USA Today, Healthcare.gov was built to handle just a little more than the peak simultaneous traffic of the social security website for a much larger demographic!

Todd Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer, says healthcare.gov was only built handle a volume of 50,000 or 60,000 simultaneous users, reports USA Today.

He also claims that all the glitches in the website, which include logging off users, failure to load drop down menus, and outright system crashes, are caused by the sheer volume of traffic on the page.

In short, the expensive healthcare.gov was designed to serve citizens of all ages, but, the web-developers only built the site to handle the peak traffic of a webpage that is visited primarily by senior citizens!  

No one knows why CGI Federal didn’t write the website’s code with a higher capacity for traffic considering major websites visited by Americans daily generally have concurrent traffic in the millions.

According to Chartbeat, the Fox News website was built to withstand over one million simultaneous visitors, which is a good thing, because Fox’s peak record traffic is 1.2 million concurrent viewers.


  • George Fillmore

    $64 million or $634 million?

    • Diane Reeves

      $634 million… but $64 million or $634 million are taxpayers money that shouldn’t be used for something he wants to force on the American taxpayers and he & congress are exempted from it…!!

  • bonnie1

    Odd that articles are now saying it was CGI Federal who build the site. But back when MSMs were bragging about it, it was built ‘by the people for the people’ and was all kinds of bleeding technology and coolness. Just a few months ago, no MSM recognized CGI and only recognized the “cool startups” that did the little images and home page. Here’s what The Atlantic said just this past June:

    “The people that helped to build the new Healthcare.gov are unusual: Instead of some obscure sub-contractor in a nameless office park in northern Virginia, the site was iteratively created by a cross-disciplinary team of developers and editors at HHS, and contractors at Teal Design, Edward Mullen Studio, and Development Seed, a scrappy startup in a garage in the District of Columbia.”

    More of their unfounded praise here: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2013/06/healthcaregov-code-developed-by-the-people-and-for-the-people-released-back-to-the-people/277295/

    And The Verge lists a few other large contractors that each had a piece in this fiasco: http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/8/4814098/why-did-the-tech-savvy-obama-administration-launch-a-busted-healthcare-website

    Pretty much seems like a cluster got together to make this site.

  • elmccl

    I want a detailed invoice.